Filmmaker Insight: Comedy

A lonely social outcast gets a glimpse of what life is like for someone popular, and cannot let it go, even in death. A live action adaptation of Nikolai Gogol’s fairy tale.

Filmmaker Insights: Advertising

BrewDog’s flagship beverage, Punk IPA, is celebrated in this visually stimulating short, highlighting the craft beer revolution whilst establishing a bold sense of identity.

Official Selection: Thriller

When a reclusive fisherman finds a giant egg on his beach and decides to take it home, his life takes a big turn, for better or worse. Luciano Blotta’s Ovum is a mysterious tale of magic realism.

Virtual Reality at ASFF

ASFF launches Screen School VR Lab in partnership with the London College of Communication, a series of immersive sessions and industry discussions that explore expanding landscaps.

Official Selection: Music

Occupy explores the everyday life of a couple is now only a happy memory. Director June Hucko reflects on the youthful optimism of an early relationship as it navigates the urban architecture. 

5 to See: This Weekend

This weekend ASFF selects five new English-language movies that range from a Hollywood comedy to acclaimed British and Irish dramas and a US docu-fiction.

Family Values

Lance Daly’s latest film Black 47 is set in Ireland in 1847 during the Great Famine. An Irish Ranger goes on a revenge mission after he discovers his family have been brutalised under British rule.

Between Genres

Three years ago, Crystal Moselle launched her career internationally with The Wolfpack. She returns with Skate Kitchen, a film that straddles the line between documentary and fiction.

The Scriptwriting Process

Tom Beard’s directorial feature debut, Two for Joy, tells the story of one family’s struggle with mental health and grief against the backdrop of modern Britain, developing characters in real ways.

Official Selection: Fashion at ASFF

Macarena lives between worlds in Sevilla during the early 2000’s, combining religious devotion with nightly raves. Directed by JJ Torres, Intergracion reveals what it means to exist between cultures. 

Guest Programmes at ASFF

ASFF doesn’t simply champion new voices on screen, it strives to incorporate films and programmes. 2018’s Guest Programmes celebrate, question and explore subjects to complement this.

5 to See: This Weekend

This weekend ASFF selects five new movies concentrating on diverse themes ranging from friendship and betrayal to political activism and psychological breakdown.

ASFF 2018: Programme Announced

BAFTA-Qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival announces its 2018 programme, offering the most diverse selection of films to date. The inspiring event returns 7-11 November.

Challenging Fashion Through Film

The power of fashion film can be harnessed to subvert stereotypes, challenge ideals and propose new visions. London College of Fashion’s Nilgin Yusuf discusses ahead of ASFF.

A Visual Language

Chloe Zhao’s The Rider tells the story of young cowboy Brady, a once rising star of the rodeo circuit. Zhao discusses the compromise of understanding cinema, imbuing reality with poetry.

Official Selection: Experimental at ASFF

Somersault Pike explores dark fears and high hopes drive a young competitive diver as she faces the ten-metre platform. Director, Kate Lefoe takes viewers from the top of the jump to the plunge.

Official Selection: Family Friendly

Directed by Kevin Hudson, Weeds is metaphorical story about a lone dandelion who struggles to get away from a dry barren yard to the other side, where there is hope for a better life.

5 to See: This Weekend

This weekend ASFF selects five new feature films that are being released in theatres. Amid stories of crime, cowboys and coming-of-age, some set out to play with notions of truth versus fiction.

Official Selection: Drama at ASFF

Seven tells the story of a young girl from a remote Arctic village who must decide the fate of an outsider who has committed a terrible crime. Directed by James Morgan.

Fractured Lives

Whilst all of the attention in Hollywood this week is on the success of Crazy Rich Asians, the arrival of Chloé Zhao should also be celebrated. The Beijing-born filmmaker, returns with The Rider.