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After ordering, you will be sent a receipt to collect your tickets from the Festival Hub at York Theatre Royal, St Leonard's Place, York YO1 7HD. Please bring your receipt with you.

All tickets and passes are available from York Theatre Royal from Tuesday 6 November between 9.00-18.00.

You can also purchase tickets from City Screen, York Theatre Royal Box Office and 1331 Bar & Restaurant.

Family Tickets: Family passes are available to groups of four individuals made up of of two adults and two children (ages 14 and under). Children under 4 are free. Each member of a family group will receive a pass allowing them access to all screenings on a first-come, first-served basis. Age restrictions on film screenings apply - please see the festival programme for more details.

Please Note: All seating at screenings is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Seating is not reserved at screenings, and a Festival Pass or ticket does not guarantee you a seat at your chosen screening. If you would like to go to a particular screening, it is advised to arrive early.

Unlimited Screening Pass

Valid for the entire festival

The Unlimited Screening Pass grants you access to all screenings at all venues on every day of the Festival.

Two Day Screen Pass

Valid for any 2 days of the Festival

The Two Day Pass grants you access to all screenings on any two days. Choose your days upon collection.

Wednesday Screening Pass

Valid on Wednesday 6 November 2019

The Wednesday Screening Pass grants you access to all screenings at all venues on Wednesday 6 November.

Thursday Screening Pass

Valid on Thursday 7 November 2019

The Thursday Screening Pass grants you access to all screenings at all venues on Thursday 7 November.

Friday Screening Pass

Valid on Friday 8 November 2019

The Friday Screening Pass grants you access to all screenings at all venues on Friday 8 November.

Saturday Screening Pass

Valid on Saturday 9 November 2019

The Saturday Screening Pass grants you access to all screenings at all venues on Saturday 9 November.

Sunday Screening Pass

Valid on Sunday 10 November 2019

The Sunday Screening Pass grants you access to all screenings at all venues on Sunday 10 November.

Single Screening Ticket

Valid for any one screening

A Single Screening Ticket admits you to any one screening on any day. Seating is non-allocated.

2019 Masterclasses

Every year, ASFF welcomes industry leaders from a range of disciplines to speak about their craft, offering a unique opportunity to gain first hand insights in areas such as animation, VFX, documentary production and camera operation. Masterclasses are a key component to a culturally rich and technically diverse programme of events and screenings.

For 2019, we welcome cultural powerhouses such as British Vogue, i-D and Rankin, as well as Emmy- and Oscar-nominated producers, directors, sound designers, editors and cinematographers such as Simon Chinn, Dick Pope and Mick Audsley.

Whether you work in cinematography, writing, directing or camera operation, ASFF has gathered the best in the industry from every discipline and career path, to give you the tools that you need to propel your career and create films that change lives.


Evolving Animation:
Digital Worlds

With credits that include BBC, Nokia, Nickelodeon, Sony and Disney, Blue Zoo is one of the UK’s largest and most successful animation studios. It has an international reputation for unique CG characters, playful content and creative commercials. Founder Tom Box discusses how the world of animation continues to evolve in the digital age. He will also look at how new techniques can be harnessed to produce exciting content, using game engines and digital rendering to push animation further than ever before.

Artists Film

Artists’ Film: New Approaches to Narrative Storytelling

Film is rich in narrative. It can cover both personal and universal stories in a matter of seconds and span far-ranging landscapes in minutes. In recent years, artists and filmmakers have started to use the medium to depict social concerns that reflect present-day issues. Phoebe Roberts (Artangel), Pinky Ghundale (Producer for Steve McQueen) and Turner Prize nominees Jane & Louise Wilson discuss the role of storytelling and the importance of film as a mechanism to understanding our world.

Branded & Video Content

Branding and Identity:
Captivating Content

AnalogFolk is a global creative agency that works with brands including Nike, PepsiCo, Unilever and As a collective, they create bold, unexpected campaigns, using the screen as a playground for ideas and concepts. Join Executive Creative Director Simon Richings as he speaks about the challenge of interpreting briefs whilst maintaining a strong sense of creative input throughout. The goal is to generate films that work hard for a brand but are also valuable to the audience.


Branding and Individuality: Defining Expectations

How do we get from an idea to the finished product? What stages are involved in creating a brief? What are the underlying messages that need to be conveyed? Representatives from major brands consider their expectations for branded content, discussing what they want to achieve and how each project ties into their wider goals of constructing and maintaining a brand identity. Speakers will look at the importance of vision and making sure it gets translated to the screen at all costs.


Cultural Influencers: Speaking to Global Audiences

Dazed, i-D and COMPULSORY are some of the most pioneering figures in the world of online content. This panel brings them together to discuss the importance of the internet as both a platform and muse, reaching millions of viewers and inspiring positive, pro-active interactions through the moving-image. Panellists will explain how the internet has transformed how we consume news, culture and art in a world where video content is the most effective way of communicating with audiences.

Camera & Cinematography

Capturing the Moment:
Craft of the Camera Operator

Camera operators are not only physically in control of the camera when a shot is taken but are heavily involved with how the overall scenes are constructed. Operators must respond quickly, working with the Director and wider teams at crucial moments. Members from The Association of Camera Operators have worked on some of the most iconic film and tv series of all time. A panel of esteemed representatives discuss managing technique and control in the shots that define a film.


Redressing Balance: Creating an Inclusive Industry

How is the film industry making a progressive movement towards a more inclusive society? What conversations are happening, and how is this influencing what audiences are expecting to see? Balanced representation is not an aspiration but a necessity. Led by Matt Ajan (Film London), filmmakers Andi Osho (BBC3), Manjinder Virk (ASFF Best of Fest 2013) and Cornelius Walker (ASFF Best of Fest 2018) delve into diversity both on- and off-screen, exploring how equality is crucial to creativity.


Reclaim the Frame: Making Way for Women Making Films

Gender imbalance within the film industry has long come under scrutiny, and rightly so. It is still rife today. Women continue to make up just a small percentage of industry professionals. This is not due to a lack of creative flair, ambition or talent, but an absence of opportunities. Mia Bays, Director at Birds Eye View, invites female professionals to speak about their experiences, commenting on the complex issue of underrepresentation and what we can do to level the playing field.


The Thin Blurred Line:
The Ethics of Documentary

Documentary filmmaking comes with many moral and ethical dilemmas. When confronted with a deeply emotive scenario, do you continue to film or put down the camera? How do you condense 500 hours of footage into a 90-minute film? What decisions should be made to ensure that the production reaches its full potential? Emmy and BAFTA-winning Richard Melman from Spring Films (Night Will Fall, Into the Inferno) establishes ethical boundaries and how to recognise them.


The Whole Truth: Documentary and the Creative Partnership

Making award-winning films takes persistence, passion and the courage to explore untold stories. It’s a process of collaboration and combined ideas. Speaking in conversation, two-time Oscar-Winning Producer Simon Chinn (Searching for Sugarman, Man on Wire and Whitney) and Oscar-Nominated Director Ed Perkins (Black Sheep, Garnet’s Gold) examine their eight-year collaboration, exploring the importance of partnerships whilst depicting real-life stories with authenticity and responsibility.


The Art of Editing: Assembling a Story

Chris Wyatt is a BAFTA and BIFA-Nominated Film Editor who’s work includes God’s Own Country, This is England, as well as Francis Lee’s much anticipated Ammonite. In this session, Wyatt explores the multi-faceted role of the editor – a master craftsperson with an affinity for storytelling, an eye for visually compelling footage and a key partner in bringing a director’s vision to life. Drawing on experiences from the cutting room, Wyatt examines techniques from today’s leading cinema.

Fashion Film

Bespoke Branding: Fashion on Film

Fashion brands are true innovators in fashion film – a genre that transcends traditional forms of marketing and brand awareness. In a world increasingly driven by consuming content, luxury fashion brands are reacting and responding to key trends as well as social-driven video with bespoke, cinematic content. Hosted by Fashion Film Consultant Nico Montanari, representatives from cultural powerhouses discuss brand identity on film and sharing a sense of voice with millions of viewers.


Fashion Film:
Impact and Responsibility

Fashion film has long been associated with capturing a certain type of lifestyle: elegant, aspirational, stylish. In actuality, it’s an unprecedented tool. Fashion campaigns are increasingly steered towards new horizons – combining practices and genres, pushing the boundaries of contemporary aesthetics. But what responsibilities does fashion have towards society? London College of Fashion highlights the power of high impact campaigns, feeding into today’s biggest issues.


A Career Retrospective

Rankin is one of the UK’s key cultural icons. He has been instrumental to the launch of three seminal magazines – Dazed & ConfusedHunger and AnOther – and boasts a star-studded portfolio including David Bowie and Kate Moss. Rankin has worked with the world’s most celebrated brands, influencers and figures. Hear about the eponymous brand – how it has developed from high-octane fashion photography into a global movement, including the rise of video content through the direction of Rankin Film.

Film Festivals

Navigating the Film Festival Market

How do you find your place within the festival circuit? Festival Formula’s Katie McCullough and Ian Bignell have over 15 years’ combined experience in festival submissions and strategy. Exploring today’s film festival landscape, McCullough and Bignells provide essential advice and strategies for widening your audience. Join them for tips on how to identify your voice whilst maximising budgets and promoting work through larger channels – helping you to take the next steps into international markets.


Programmers Secrets: Film Festival Insights

A panel of programmers from Locarno, Edinburgh IFF, London Short Film Festival, FilmFest Dresden and ASFF offer insights into the selection process. What makes a stand-out film? How do you navigate a competitive, subjective marketplace? Panellists answer the questions facing today’s filmmakers, providing a glimpse into how the UK’s top film festival programmes are created. This is a key opportunity to discover how to succeed on the circuit, getting your work into celebrated platforms.

Development & Production

Ideas With Potential:
Pitching a Captivating Story

Development executives play a key role in sourcing exciting scripts and discovering new talent. They are at the head of the table in determining films that make it to the big screen. But what are the types of questions that get asked along the way? This panel discussion brings together key representatives with a wealth of experience in spotting projects that will succeed. Join Dionne Farrell (BBC Films), Max Park (Film4) and Meghan Cruz (Baby Cow) as they consider ideas that jump from the page.


The Pillars of Production:
Ensuring Success

Shoebox Films’ Paul Webster is an Oscar-nominated and BAFTA-Winning producer whose credits include Atonement, Eastern Promises, Anna Karenina and Pride and Prejudice. His current project is the much-anticipated Radioactive, starring Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl, A Private War, Hostiles.) Speaking in conversation, Webster discusses the production process from idea conception to realisation, and how to transform a vision into an award-winning reality.


Collaborations with Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick is undoubtedly one of the world’s most revered and respected filmmakers. He is the creator of some of the 20th century’s greatest cinematic masterpieces, such as Dr. Strangelove and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Two decades on from his final work, Eyes Wide Shut, Executive Producer Jan Harlan joins ASFF for a retrospective of Kubrick’s work, exploring the duo’s long-term collaborations, and analysing the intricate details that set Kubrick apart from his peers in the moving image.


How Does an Idea Get Funded?

BFI NETWORK brings together the UK’s film agencies to discover and fund emerging writers, directors and producers. With over £3m to support practitioners from all regions of the UK, the goal of the network is to establish a joined-up approach to find today’s most distinctive voices. With such outstanding opportunities available, what brand of the network might you approach? How can you streamline your application? Join development and talent executives as they discuss how to get noticed.


The Butterfly Effect: Expansive Narratives

Supermassive Games is a BAFTA-winning game developer recognised for innovation in both storytelling and VR. Successful titles include the critically acclaimed PS4 game Until Dawn, starring Rami Malek, which combines drama with immersive storytelling. Director Will Byles discusses the crossover between interactive media, exploring games as an extension of filmmaking. The session looks at the Butterfly Effect Mechanic – in which every decision has an unforeseen consequence.


Adventure Games:
The Evolution of a Genre

Revolution Software is an independent game developer that’s been widely revered for adventure titles such as Beneath A Steel Sky and the acclaimed Broken Sword Series. Co-Founder Charles Cecil considers the evolution of the adventure genre and how new technology is transforming the industry, allowing indie developers to create ambitious titles such as Revolutions’ own Beyond a Steel Sky, which will be released in late 2019 as a lead title on Apple’s new Arcade platform.


Captivating Narratives:
The Art of Storytelling

BBC Writers’ Room works with both emerging and established writers, championing the next generation of creative talent. Development Executive Simon Nelson has over two decades of experience working across a multitude of genres in both theatre and TV. In this inspiring masterclass, Nelson offers advice on crafting a compelling plot and bringing characters to life. Discover how to refine your unique voice, avoid clichés and maximise the potential of your writing ability.


The Perfect Mix:
Successful Soundscapes

Captivating cinema relies on a delicate balance of sound: realistic Foley, clear dialogue, a compelling score and innovative sound design. Editor Mick Audsley (Allied, The Zero Theorem) leads a conversation with Oscar-Nominated and BAFTA-Winning Re-Recording Mixer Mike Prestwood Smith (Casino Royale, Captain Phillips, Rocketman) and Emmy-Winning and BAFTA-Nominated Sound Editor, James Mather (Wonder Woman, Harry Potter), exploring the complexities and artistry of achieving a perfect mix in cinematic scapes.


The Changing Role of VFX Production

The rapidly evolving world of VFX opens up new possibilities, allowing audiences to enter expansive narratives and navigate imaginative landscapes. Ruairidh MacNeill, Modeller at Academy Award-winning studio Framestore (Blade Runner 2049, Avengers: Infinity War, Gravity, Christopher Robin) speaks about the increasing role of VFX companies. This includes taking on wider production positions in response to the growing demand for digital landscapes, invisible effects and artistically complex points of view.


Imagined Worlds: A VFX Reality

Industrial Light & Magic is Lucasfilm’s VFX and animation studio, with recent blockbuster projects including Solo: A Star Wars Story, Ready Player One and the much-anticipated Spider-Man: Far From Home. VFX Supervisor, Julian Foddy, returns to ASFF to speak about the creation and application of visual effects in film, from the initial idea conception to implementation on the big-screen. The masterclass looks at real techniques used by ILM to create visually striking 3D worlds and fully realised, memorable characters that communicate beyond gesture.

Events & Networking

Build your contact list and gain industry tips at ASFF's Events. Our industry sessions programme invites delegates to discuss and debate key themes and issues in the world of cinema. Meet industry leaders at our networking sessions, and connect with UK and international festivals at the ever-popular Meet the Film Festivals marketplace. Interact with your peers at Morning Coffee Hour – a daily social event that kickstarts a busy day of screenings.

Special Events

Opening Night

Wednesday 6 November | 18:30-23:00
City Screen

ASFF launches with a special screening from the 2019 Official Selection. Our Opening Night Ceremony takes place at York’s riverside arthouse cinema and live venue, City Screen, showcasing a poignant and diverse taster of our most expansive festival to date. The screening is followed by a drinks reception – a great place to start your festival experience. Limited seating. Delegate and filmmaker priority.

Youth Engagement Programme

Thursday 7 November | 9:00-11:30
Various Locations

As part of ASFF’s commitment to accessible film, these specially curated programmes of short films are designed to showcase the best of new independent cinema to young people aged 11-14. At the end of the screenings, young festival-goers can nominate their favourite film for the York Youth Award. This exciting strand has been organised to inspire young individuals to develop a lifelong relationship with the moving image.

York St John Showcase:
Drinks Reception

Thursday 7 November | 16:00-17:00
De Grey Ballroom

Join staff, students and filmmakers from York St John for a relaxed drinks reception in the renowned De Grey Ball Room. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with industry professionals, educators and visionary creatives to discuss a variety of projects and practices through the lens of further education. This is the ideal follow-on to the York St John Showcase Screening. Free for all festival pass-holders.

VR Soirée

Thursday 7 November | 18:00-21:00
York Theatre Royal

A destination for those working in new technologies, the VR Soirée invites industry guests to come together and contemplate the future of VR and immersive filmmaking. This is the perfect place to generate ideas, debate and collaborate with new industry connections about the potential for VR entertainment and beyond. Discuss over relaxed drinks, a buffet dinner and private access to the Screen School VR suites.

Thursday Night Party

Thursday 7 November | 20:00-23:00
Brew York

After a long day of industry events, masterclasses and dynamic screenings, continue the festivities with one of ASFF’s main social events. The Thursday night party is the ideal opportunity to grab a drink with other festival-goers, delegates and representatives from the ASFF team. The party is part of ASFF’s vibrant programme of networking opportunities. Festival pass-holders are free to come and go.

Director’s Pick: Opening Night Repeat Screening

Friday 9 November | 10:00-11:00
York Theatre Royal Main House

Here is your chance to view the films that launched ASFF 2019. Covering a range of genres, concepts and filmic styles, this is the ideal introduction for firs-time visitors as well as festival veterans and the gateway to a programme of over 400 films. This selection of titles is hand-picked by ASFF’s Festival Director and represents just a small taster of the outstanding talent on show across the rest of the five days.

Industry Marketplace

Friday 8 November | 12:30-20:00
De Grey Rooms

In 2019, ASFF proudly launches the Industry Marketplace. The first of its kind in the UK, the one-day event is the ideal place to connect with industry professionals and organisations such as production services, screen agencies, funders, exhibitors, film festivals, film schools and universities. This is a must for filmmakers, industry guests and students looking to expand their industry contacts.

Friday Night Party

Friday 8 November | 21:00-Late

Helping to carry ASFF through into a weekend of social events, and inspiring cinema, 1331 hosts the renowned Friday Night Party. Located on York’s vibrant Grape Lane, the party provides the ideal location to join in with the festivities or re-group with new friends. Connect with other industry guests, fellow filmmakers and the ASFF team. Grab a drink, take in the atmosphere and prepare yourself for the busy two days ahead.

Meet the Filmmakers Social

Saturday 9 November | 19:00-21:00

Everyman’s Art Deco-inspired cinema provides the backdrop for Saturday’s Meet the Filmmakers Social. A key event for those in the Official Selection and beyond, this event brings together the talented creatives at the heart of ASFF 2019. Expand your contacts list, liaise with promising talent and forge creative partnerships. This is the one of the best places amongst the festival to connect with other filmmakers.

Networking Sessions

Daily | Various Times
York Theatre Royal

Whether you’re looking to connect with a specific industry representative, foster new creative partnerships or just join a conversation about filmmaking, our daily Networking Sessions offer the perfect opportunity to meet with other individuals and discuss your project. With specifically themed sessions and relevant industry professionals in attendance, these daily sessions are your platform.

Pitching Sessions

Daily 7-9 November | Various Times
York St John University

Looking for advice on your next film project? These pitching sessions are your chance to get your ideas seen and heard. Meet one-to-one with the Development Executives that make key decisions for the likes of Film4, BBC Film, Baby Cow and iFeatures. This is a key opportunity to receive invaluable feedback on your work and learn how to develop your voice. Applications to be made through the ASFF website.

Morning Coffee Panel Discussions

Daily | 11:00-12:00
York Theatre Royal

Hear from some a selection of filmmakers that make up 2019’s Official Selection. These daily Morning Coffee Panels are the perfect place to learn more about inspirations, motivations and creative processes, covering topics such as documentary filmmaking, producing on a budget and establishing your own unique style. These informative sessions are short, inspiring jump-starts to the day. Free with a festival pass.

Screen School VR Lab

Daily | 10:00-23:00 (Sunday | 10:00-18:00)
YTR Keregan Room & De Grey Rooms

In 2019, we expand our Screen School VR Lab, presented in partnership with London College of Communication. The lab features a 360 cinema, VR and Immersive works, panel discussions as well AR projects. Join ASFF as we explore new dimensions and the future of immersive cinema. Tickets available to book on a first come, first served basis from the Festival Hub and are released daily.

VR Panel Discussions

Daily | Various Times
York Theatre Royal

Running alongside our the Screen School VR lab, we invite pioneers, industry professionals and filmmakers to share their experiences of working with new technologies. In these relaxed discussions, our guests explore the practicalities and challenges of VR filmmaking, considering practical techniques as well as potential developments beyond the realm of filmmaking, and into the wider cultural sphere.

Subtitled Screenings

Daily | Various Times
Various Venues

At Aesthetica, we firmly and wholeheartedly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience and enjoy cinema. As part of our wider efforts to make film as accessible and enjoyable as possible, every year we offer fully subtitled screenings across a range of genres, tailored for visitors with hearing impairments. Screenings run daily. Look out for the symbol within the printed programme.

Family Friendly Screenings

Daily | Various Times
Various Venues

As part of its commitment to engage with younger audiences, ASFF presents a selection of Family Friendly screenings, showcasing exciting adventures that the whole family can enjoy on the big screen. This year, we proudly present works from Hey Duggee in partnership with Studio AKA and BBC Studios, as well as projects from some of the world’s most talented filmmakers from the 2019 Official Selection.

Showcase Screenings & Panels

Daily | Various Times
Various Venues

We welcome filmmakers, industry professionals and educators to present a programme of specially curated Showcase Screenings. With guest institutions such as Goldsmith’s University, Manchester School of Art, London College of Fashion and Arts University Bournemouth, these exciting screenings and panel discussions are a must for those seeking inspiration from the most promising cinematic talent.

Guest Programmes & Q&As

Daily | Various Times
Various Venues

Exploring alternative viewpoints, diverse representation and the most defining moments of the 20th century, ASFF welcomes guest organisations to present lovingly curated guest programmes. This year we welcome the Imperial War Museum to mark the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, a focus on Black Filmmakers from Bounce, the best of LGBTQ+ film from the Iris Prize Festival as well as a presentation from Guardian Documentaries.