London Film Festival: Round Up

The BFI London Film Festival enters its second week, and has already welcomed the likes of George Clooney, Kristen Stewart and Idris Elba. Here, ASFF selects five of its best movies.

Genre-defying Stories

Ahead of his masterclass at ASFF 2021, acclaimed British director Peter Strickland discusses shorts films, his new movie and the impact of Covid-19 in this exclusive interview.

New Perspectives

Film has the power to spark conversation. The ASFF 2021 Official Selection features some remarkable documentaries, exploring new ways to broaden horizons. Here are 10 must-sees.

Humanity on the Edge

This year’s ASFF Official Selection features a range of incredible shorts – from comedy to drama, documentary to thriller. Learn more about our second thematic film collection.

Preview: 2021 London Film Festival

The BFI London Film Festival gets underway on
6 October, with its usual dazzling collection of gala premieres, world cinema movies, screen talks and industry events. Here are five must-see films.

New Wave: The Next Generation of Talent

We have always been dedicated to promoting new talent. Join us at ASFF 2021 to see the latest work from the brightest rising stars in the British film industry.

The Art of Filmmaking

We are delivering a range of masterclasses on commissioning, production and development at ASFF 2021. Hear from Black Dog Films, BFI, BBC Film and more.

How it Was, How it Is, How it Will Be

This year’s Aesthetica Short Film Festival presents the work of some incredible filmmakers across six carefully curated thematic strands. Here is a preview of the first strand.

Compelling Narratives

We are delivering a variety of masterclasses on documentary and storytelling at ASFF 2021, with speakers from the BBC, The Guardian, Channel 4 and BetaJester.

10 To See: Guest Programmes

This year’s ASFF guest programmes are as wild and wonderous as life itself. Read more about the opportunities they provide to experience someone else’s point of view.

Masterclasses at ASFF: Animation and VFX

This year ASFF presents a selection of masterclasses on the worlds of animation and VFX. Gain first-hand insights from top stop motion directors and VFX supervisors.

Discover New Cinema

For the 2021 edition, ASFF Official Selection has been divided into six conceptual strands, organised by theme and including multiple genres. Here’s the low-down on what to expect.

Our Hybrid Festival: How It Works

The 11th edition of Aesthetica brings you more ways to enjoy the festival. Learn more about this year’s hybrid festival and find out which option suits you best.

Absurd Comedy

Quentin Dupieux is the cult French filmmaker behind ‘Rubber’ and ‘Deerskin’. He’s back with the even more bizarre dark comedy ‘Mandibles’, the story of two friends who find a giant fly.

Active Engagement

The international Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival runs in October in Cardiff, with a collection of must-see films and shorts celebrating global diversity – and competing for a prestigious prize.

5 To See: Venice Film Festival 2021

This year’s Venice Film Festival comes to a close this weekend. ASFF selects five of the best films and television shows to have premiered in the second week.

Queer East Film Festival 2021

London’s Queer East Film Festival showcases rarely-seen queer films from East and Southeast Asia. ASFF previews the second edition – including an array of shorts and features.

Film for Change

The 14th edition of the Take One Action Film Festival begins. The UK’s leading global change film festival, screenings take place in Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as online, before moving to Aberdeen and Inverness.

Creative Sparks

Leos Carax, the French writer-director behind Holy Motors, returns with Annette. It is a musical in which Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver star as a turbulent couple in the public eye.

Starting Over

Phyllida Lloyd, director of The Iron Lady, brings us Herself, an Irish-set drama starring Clare Dunne, who plays a mother who escapes an abusive relationship to build her own home.

Adolescent Obsessions

Ayten Amin returns with ‘Souad’, the story of two teenage sisters from a conservative family who grapple with social media. We speak to the Egyptian filmmaker about the film.