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Picture Perfect

In Ingrid Goes West, a smart comedy co-written and directed by debut filmmaker Matt Spicer. Here, the picture-sharing site Instagram – and those that use it – comes under the microscope.

People’s Choice and York Youth Awards

The Silent Child, a film that centres around a profoundly deaf four year old girl named Libby, wins the 2017 People’s Choice Award, as well as the York Youth Award, from 11-14 year olds.

Best of Fest 2017

Benjamin Cleary’s Wave is the winner of our Drama Category, and also goes home with the prestigious Best of Fest Award; check out a trailer for ASFF’s 2017 winning film.

ASFF 2017 Winners

The closing night of the seventh Aesthetica Short Film Festival was filled with excitement, anticipation and celebrations as the prestigious Awards Ceremony took place, after a five-day run. 

ASFF: Final Day Highlights

It’s the final day of ASFF and we hope that you have had a great time, seen some great films and are feeling inspired. Check out our Top Picks for the closing day.

New Opportunities: ASFF Day Four

It’s a fantastic day to be at ASFF. We offer a round up of everything that’s going on and some key events that are not to be missed, including our Screen Agencies Reception and screenings.

Lasting Connections: ASFF Day Three

The third day at ASFF presents a multitude of events, unique to the UK film festival landscape. Today is the day to create contacts and learn about those behind the scenes of 21st century cinema.

Multiple Identities

Like the multitude of characters Cate Blanchett plays, Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto is many things. Inhabiting a baker’s dozen of characters, Blanchett recited famous manifestos from art history.

Curated Programmes. Individual Discoveries: ASFF Day Two

ASFF continues today, marking the seventh anniversary edition of the festival. Thursday marks the start of our full programme, with renowned industry sessions, panels and guest programmes.

Kaleidoscope: A Character Study

Rupert Jones’s Kaleidoscope is an engaging psychological character study about a lonely ex-con named Carl who has a troubled relationship with his suffocating mother Aileen. 

Inspired by Ideas: ASFF Day One

300 films. 5 days. 18 venues. The seventh edition of the BAFTA Recognised Aesthetica Short Film Festival opens today in York, transforming the historic city into a cultural landscape.

Everything You Need to Know for ASFF

Here is a practical guide of how to get around ASFF. Our friendly staff are always happy to help and can be found in the Festival Hub and in all the venues throughout the city.

Discursive Platforms

The growing event, THIS WAY UP, highlights a number of key contemporary issues with a focus on the diversity in the industry.

Maternal Instincts

The Florida Project takes Sean Baker to the Sunshine State; there’s no iPhone – it’s all filmed on traditional 35mm – and he had a genuine star, in the shape of Willem Dafoe.

Curate Your Own Festival at Videotheque

ASFF’s Videotheque is a great place to sit down and indulge in film after film. Videotheques are fantastic resources for anyone looking for inspiration. The entire festival is at your fingertips.

Food, Drink and More at ASFF 2017

York is a city that boasts a pub for each day of the year. In recent times, though, there have been a number of eateries and bistros that have opened up, making the city a foodie’s paradise.

Enjoy 2000 Years of History at ASFF

With UNESCO Media Arts status on world heritage sites, there is so much more to see and do. Enhance your visit to ASFF 2017 by soaking up the culture of a city with over 2000 years of history.

Cultural Diversity

This November, the UK International Jewish Film Festival will be turning 21. For the past two decades, the festival has grown to bring audiences a diverse array of Jewish and Israeli cinema.

Celebrating Inclusivity and Diversity

Seeing the world through others’ eyes: this year at ASFF, with the extra day, we have been fortunate enough to be able to expand our programme. Included are Polish shorts alongside LGBTQ+ films.

Idiosyncractic Tragedies

Yorgos Lanthimos’ style of filmmaking includes subtext-driven stories, morbid humour and moral conundrums. This continues with The Killing of a Sacred Deer, a modern-day black comedy.

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