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A Powerful Anthology

Steve McQueen’s five-part anthology, ‘Small Axe’, deals with the experience of being black in Britain with a quintet of provocative films, with stars including John Boyega and Letitia Wright.

Exposing Corruption

Alexander Nanau’s ‘Collective’ is a hard-hitting, fly-on-the-wall documentary exposé of the scandal that erupted in the Romanian health service after a nightclub fire killed 27 people.

New Perspectives: Guest Programmes On Demand

ASFF 2020 welcomed a wide variety of curators through the Guest Programmes. Here’s a quick guide to get you started.

Filmmaker Insights: Living in Denial

Jaq is angry. But she also wants to have sex. Go behind the scenes of ‘End-O’ with screenwriter Elaine Gracie and producers Alexandra Blue and Kate Phibbs. 

Filmmaker Insights: On the Brink

A night on duty alters a YPJ Kurdish fighter’s life irrevocably. Alberto Garcia Ballesteros joins ASFF to discuss how his personal experience influenced thriller ‘Awake – Chapter 4’.  

Filmmaker Insights: Human Nature

Watch great film with ASFF’s Online Platform. ‘Ferine’ pushes the borders of human nature. Writer and director Andrea Corsini reflects on the importance of cinematography. 

A Month of Film:
Curated Programming

ASFF 2020 divided its films into six strands, each spanning genres ranging from comedy to drama to animation. Here is a reminder of each strand.

5 to See: ASFF 2020

ASFF highlights five fabulous films featured as part of this year’s Aesthetica Short Film Festival, including Irish drama ‘Drifting’ and the documentary ‘We Are George Floyd’.

Musical Notes

James Erskine, the filmmaker behind ‘One Night In Turin’ and ‘From The Ashes’, turns away from sport to deliver ‘Billie’, a heartfelt documentary portrait of singer Billie Holiday, who died aged 44.

Filmmaker Insights: Superficial Relationships

Agatha feels old and lonely, but brief encounters with her neighbour re-awakens her desires. Director Pierfrancesco Artini speaks to ASFF.

Underwater Exploration

Emma Critchley’s film, which screened at ASFF last year, is a response to the threat of deep-sea mining for rare earth minerals. The filmmaker speaks about the urgency of the subject matter.

November Previews: Netflix and Amazon Prime

ASFF highlights the new shows and films on Netflix and Amazon Prime, including Alan Ball’s new film ‘Uncle Frank’, and the return of ‘The Crown’.

Civilised Beginnings

Zeina Durra delivers her second feature, ‘Luxor’. Andrea Riseborough stars as a doctor who arrives in an ancient Egyptian city. An encounter with a former lover leads to emotional upheaval.

ASFF 2020: Join Us Online

ASFF has gone virtual for its 10th Anniversary Edition, with exciting screenings and talks. Watch our highlights videos and get inspired to curate your own festival this November.

Filmmaker Insights: Moral Fairy Tales

An orphanage spirals into mayhem when a boy discovers a shadowy creature. Speaking to ASFF, Felipe Vargas explores the influence of greed, morality and acceptance in ‘Milk Teeth’. 

Final Word

Sweden’s beloved director Roy Andersson returns with ‘About Endlessness’, another series of comic vignettes that look to skewer the human condition with his typically droll outlook.

ASFF 2020: Winners Announced

The winners of the 2020 edition of the Aesthetica Short Film Festival have been announced, from poignant documentaries about the climate crisis to touching dramas about loss and forgiveness.

Month of Film Begins

ASFF 2020 gathered a wealth of films, masterclasses, guest programmes, showcase screenings, and VR panels. Here is our guide to what’s available On Demand.

Filmmaker Insights: Overcoming Fears

In conversation with ASFF, Official Selection director Simon Pearce discusses his motivations for thriller ‘Officer Down’ – playing with the expected trope of good against bad.

ASFF Day Six: Round-Up

The Aesthetica Short Film Festival closes its 10th Anniversary Edition today. As we move into day six, be sure to attend our final live events, which are available On Demand until 30 November.

ASFF Day Four: Round-Up

The Aesthetica Short Film Festival continues for the 10th anniversary edition. As we move into day five, check out our 10 to See, including masterclasses on fashion and inclusivity.

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