Searching for Sugarman

Documentaries needn’t be without suspense, intrigue and the occasional spoonful of mystery. Malik Bendjelloul, director of Searching For Sugar man, discusses how he discovered and committed such a curious story to celluloid.

Carancho: Cinematic Intensity

Carancho examines the seedy underworld that follows road traffic accidents in Argentina. We chat with Martina Gusman, producer of, and actress in, the must-see film of 2012.

Iconic Partnerships: Music & Film

UK-based band, Tindersticks, discuss their fruitful artistic relationship with fêted French director, Claire Denis, exploring the cross-over between music and film.

ASFF 2011: Our Director’s View

There has been a revival of the independent film festival in recent years. With festivals like Branchage, Flatpack, FLIP, Bird’s Eye View and East End, the drive for innovative film programming has never been stronger.

Tribeca Film Festival: UK Film – Global Stage

The UK Film industry has taken a few major blows recently. In the face of this uncertainty, British films are being picked up by international film festivals: next stop, Tribeca.

How to Get Your Film Out There: Make Your Film Part 2

Elliot Grove, Founder of Raindance Film Festival, offers Top tips to help promote your film.

The Arbor: Restyling Reality Through Memory

Clio Barnard’s exploration of playwright, Andrea Dunbar’s life, combines reality with artifice in an exciting new cinematic creation.

Zero Budget Filmmaking: Make Your Film Part 1

Elliot Grove, Founder of Raindance Film Festival, offers Ten Ways to help you Make Compelling Content.

Artists’ Films Take on Mainstream Cinema: A Guerrilla Approach

Artists’ films, at times, can be challenging in their context, but change that context and a new experience emerges. Spring 2010 saw leading visual artists work enter UK cinemas in subversive and playful ways, to a diverse and large-scale audience.

Dogtooth: Subverted Dark Narratives

Yorgos Lanthimos’ provocative film displays one father’s inexplicable subversion of his children’s world through interrupted story-telling and uncomfortably macabre humour.

Secret Cinema: Rewriting the Cinematic Rulebook

The only large-scale cinema event was back in June 2010, showcasing a new interactive way to experience the motion picture. Newspapers are reporting that 3D TVs will soon be the norm.

Making & Shaping: How to Animate Part 2

In this two-part guide, Myles McLeod of the award winning, BAFTA nominated Brothers McLeod, offers a series of practical hints and tips to help you start animating.

In Conversation With Philip Ilson

A mogul in the film world, Philip Ilson co-founded the Halloween Short Film Festival in 2003, which became the London Short Film Festival in 2008. He is also a Short Film Programmer at the BFI London Film Festival.

Animation Ideas & Inspiration: How to Animate Part 1

In this two-part guide, the award winning, BAFTA nominated Brothers McLeod (Greg and Myles), offer a series of practical hints and tips to help you start animating. So you want to make an animation.

Rage: Cinematography Stripped Bare

Surface and reality are integrated and juxtaposed in Sally Potter’s pared down approach to filmmaking.

DIY Filmmaking Part Two: Screening

Enthused with the know-how, once you’ve grasped the Do It Yourself attitude, anything is possible. In this edition, we’ve teamed up with Shooting People and Branchange Jersey International Film Festival 2009 to give you practical hints and tips for finding successful routes to market for your short films.

DIY Filmmaking Part One: Production

In today’s climate, the Do It Yourself attitude is ever more present from growing veggies to making clothes, and here at Aesthetica we’re advocating this motto, and encouraging you to get creative, get your camera and make your own films. So you have decided to make a short film.

Independent Cinemas in the 21st Century: A Fresh Alternative

Independent cinemas are offering a fresh alternative to the staid multiplex environment. Aesthetica explores the varied pastimes on offer around the UK

The Sundance Film Festival: Evolving the Cinematic Frontier

As the Sundance Film Festival turns 25 in 2009, it is most arguably one of the world’s best venues for film. Keeping with tradition, Sundance is keen to explore new ideas, and this year their New Frontier on Main programme illustrates their commitment to new territories through film.

My Winnipeg: The Nostalgic, the Poignant and the Macabre

A docu-fantasia, which serves to question the legitimacy of our memories, combines with an impressive retrospective on the world’s coldest city. Guy Maddin’s first documentary, My Winnipeg, occupies ambivalent territory.