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After ordering, you will be sent a receipt to collect your tickets from the Festival Hub at York Theatre Royal, St Leonard’s Place, York YO1 7HD. Please bring your receipt with you.

All tickets and passes are available for collection from York Theatre Royal from Tuesday 5 November between 9:00-18:00.
If you have already purchased a ticket and need to collect after 18.00, please take your receipt to the screening venue that you would like to attend. The venue staff will accept your receipt as a ticket.

You can also purchase tickets from City Screen, York Theatre Royal Box Office and 1331 Bar & Restaurant.

Please Note: All seating at screenings is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Seating is not reserved at screenings, and a Festival Pass or ticket does not guarantee you a seat at your chosen screening. If you would like to go to a particular screening, it is advised to arrive early.

Sunday Screening Pass

Valid on Sunday 10 November 2019

The Sunday Screening Pass grants you access to all screenings at all venues on Sunday 10 November.

Single Screening Ticket

Valid for any one screening

A Single Screening Ticket admits you to any one screening on any day. Seating is non-allocated.

Wednesday Screening Pass

Valid on Wednesday 6 November 2019

The Wednesday Screening Pass grants you access to all screenings at all venues on Wednesday 6 November.

Thursday Screening Pass

Valid on Thursday 7 November 2019

The Thursday Screening Pass grants you access to all screenings at all venues on Thursday 7 November.

Friday Screening Pass

Valid on Friday 8 November 2019

The Friday Screening Pass grants you access to all screenings at all venues on Friday 8 November.

Saturday Screening Pass

Valid on Saturday 9 November 2019

The Saturday Screening Pass grants you access to all screenings at all venues on Saturday 9 November.

Unlimited Screening Pass

Valid for the entire festival

The Unlimited Screening Pass grants you access to all screenings at all venues on every day of the Festival.

Two Day Screen Pass

Valid for any 2 days of the Festival

The Two Day Pass grants you access to all screenings on any two days. Choose your days upon collection.

2020 Masterclasses

Every year, ASFF welcomes industry leaders from a range of disciplines to speak about their craft, offering a unique opportunity to gain first hand insights in areas such as animation, VFX, documentary production and cinematography. Masterclasses are a key component to a culturally rich and technically diverse programme of events and screenings.

Whether you are Director of Photography, screenwriter or director, ASFF has gathered the best in the industry from every discipline and career path, to give you the tools and insights that you need to propel your own practice.

Ground breaking Content: Engaging Your Audience

Black Dog Films is the content division of Ridley Scott Associates, producing music videos, branded content and documentaries, working with world class acts, such as Bonobo, Sigur Ros and The Chemical Brothers, and renowned international bands such as Adidas, Bacardí and Nike. Head of Black Dog UK, Martin Roker, discusses the rise of online video and reveals the building blocks of commissioning, producing and marketing outstanding and engaging content.

Visual Storytelling: A Discussion on Cinematography

Cinematography is much more than camera work – it’s the process of carefully establishing shots, framing characters and backdrops, considering the intricacies of lighting and movement and working closely with the Director to present their vision. In this masterclass, a panel of seasoned cinematographers discuss the role in detail, exploring techniques and sharing experiences of working on renowned international feature and TV productions.

Inspirational Cinema:
A Commissioners Guide

BBC Films produces innovative and exciting feature films, with acclaimed and award-winning credits that include Billy Eliot, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Philomena and Stan and Ollie. Commissioning Coordinator, Sammy Wong, discusses the process of sourcing and securing innovative projects, supporting visionary talent and examines the fundamentals of what makes a stand out idea, giving valuable and practical advice on developing and pitching a project.

Bringing a Story to Life:
The Role of the Editor

Kristina Hetherington is a BAFTA-winning editor whose credits span both feature film and TV series. Drawing on a portfolio of acclaimed productions that includes Mo, Birdsong, Trespass Against Us and Red Joan, Hetherington discusses the integral role of the editor; a visual storyteller who brings the story to life. This masterclass will also explore the importance of technique, offering advice on best practices for presenting a strong, visual narrative.

Realising a Vision: Producing Unique Cinema

Potboiler Productions is one of the UK’s leading production companies, with a slate of features and TV series that includes The Constant Gardener, A Most Wanted Man and The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. Bringing her wide-ranging experiences on celebrated and award-winning productions, Producer Gail Egan shares insights into the role of the producer, from green lighting projects, developing an idea to the process of realising a vision on the big screen.

Capturing Authenticity: Real Life Stories

Channel 4’s factual division commissions and produces specialist documentaries that challenge perceptions and make audiences rethink the world around them. Covering a wide range of topics, productions include My Grandparents War and What Makes a Murderer?. Commissioning Editor Will Rowson highlights the building blocks of factual content making, the key to uncovering a unique story and the gives advice on pitching a project.

Connecting the World Through International Storytelling

BBC Storyville commissions and exhibits world class factual features, with a library that includes Blackfish, Last Men in Aleppo and The Eagle Huntress. In an ever more turbulent world, it’s never been so important to share stories that examine the key issues of our time. Commissioning Editor, Mandy Chang, discusses Storyville’s approach to commissioning, offering insight into sourcing and showcasing the best in international documentaries.

Re-framing the Film Industry: Inclusivity and Intersectionality

The film industry has long come under scrutiny for its obvious gaps in equal representation, both behind the camera and on screen. It raises crucial questions about who is creating cinema, the stories they tell and who they are creating it for. Activist and Artist, Yasmin Begum, examines the necessity for a more inclusive industry, as well as the need to reach and include diverse audiences through exciting and thought-provoking exhibition.

Art on Screen: Defining Cultural Landscapes

Jeremy Deller is a Turner Prize-winning conceptual, video and installation artist, whose practice encompasses political, social and cultural themes, exploring topics such as the 1984 miners’ strike and 80’s rave music. Speaking in conversation, Deller explores his practice and processes, discussing his inspirations, considering the importance of film as an artistic medium as well as its relevance and accessibility beyond the gallery setting.

Cinematography: Capturing the Action, One Frame at a Time

Tristan Oliver specialises in cinematography for stop motion animations, with credits that include Wes Andersons’s Fantastic Mr. Fox and Isle of Dogs, Aardman’s Chicken Run and Laika’s ParaNorman. When working closely with a vast team of animation directors and technicians, how does this practice differ from live action productions? What are the challenges of working with inanimate characters and what imaginative and creative possibilities does it hold?

New Horizons in VFX: Making Imagination a Reality

Industrial Light & Magic is Lucas film’s VFX and animation studio, with recent blockbusters including Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Captain Marvel and Spiderman: Far From Home. VFX Supervisor, Julian Foddy, discusses the innovations at the forefront of the VFX industry, transforming the filmmaking landscape and reimagining the way that we tell stories. This masterclass breaks down the process of making imagined landscapes and characters a reality.

Visual Effects: Transforming the Film Industry

The film industry is transforming. Visual effects are becoming an even more integral part of film production, providing awe-inspiring visuals and imagining new worlds, characters and creatures with increasing realism. Ruairidh MacNeill, Modeller at Academy Award-winning studio Framestore (Blade Runner 2049, Wonder Woman 1984) examines the increasing role of VFX companies and as film production becomes ever more ambitious and imaginative.

The Film Festival Circuit: Finding Your Place

You’ve completed your film. Now you need an audience. But as an independent filmmaker, how do you showcase your work? How do you secure an audience? With over 15 years combined experience in festival strategy, Katie McCullough and Ian Bignell offer a blueprint for success, giving essential advice on submissions, maximising budgets and promoting work through larger channels, helping filmmakers access international audiences.