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Intimate Disposition

“I think every time you do something, like a painting or whatever, you go with ideas, and sometimes the past can conjure those ideas and…

Minute Bodies

Stuart A Staples interpretative documentary presents the seductive and hypnotic world of micro-cinema pioneer F. Percy Smith, who developed his own cinematographic and micro-photographic equipment to uncover the secrets of nature in action.

New Releases

Top Picks for July: ASFF compiles a list of 10 films to see this month, compelling features that range from documentary to drama, and universal to personal narratives.

Provocative Visions

A bright light in a new wave of female directors, Vicky Lawton was awarded the Creative Circle accolade for Best Up and Coming Female Commercial Film Director 2017.

Human Portrayal

When teenage surfer Simon (Gabin Verdet) is mixed up in a car crash, his parents are hit with a double blow: their son is no longer alive. Not only this, but they must now decide what to do with his organs.

Societal Portraits

Aki Kaurismäki offers moral support for the down-and-out in The Other Side of Hope – a candid portrayal of the tropes of modern living and immigration in today’s fragmented society.

Uniting Narratives

The month of July features the latest editions of two established festivals: The 52nd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and Outfest LA LGBT Film Festival.

Transgressive Plotlines

Filled with innuendo and an impending sense of threat from the get-go, Alice Lowe’s directorial debut Prevenge fulfils its promises within the first five minutes.

Doc/Fest: Cultural Systems

Gina Hara’s documentary Geek Girls focuses on the contemporary dialogues between gender and sexism, providing relief for women wanting to break down the barriers facing them.

Sentimental Youth

Based on Massimo Gramellini’s novel, Sweet Dreams, Little One (2015), Marco Bellocchio’s film explores the lasting damage inflicted on its lead character when he loses his mother at a young age.

Doc/Fest: Intimate Narratives

Antonio Santini and Dan Sickles’ Dina is shot in just this way, with arresting results. The film feels more like an indie drama, and yet it still manages to drive home the reality of the narrative.

EIFF: Landmark Anniversary

For its 70th anniversary, the Edinburgh International Film Festival has lined up an exciting showcase of 151 features from 46 countries. Morrissey biopic England Is Mine premieres.

Animated Tales

A household name in the animation world since 1960, The Annecy Festival returns with 230 films chosen for its Official Selection, all of which will be screened over the course of six days.

Metropolitan Presence

Stockholm, My Love, the first piece of fully fictional filmmaking from Mark Cousins, sees the acclaimed director venture into new realms without losing his signature taste for the unexplored.

Summer Screen

This year’s Film4 Summer Screen turns its attention to climate change and superficial commodities from 10 August at Somerset House: The Square and Truth to Power will premiere.

Communist Politics

The latest in a string of portraits of post-war Chile, Neruda charts the odyssey of the communist politician Pablo Neruda as he attempts to stay one step ahead of government hunters.

Nationwide Talent

Playback Tour, in association with Random Acts, invites audiences nationwide to explore the work of emerging artist filmmakers in an interactive exhibition. It will be landing at ASFF in November.

Sundance: Inspiring Narratives

The Sundance Film Festival: London returns to Picturehouse Central this weekend, running until 4 June; the festival presents 14 feature films direct from this year’s festival in Park City, Utah.

Catalytic Elements

Director and visual artist Daisy Dickinson’s experimental short, Man on the Hill, transcends the sound and visual of the drum, using nature’s most powerful forces as catalysts for destruction.

Emotional Landscapes

Drama envelopes many scenarios and outcomes, some including moments that resonate with viewers and others that explore heart-rending domains. Enter your short film by 31 May.

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