Screen School VR Lab

In 2021, The Screen School VR Lab returns as a platform for innovation and imagination. Presented in partnership with the prestigious London College of Communication, UAL, this is a space for audiences to explore film like never before and an opportunity to take the viewing experience to new dimensions and be immersed in 360 film.

The VR Lab is complemented by a series of panel discussions, welcoming pioneering filmmakers and creatives to delve into the making and realisation of VR and 360 film through the lens of ethics, production and storytelling.

Online audiences can access the ten 360° films with an at-home VR headset, from 2-30 November. Many of our panel discussions are also available to stream On Demand. Virtual or Hybrid Pass required.

To find out more about passes, visit:

360 Film

Audiences are invited lose themselves in the magic of 360 filmmaking and delve headfirst into bold and exciting stories. These works immerse the viewer in the centre of the action. 360 filmmaking offers the unique opportunity to experience the full potential of cinema, transporting viewers to new worlds and exploring different perspectives.

VR Discussions

What is the potential of Virtual Reality in the future? What are the ethical and moral codes that we must adhere to inside imagined environments? How do you adapt the storytelling process for completely immersive narratives?

Running alongside the Screen School VR lab, industry professionals and filmmakers share their experiences in working with new technologies. In these live industry discussions, our guests explore the practicalities and challenges of VR.

Writing in 360: Segmenting Narratives

Tuesday 2 November
York Explore | 10.30-11.30

Traditionally, films begin with a script, or the treatment of an idea. In 360 filmmaking, there’s a new set of parameters for narratives, dialogues and concepts. In VR, the writing process is one of further complexity, nuance and intricacy, with further clarity and emphasis on viewer focus. Where should you begin when writing in 360? How do you construct a narrative when thinking about the story as an immersive experience?

Streaming On Demand

Spatial Sound: Building Authentic Audio

Thursday 4 November
York Explore | 10.30-11.30

Audio is a key component to attracting and directing the attention of viewers within a story. It can create a new landscape and multi-layered perspectives. Sound is part of a wider sensory network that grounds and immerses audiences in a landscape, allowing the narrative to unfold authentically. But beyond volume and direction, what are the main points to consider when constructing sound?

Not Available On Demand

Decolonising the Arts in VR

Saturday 6 November
York Theatre Royal | 10.30-11.30

It is crucial to examine modes of representation and what they say about our world. Across the arts, literature and film, a new balance is being created, however, there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure there is a level playing field.  In VR and gaming, many central characters continue to be white and western in appearance. This is hugely problematic, and we need to create content in VR that is more inclusive.

Streaming On Demand

Potential of Social VR

Wednesday 3 November
York Explore | 10.30-11.30

When you put your headset on and head into a social VR space, you are engaging with people in a new “live” and “physical” sense. As Virtual Reality becomes more integrated into daily life, how is social VR changing the way we interact with each other? Is it just a fad or is Virtual Reality the next social media? Can we harvest a new form of human connection? Our panel ask: what does this mean for our relationships going forward?

Streaming On Demand

Immersive Curatorship

Sunday 7 November
York Explore | 14.30-15.30

VR and AR are being used more and more by museums and galleries to expand the potential of exhibitions, but beyond interpretation VR is being used to help explore new ideas and developments in the exhibition sector. What things do curators need to consider when programming a show using VR? Are the parameters of curatorship the same or evolving with this new technology? What does the future of the arts look like?

Streaming On Demand

In Partnership with London College of Communication

In 2021, for the fourth year running, we proudly work in partnership with London College of Communication’s Screen School Programme to bring 360 film and informative discussions to viewers. Screen School goes beyond traditional academic models, designed instead to bring film and television together with the disciplines of games, animation, sound arts and design and live events.