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Industry News

Filmmaker Insights: Digital Identities

Are we shaping our identities on social media or vise versa? Cristina Rosique and Sui-Ki Law join ASFF to discuss the research and exhibition that informed Official Selection 360 film ‘Hannya’. 

Filmmaker Insights: Coming of Age

Official Selection director Megan K Fox explores coming-of-age experiences for young Irish people through drama short ‘Cailín Álainn (Pretty Girl)’. 

5 to See: This Weekend

ASFF surveys the week’s on demand releases including the hard-hitting asylum seeker documentary ‘Love Child’ and Swedish director Roy Andersson’s last film, ‘About Endlessness’.

Mind Games

Brandon Cronenberg returns with his new film ‘Possessor – Uncut’, starring Andrea Riseborough as a top-level corporate assassin who operates by inhabiting other people’s minds.

Strokes of Genius

Documentary filmmaker James Erskine returns with not one but two films: ‘The End of the Storm’, which follows the fortunes of Liverpool Football Club during the Jurgen Klopp era and ‘Billie’, a hard-hitting look at the life of singer Billie Holiday.

Filmmaker Insights: Life Altering Experiences

‘Clearing’ director, writer and producer Janet Marrett pinpoints the importance of sharing the life experiences of people of colour.

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