The Jockstrap Raiders, Short Film from ASFF

Set in Leeds during the First World War, The Jockstrap Raiders follows a group of misfits who have been left out of the conflict due to various abnormalities. Threatened by the invading Germany army, the unlikely heroes must learn to work as a team and conquer their shortcomings to save Britain and its allies from impending defeat.

Matt Greenhalgh: Supermarket Girl, Short Film from ASFF

BAFTA award winning screenwriter Matt Greenhalgh’s touching drama Supermarket Girl was a huge success at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2012.

53rd Krakow Film Festival

Opening on the 26 May, the 53rd Krakow Film Festival includes the screenings of documentaries, short films and animations from all over the world. With an outstanding programme of events, the festival will run until 2 of June.

Photoshopping, Short Film from ASFF

Written and directed by Mark Davenport of Fishmonger Films UK, Photoshopping is a 15 minute dark comedy about Elaine, a woman striving to turn her hobby into a world record.

JP, Auclair Street Segment from All.I.Can, Short Film from ASFF

An unparalleled cinematic experience, All I Can is a stunning exploratory film that compares the trials of big mountain skiing to the challenges of global climate change.

Reduction Study (Ping Pong), Short Film from ASFF

A research-based investigation, Reduction Study (Ping Pong) explores foreign accent perception in relation to social identity and cultural standardisation.

Hamlet’s Hybris (A Remix), Short Film from ASFF

Prince Hamlet is on a journey to England. While making plans for revenge on his father’s murder, he is caught between his hybris and insanity.

Hostage, Short Film from ASFF

Emotionally tense, Hostage is a gritty tale of a woman taken hostage by a man who does not speak English, and how they manage to connect beyond the limitations of language.

Essential Film Festivals this May

To celebrate the final month for call for entries, ASFF presents the essential film festivals to follow or attend this May. Here are our top film festivals this month.

Interview with Previous ASFF Best of Fest Winner, Rich Williamson

Aesthetica speaks to the director of The Sugar Bowl, Rich Williamson, (co-directed with Shasha Nakhai), about his enjoyment of ASFF and his advice for future applicants. ASFF: What was the highlight of your ASFF experience last year?

Athens Video Art Festival 2013

The Athens Video Art Festival returns for the 9th edition of the International Festival of Digital Arts & New Media. Running 7 until 9 June, exhibitions, screenings, workshops and performances will be hosted at the Historical Centre of Athens, opening a dialogue between public and private space.

One Month Left to Enter the Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2013

There is just one month to go before the submission deadline for the Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2013 (ASFF). Enter your film by 31 May and screen your work in an impressive setting to an international audience and be in with the chance of wining a cash prize.

This is England ’86 and ’88 Marathon Screening, BFI

It is the day before the death of Baroness Thatcher and about five-dozen people (give or take) are being transported, for a solid few hours, back in time to the height of Thatcher’s reign as prime minister.

James Scott: Every Picture Tells A Story, London

James Scott, son of the celebrated artist William Scott, opens a special screening of his film Every Picture Tells A Story (1984), which explores the early life of Scott. The film is screened as part of the BFI Southbank’s ongoing Projecting the Archive series and this film will be presented on 9 May.

Call for Submissions, IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival, Bulgaria

The IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival is looking for submissions. Running 29 June until 6 July in Bulgaria, the final deadline for submissions is 15 May.

Thursday Till Sunday: A Family in Turmoil

Dominga Sotomayor’s debut feature recalls memories of road trips, hours of travelling, fatigue and children’s games as a family in crisis travels through the Chilean desert.

BAFTA Shorts 2013: More Than a Stepping Stone

Long seen as the crudité to the blockbuster’s entrée, the short film is about to morph from a stepping stone into the main presentation. At the advent of film’s creation, every single story committed to celluloid was short.

Interview with Film Poster Designer Sam Smith

For Carlos Reygadas’ new film release Post Tenebras Lux, the ICO commissioned American graphic designer, Sam Smith to produce the poster artwork.

Birds Eye View Preview: Wadjda

In advance of the Birds Eye View film festival, the BFI preview Wadjda, which tells the remarkable story of a young girl growing up in modern-day Saudi Arabia, and her quest to buy her own bicycle.

The Art of Pop Video, FACT Liverpool

A pop song isn’t quite complete without a short video that can be pasted all over fan’s facebook walls and will pick up thousands of “likes” on YouTube. In celebration of these miniature works of art, FACT, Liverpool are launching their newest exhibition: The Art of Pop Video.