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From the Archives: Documentary

Sisters Alexandra and Elisabeth retrace the journey of their grandfather Franz Wedenig in Next Stop: Reset, a touching intergenerational documentary about exploring one’s heritage.

Fighting Injustices

Icelandic director Grímur Hákonarson follows his much-acclaimed 2015 feature ‘Rams’ with ‘The County’, another rural-set drama about a widowed dairy farmer who takes on a bullying co-operative.

Female Intuitions

David Stuart Snell makes his feature debut, which begins as three girls – Lara Pictet, Meghan Carrasquillo and Alexandra Bokova – head out for a camping trip in the desert.

Submission Countdown: Advertising

Sensory filmmaking reaches its peak in Christian Holm-Glad’s short collaboration with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra. The Nordic Sound is a pristine, primitive storybook.

Submission Countdown: Artists’ Film

Discrimination against the female LGBT community is laid bare in Dust On Paper, a visual interpretation of a Columbian human rights worker’s poem by filmmaker Emilie Flower.

From the Archives: Mesmeric Animation

In the last month to submit to ASFF. Jennifer Zheng’s vibrantly composed yet poignant short animation Tough. The first conversation between a mother and her daughter.

Call for Entries: Inspirational Comedy

On the eve of his curcifixion, Jesus Christ hears publicity pitches from his closest disciples, in a hilarious reimagining of one of the western world’s most recognised paintings of all time.

From the Archives: Political Personas

In collaboration with Dazed Media, WYPIPO addresses the violence inflicted upon black people in America stoked by fear of the unknown. Submit your documentary to ASFF.

May Movies To Stream

What’s new to the world of video on demand? ASFF highlights an array of films to keep you entertained during lockdown, from Oscar-nominated big-hitters like ‘Bombshell’.

Making Waves

Set in America, Eliza Hittman’s third film, ‘Never Rarely Sometimes Always’, is a tough but tender teenage abortion drama, starring newcomers Sidney Flanigan and Talia Ryder.

Submission Countdown: Experimental

Emilia Reid’s GirlGaze is a simple yet effective alternative. By framing a woman’s story through another woman’s lens, a noticeable shift in focus and movement can be felt.

ASFF 2020: Tips for Submission

Get inspired as we enter the final month for ASFF submissions. We share five key pieces of advice to inform your short, feature or immersive / VR entry to the 2020 festival.

Submission Countdown: Dance

Themes of identity, herd mentality and indoctrination are laid bare in Erin S Murray’s stark yet emotionally stimulating experimental dance short Hydra.

Submission Countdown: Drama

From award-winning filmmaker Tom Noakes, Nursery Rhyme is a slowburn, deeply surprising short film that plays on preconceptions to deliver a sharp, stylishly executed turn of events.

Submission Countdown: Fashion

From fashion documentarian Lorna Tucker, short fashion film Red Shoes brings a Vivienne Westwood flair to Hans Christian Andersen’s notorious fairytale.

Submission Countdown: Thriller

In Samantha Severin’s neon-tinged thriller Blue, a nameless girl makes a living off of her webcam without realising just how closely her audience is paying attention to her.

Submission Countdown: Advertising

The origins of luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton are retold in vibrant pop and candy colours in Never Ending Story, a perfect illustration of the boundaries that branded filmmaking can bend.

May Previews: Netflix and Amazon

What’s new to the world of streaming? ASFF highlights the new shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime, including the second season of ‘Homecoming’ with Janelle Monáe.

Mournful Music

Romanian filmmaker Corneliu Porumboiu returns with two films this week – documentary ‘Infinite Football’ and ‘The Whistlers’, a film noir about police corrution, lust and love starring Vlad Ivanov.

Submission Countdown: Music Video

Shot by a primarily female crew on International Women’s Day, Young Girls by Pin is a crisp, contemporary study of camaraderie directed by Amy Watson. 

Submission Countdown: Animation

Last month to submit: draw inspiration from our Animation category. Stephen McNally blends CG 3D and 2D drawn animation for ASFF-selected short film ‘Meanwhile’.

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