Filmmaker Interviews: David Finkelstein

Official Selection filmmaker, David Finkelstein, discusses the influence of improvisation within his experimental animated short, ‘Spiral Garage’. Part of ASFF’s Filmmaker Interviews.

Official Selection 2019: Animation

Life is like walking on a tightrope: it’s scary. Luba will learn to forget that she is still on the rope in an animation directed by Zhanna Bekmambetova. Shown as part of ASFF 2019.

One Week to Go: ASFF 2019

It’s one week until the BAFTA-Qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2019 opens, welcoming leading figures to the UNESCO World Heritage City of York.

Filmmaker Interviews: Caspar Leopard

Official Selection filmmaker, Caspar Leopard, discusses the landscapes that inspired his surreal animated music video, ‘Son Of The Morning – Caspar Leopard’.

Official Selection 2019: Documentary

‘Manus’, a documentary by Angus McDonald, depicts life for the hundreds of asylum seekers detained by the Australian Government on Manus Island. Screening as part of ASFF 2019.

Filmmaker Interviews: Riley Sugars

Official Selection filmmaker, Riley Sugars, discusses the childhood memories that inspired his drama short ‘Rabbits.’ Screening as part of the Drama short films at ASFF 2019.

Official Selection 2019: Dance

What happens when you’re left alone? What happens next? ‘Remains’ answers these questions through dance. Directed by Antoine Marc and part of ASFF 2019’s Official Selection.

Filmmaker Interviews: Ben S. Hyland

Official Selection filmmaker, Ben S Hyland, discusses the real-life dilemma that inspired ‘Quiet Carriage’ – a comedy about a passive man with an overactive imagination.

Official Selection 2019: Comedy

‘The Beach House’ is a light-hearted comedy with a twist on marital expectations directed by Richard Naylor. James and Mike’s plan to “double propose” takes an unexpected turn.

Filmmaker Interviews: Olivier Perrier

Official Selection filmmaker, Olivier Perrier, expresses a human attraction to the unknown –the relationship between man and machine. ‘Punch It!’ is an experimental short at ASFF.

Official Selection 2019: Advertising

Stop motion, felt puppets, oil and Dulux paint are the various elements used for the creative advertising ‘Dulux – Colour Your Home,’ directed by Carol Freeman. Watch it during ASFF 2019.

Filmmaker Interviews: Johanna Lecklin

Official Selection filmmaker, Johanna Lecklin, explores history and conflict in the short ‘Not Just A Matter Of Passion.’ Screening as part of the 2019 Artists’ Films at ASFF.

Official Selection 2019: Music Video

Tom CJ Brown presents is a hybrid film posing as a music video. Whilst cousin John is away on business, the residents of The Carrington House yearn for his result. Watch the trailer.

5 to See: This Weekend

ASFF takes a look at this week’s cinema releases, including two much-heralded, prize-winners, Colombian film ‘Monos’ and ‘The Last Black Man In San Francisco’.

Margate Film Festival 2019: Preview

The second edition of the Margate Film Festival is themed: ‘Against The Tide’. We paddle through a range of highlights from this seaside town-inspired festival.

Irrefutable Actions

Prolific French director François Ozon returns with one of his most powerful films, ‘By The Grace Of God’, a true-life tale about sex abuse in the Catholic Church, starring Melville Poupaud.

Filmmaker Interviews:
Yoram Ever-Hadani

Official Selection filmmaker, Yoram Ever-Hadani, discusses the popularity of fantasy as a genre and the non-dialogue fairytale ‘Moon Drops.’

Filmmaker Interviews: Kristian Mercado

Official Selection filmmaker, Kristian Mercado, discusses the importance of representation and exploring the emotional realities of Latinx women in the experimental short ‘Mariposa’.

Official Selection 2019: Thriller

A fake exorcist visits the home of a man who claims his wife was possessed by a Djinn. ‘MAKR’ is a drama directed by Hana Kazim. Screening as part of the Official Selection at ASFF 2019.

Filmmaker Interviews: Alexe Landgren

Official Selection filmmaker, Alexe Landgren, discusses the female perspective and creating unconventional characters. Her short, ‘Lust’ is screening as part of the Official Selection.

Official Selection 2019: Drama

Eric Ogden’s ‘Motel’ follows Caitlin as she takes it upon herself to help her distressed and paranoid younger sister. Screening as part of the Drama category at ASFF 2019.