ASFF 2019: Day Four

Only two days left before the end of the ninth edition of ASFF. Unsure of what screenings and event to attend to? Here is a round up of what is happening today.

ASFF 2019: Day Three

Enjoyed yesterday’s packed line-up of masterclass sessions? There are even more events on offer today including the launch of the industry marketplace.

ASFF 2019: Day Two

Following yesterday’s innovative screenings, masterclasses and social events, Thursday marks the start our full programme. See a round up of key events here.

ASFF 2019: Day One

400 films. 5 days. 13 venues. Today, Wednesday 6 November, marks the beginning of the ninth edition of ASFF. Here is a round up of some key events that are not to be missed.

Official Selection 2019: Comedy

‘Norteños’ follows Barry, a mild-mannered dimwit who needs the help of his ex-lover after having murdered his grandmother. View the trailer ahead of ASFF 2019.

Official Selection 2019: Artists’ Film

‘The Beauty’, directed by Pascal Schelbli, is a poetic journey through the oceans, which are simultaneously stunning and polluted. Watch the trailer ahead of ASFF 2019.

Filmmaker Interviews: Claire Campbell

‘Winter’s Blight’ tells the story of an elderly man who lives alone in an isolated hut in Central Otago, New Zealand. Spring should have arrived but the winter will not relent.

Filmmaker Interviews: Atanu Mukherjee

Official Selection filmmaker, Atanu Mukherjee, discusses the story of existence and individuality in his drama short ‘Wig.’ See it this week at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival.

Official Selection 2019: Documentary

Sonam Lancin’s ‘After the Silence’ follows David – a man who had to leave his country and sacrifice the love of his life. Screening as part of the Documentary strand at ASFF 2019.

Filmmaker Interviews: Christopher Guerrero

Official Selection filmmaker, Christopher Guerrero, discusses dark satire in his comedy, ‘White Guys Solve Sexism.’ Screening at ASFF.

Filmmaker Interviews: Francesco Cuizza

Official Selection filmmaker, Francesco Cuizza, explains the cathartic power of failure and the importance of good friends in his fashion short, ‘Warrior with a Crown.’

Official Selection 2019: Animation

Frederic Siegel and Benjamin Morard’s ‘The Lonely Orbit’ follows a satellite technician as he tries to cope with solitude. Watch the trailer ahead of ASFF 2019.

Filmmaker Interviews: Ryan Henry Knight

Official Selection filmmaker, Ryan Henry Knight, discusses the evolution of a story around the models and clothes in his fashion short ‘The Silence Is Black And White’.

Filmmaker Interviews: Howard Vause

Official Selection filmmaker, Howard Vause, explores the stories and films from his childhood which came to inspire his fairytale animated short ‘The Curious Child’.

Official Selection 2019: Dance

‘SHOVE’ is a metaphorical dance film directed by Lauren Pringle. It reflects the realities of unsafe abortions. Watch the trailer ahead of its screening in the Dance category at ASFF 2019.

5 to See: This Weekend

ASFF surveys the week’s latest film releases, including the new film from Ken Loach, ‘Sorry We Missed You’, and a new, compelling documentary on the art of sound in cinema.

Aural Achievements

ASFF speaks to Midge Costin, a former Hollywood sound editor, about her new documentary ‘Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound’, a history of sound.

Painful Deliveries

A stark look at a Newcastle family employed on zero hours contracts, Ken Loach’s latest film, ‘Sorry We Missed You’, is a devastating follow-up to ‘I, Daniel Blake’.

Filmmaker Interviews: Ali Cook

Official Selection filmmaker, Ali Cook, Ali Cook discusses bringing a feeling of wonder to an audience and the historical origin of his drama short ‘The Cunning Man’.

Filmmaker Interviews: Siobhán Smith

Official Selection filmmaker, Siobhán Smith discusses the political and personal motivation behind her family friendly short ‘Stitch’. Part of our Family Friendly programme.

Official Selection 2019: Fashion

Spring is not just a season, it’s a feeling. Watch the trailer of ‘Ya Es Primavera’, a fashion film directed by Victor Claramunt ahead of its screening as part the Official Selection 2019.