Rising Temperatures

Crusading documentary filmmaker Michael Moore returns with his first work since 2015’s Where To Invade Next. As Moore so bluntly puts it at the beginning: “How did we get here?”

Networking at ASFF

Meeting the right people to further your career is essential, and ASFF presents the perfect environment within which to do this, with a series of informal, friendly networking events.

ASFF 2018: Screen School VR Lab

ASFF invites film lovers to consider the possibilities of filmmaking with the Screen School VR Lab in partnership with London College of Communication, UAL.

Creative Journeys

Monika Grassl’s The Residency – produced by Fact Not Fiction Films – follows the
story of five emerging UK practitioners as they attend an artist’s residency in Germany.

5 to See: This Weekend

This weekend ASFF selects five new feature films that set out to show the extremes of human endurance. A mix of fiction and true-life stories,
as well as genre cinema and social realism.

Interstellar Biography

Can Damian Chazelle manage the hat-trick with his fourth movie, First Man? Not quite but this tale of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, is brilliantly conceived and executed.

LFF: A Preview

Somehow it’s October again and the BFI London Film Festival returns. This time out, with Tricia Tuttle taking over Artistic Director duties from Clare Stewart, there are some major movies to savour.

Filmmaker Insights: Animation x Ian Bruce

Double Portrait is a hand-painted animation which portrays the ill-fated relationship between Geraldine Peacock and Bob Gannicott. Created using frame by frame techniques.

Filmmaker Insights: Comedy x Bernhard Wenger

A couple embark on a wellness trip in the mountains, but not all goes to plan as one vanishes and all bets are off. 

Official Selection: Animation

Directed by Fausto Montanari, Weird is a short about identity and learning to accept yourself for who you are. It recounts the tale of a girl who is judged for being different.

Filmmaker Insights: Advertising x Nike

Together highlights the intimacy of familial relationships through the story of two brothers, who help life each other out of the depths of despair by playing game of soccer. 

Pitching at ASFF

This year for the first time, ASFF introduces Pitching Sessions, an invaluable opportunity for filmmakers to gain insight and advice from leading distributors that represent emerging talent today.

Moral Encounters

Set in the final two weeks of World War II, director Robert Schwentke’s The Captain tells the story of Herold, a young German soldier who finds a Nazi uniform in an abandoned vehicle on the roadside.

5 to See: This Weekend

This weekend ASFF selects five new films – one documentary, one animation and three live-action features. Addressing art, architecture, religion and love, these films take viewers on a faraway journey.

October Previews: Netflix and Amazon

Streaming releases for the next month include tales of tragedy, dystopia and advertising. Featured: The Man In The High Castle, 22 July, The Romanoffs and Daredevil.

Unique Voices

How many different ways are there to tell a story? Northumbria University discusses their bold and original showcase of documentaries and narrative fictions taking place at ASFF 2018.

Cinematic Harmony

There’s a consideration to Kogonada’s Columbus that defies the expectations of a feature debut. Set in Indiana, the film is about a new friendship between librarian Casey and translator Jin.

A Modern Adaptation

The fourth time A Star Is Born has been brought to the big screen, this latest version marks the highly assured directorial debut of actor Bradley Cooper, who also takes the co-lead here as Jackson Maine.

The 2018 Programme

ASFF returns with a progressive and inclusive celebration of cinema, championing diverse representation behind of and in front of the camera. Learn about this year’s programme.

Filmmaker Insights: Animation

On Christmas Eve, an old lady finds her beloved cat dead. All day long, she tries to find him a final resting place, but remains unsuccessful until another option comes her way.