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Festival of Slaps
Abdou Cissé, 2023

An action packed tale from the palms of a Nigerian mother, full of twists and turns.
Comedy, Family

Road Rage!
James Button, 2020

Grumpy Welshman Derw Derw is late for an interview so the last thing he needs is to get sucked into a vortex.
Comedy, Delusion, Imaginative
Do Not Touch
James Newman, Harrison Newman, 2022

An adulterer (Seann Walsh) discovers his one-night stand is the subject of an art exhibition and his current girlfriend has tickets.
Comedy, Relationships, Adultery


Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
Neal Suresh Mulani, 2021
On his 25th birthday, Cary brings his friends to the desert and requests one very unusual gift: for them to list everything they hate about him.
Relationships, Tense
Émile V. Schlesser, 2022
| Once a wealthy family, the Kowalsky’s fortune is gradually falling apart. When the only son comes begging his widowed mother for help, an ugly row escalates. A dark and twisted satire.
Family, Money


MAMILS (Middle Aged Men in Lycra)
Ben Marshall, 2021
| MAMILS (Middle Aged Men in Lycra) is a short comedy that captures an intense rivalry between two amateur cyclists as they eagerly try and one up each other in increasingly ridiculous ways. Slapstick, Hobby
Selling Out
George Hackforth-Jones, 2021
| Selling Out is a short comedy about an actress’ realisation that perhaps her life isn’t going to turn out quite the way she’d imagined. Written by and starring Lucy Scott-Smith. Performance, Acting
Taj Mahal Presents… A Short Film
David Dearlove, 2021

A short film for people who don’t like short films. A hilarious swipe at a genre that often seems longer than it is short. Starring Bafta-nominated actor and director Phil Davis.


In Hope of Nothing
Peter Hamblin, 2020

With nothing more than; an idea, a shit load of hope and a storyboard, a group of filmmakers cast their dreams on the impossible.
This is a film dedicated to all the stories never told.
Greg Barth, 2020
| An isolation fever dream about a man’s hunger that’s becoming harder to satiate, driving him to the brink of manslaughter (or man-potato slaughter) to satisfy his delusions of grandeur. Food, Slapstick, Weird
Seeds of Love
Behnam Taheri, Gideon Beresford, 2020
| Love grows in unexpected and truly cuious places. It can take you by surprise at any given moment. Seeds of Love was made during lockdown in London with a three-person cast and crew. Love, Lockdown
The Cocaine Famine
Sam McMullen, 2020

Two Irish drug dealers imprison a cockney rival in a shed. Things don’t look good for the prisoner from London. Especially since the vengeful
Jacko has a mighty bone to pick with the Englishman.
Gang Culture, Satire
Dad Joke
David Abramsky, 2020
A disabled comedian performs a make-or-break gig on the night his first child is born. David Abramsky’s Dad Joke teeters on the brink between fame and fatherhood. What’s to come next? Disability, Standup
Dominic O’Riordan, 2020
| When a man’s car breaks down, salvation doesn’t quite come in the form he was hoping for. This breakdown is like no other, and this will surely be a day to remember for this unfortunate man. Cars
Wibout Warnaar, 2020

A man introduces his new girlfriend to his family, but the evening takes an unexpected turn, and, ultimately, he will have to rethink his relationship with Barbara for the future.
Family, Love, Relationship


Living with the Never-Mind
Konstantin Enste, 2019

Are you sad? What if there could be something that gives all your sadness a purpose? Make your pain more productive with the NEVER-MINDTM!
An absurd (and unfortunately fictional) device.
ASMR for White Liberals
John Connor Hammond, 2019
| Liberal? White? Guilty as hell? Let ASMR for White Liberals help you get through those tough, tough times! This new technology is taking the world by storm, and this one is for you. Sociopolitical, Satire
Quiet Carriage
Ben S. Hyland, 2019
| A man must decide whether to intervene and stop a casual commuting rule breaker, or live with a lifetime of regret. A comedy about a passive man with an overactive imagination. Playful
The Last Supper
Alicia MacDonald, 2019

Two disciples pitch PR ideas to Jesus on the eve of his crucifixion. The Last Supper, with the Mid-Brow, is all about plotting book deals,
resurrections, celebratory dinners and increasing followers.
Freddy Syborn, 2019
| When a misjudged referendum comes back 50.9% in favour of hanging, a group of inept junior civil servants meet on their first day in their new roles in the Department of Capital Punishment. Law & Politics
NYET! – A Brexit UK Border Force
Alex Helfrecht & Jörg Tittel, 2019
| Boris and Olga have travelled across Europe to the port of Dover with precious cargo from Russia. When Border Control guards find far more than they were expecting, an interrogation ensues. Political, Parody


Midnight Confession
Maxwell McCabe, 2018

West Berlin, 1989. Manny Jumpcannon prowls around his dingy apartment, phoning people from his past and hoping for vindication, but the
conversations only reveal his deceit.
Whenever You’re Ready
Craig Ainsley, 2018
| Heartbreak is one of the most devastating emotions the human soul can possibly bear. But what happens when it syncs up perfectly with an important audition? This actress finds out. Relationship, Performance, Acting
It’s Complicated
Grant De Sousa, 2018
| When lonely singleton Andy invites a girl he met online to his apartment, he falls head-over-heels despite flatmate Nigel’s repeated attempts to point out her obvious flaw. Dating, Love, Relationship
Johnny Kelly, 2018

A woman loses her husband, but in the process, finds friendship in a houseplant. An unlikely friendship forms between flora and human, but it all starts to turn disastrously ugly.
Nature, Friendship, Loss
Love the Sinner
Jennifer Sheridan, 2018
11-year-old Joanna tries to understand grief for the first time when she witnesses her mother’s manic reaction to the death of Princess Diana. She decides to use it to get out of Sunday School. Royalty, Loss, History
Belle and Bamber
Alex Forbes, 2018
| When Belle’s mother tires of Bamber’s influence, she pressures her to forget him. Unfortunately, he isn’t planning on going anywhere. A dark comedy about a child afraid of growing up. Dark comedy, Growing up


Runyarao Mapfumo, 2017

Four young men attend an exhibition preview to celebrate their friend’s academic success in. They find Simbai’s prizewinning masterpiece and are left to
observe, but what must they do next?
Art, Friendship
Five Star Fouad
Ollie Wolf, 2017
| Imagine robbing a bank and booking yourself an Uber as the getaway car. Gary did just that. Through the sage advice of his driver, he catches a glimpse of a more positive yet reckless lifestyle. Crime, Robbery, Advice
Goodbye, Brooklyn
Daniel Jaffe, 2017
| Goodbye, Brooklyn is directed by Daniel Jaffe. Struggling with New York living, Dana Schapiro decides to move, saying goodbye to a neighbourhood that can’t remember who she is. Identity, Origins, Home
Taking Stock
Duncan Cowles, 2017

Reflecting upon his failed attempts at creating profitable stock footage, a filmmaker reflects on the mundane and lonely sides of being trapped
inside of your own head as a freelancer and creator.
Reflection, Mental Health
The Hole
Emma Sullivan, 2017
| Deep in the forest, something truly terrible has happened to Pyotr. A nightmarish and deeply human comedy sure to connect audiences in the absurdity of the human condition. Nightmare, Humanity
Clanker Man
Ben Steimer, 2017
| Terry Lothian works tirelessly to maintain the background details that we take for granted. But with his department feeling the pinch of cutbacks, it’s not just reality that unravels. Animated, Work
Best Man
Freddie Hall, 2017

Donald is engaged and wants Patrick to be his best man. However, when Patrick is asked to go beyond the call of duty he starts to question Donald’s sanity.
Marriage, Friendship, Relationships
Polly, Ig & Me
Ben Mallaby, 2017
| Whilst societal perspectives are changing around relationships, gender, identity and sexuality, Polly Ig and Me is a candid snapshot of a successful marriage between three people. Relationships
Pregnant Pause
Alice Seabright, 2017
| Pee. Wait. Panic. Steph is in a happy, long-term relationship, but now she might be pregnant she has no idea what she wants. She now has a new challenge to face. Starring Sally Elizabeth Phillips. Relationship, Pregnancy
Rory D. Bentley, 2017

Varken is a psychological surreal short film about the human nature of being an animal. It follows a girl in the trough of 21st century
unemployment, who starts to believe she is a pig.
Sociopolitical, Jobs & Work


Ouija Sex
Mondo Ghulam, 2016

When a heart-broken man tries to contact his deceased girlfriend, he discovers she wants more than just a chat.
Raunchy, Supernatural
Brendan Cleaves, 2016
| Stephen (Seann Walsh) arrives home after six months in Mongolia to discover his best friend Roy (John Bradley) has replaced him with a ventriloquist’s dummy called Roger. Friendships
Tia Salisbury, 2016
| It’s an important night for Molly, but her feckless housemate has forgotten. She does everything in her power to remind him, but it’s not easy when you’ve been dead for 180 years. Ghosts, Supernatural
Headless: The Ed Shales Story
Yousef Thami, 2016

Since his tragic childhood accident, Ed has had to live with his head detached but still fully functional. This film catches up with Ed
years later, dealing with the stresses of adult life.
Disability, Injury
City Lights
Ed Wiles, 2016
| The anonymous night security guard in a London office tower finds a unique way to attract the attention of an equally anonymous cleaner based in an opposite tower. What does he want? Work, Communication
We Are Happy
Matt Winn, 2016
Sarah and Paul’s favourite couple tell them that they’re getting divorced. Unable to understand why, Sarah and Paul start to analyse their own marriage, with disastrous consequences. Analysis, Relationship / Marriage
Help! I’m Trapped in a Movie
Riley Madincea, 2016

A man wakes up within his own dream of becoming a Hollywood star in his very own feature, but it quickly becomes a nightmare
when he can no longer be in control of the plot.
Dreams, Supernatural


Standing Still
Chris McGill, 2015
| A living statue of one of Shakespeare’s most famous dramatic figures, Hamlet works in Stratford upon Avon, but is beginning to have second thoughts about his career choice. Career / Work
Venetia Taylor, 2015
| Josh is in Venice, Mum is in Sydney. Josh doesn’t understand backpacking, Mum doesn’t understand Skype. A hilarious clash of generations, desires, needs and technological age gaps. Technology, Family
All the Pain in the World
Tommaso Pitta, 2015

Ted, aged nine, is the clumsiest boy in the world. Desperately searching for his vocation, he cannot find anything he is good at. Then his
father comes home with an old monstrous piano.
Music, Family
Chad King, 2015
| An estranged son returns to his hometown and must reconcile with his bitter younger brother to win an annual waffle-eating contest. Family
Florence Winter-Hill, 2015
After Martin Stevens is hit by a car, he finds himself in an unearthly waiting room, resembling purgatory. He meets the man responsible for his death whilst he awaits judgement. Confrontation, Death
You Are Whole
Laura Spini, 2015

Norman Pugg arrives in a sleepy and quiet British seaside town with a mission to spread the word of his niche religious sect, only to be
caught up in a very serious case of mistaken identity.
Balsa Wood
Dominique Lecchi, 2015
| Balsa Wood lightheartedly follows two biracial siblings visiting their extended Filipino family for lunch. It is a bubble of family dysfunction, all with a south east Asian fluorescence. Culture, Family
Alpha Beta
Tom Hemmings, 2015
| Lenny sets up a shot with his alpha-moron colleague Martin – protecting the PM as he jogs through a London park, with Lenny’s wife Carol thinking it’ll do his withering libido good. Violence


The Misbehaviour of Polly Papercut
Bryan M. Ferguson, 2014
| A bored Hispanic comic-book obsessive turns masked sociopath with a thirst for mischief when she submerges herself into a warped world of candy coloured nihilism. Culture, Hobby
Matthew Reed & Sam Turk, 2014
| Keith and Val are going dogging. Years of constant sniping have taken their toll on their marriage, so they’re trying something new.
Love, Relationship
Jim Archer, 2014

Two twenty-something year olds begin to fall for each following a drunken one night stand. But a surreal encounter with some friends
threatens to derail their blossoming romance.
Romance, Love
Mark & Alan
Rob Reed, 2014
| Mark likes Karen, a lot. He met in her in a cafe on a random afternoon. So while out in the car with Alan he tries to give her a call… but things don’t always go as planned for Mark sadly.
Mémorable Moi
Jean-François Asselin, 2014
| Mathieu seeks all ways to attract attention to himself. It is a matter of extreme endurance: you think of me so I exist. A dark and sinister look into one man’s quest for survival. Psychological


Bad Day at the Office
Nick Scott, 2013
| Wallace D. Popple’s working day delivers a series of painful mishaps. Yet, within this off-kilter tale about happiness, there lies a twist for the twisted. Find out more in this short. Work
Happy Birthday Cindy Wei
Tsveta Lozanova, 2013
| Happy Birthday Cindy Wei follows school underdog Cindy Wei as she builds up her character and confidence through discovering the flamboyant world of her cross-dressing cousin. School, LGBTQ+
Kate Herron, 2013

On Valentine’s Day, a hopeless romantic and a cynic realise that love is right in front of them. Co-written by filmmaker Kate Herron with the
comedy troupe Birthday Girls, who also star.
Love, Relationship
A Lovely Treat
Mitch Yapko, 2013
| A woman with expectations for her love life finds herself on a blind date with a man who is not her type. Can she learn to embrace the unexpected?
Dating / Love
Our Name is Michael Morgan
Maurice Caldera, 2013
| It’s the end of the month, and a salesman with one final sale to make finds a strange figure pitching on his turf. Who is he? And what on earth is he selling?
Star Struck
Staten Cousins-Roe, 2013

A teenage outcast is given both a gift and a curse when a freak accident leaves a meteorite lodged in his skull, awakening super-human intelligence.
Disability, Superpower
The Knowledge
Adam Jenkins, 2013
| A cab driver who dreams of being in London’s famous black cabs prepares to take a test. However, the revision starts to take its toll.
The Pledge for Mr Bunny
Kevin Lim, 2013
| A boy’s fascination with machines leads him down a road of deceit involving an ill plush toy, a black market kidney and bunnies sold into slavery.


Matthew Jenkin, 2012

Cockatoo is a comedy directed by Matthew Jenkin. This short suggests that sometimes it’s perhaps best to just let sleeping birds lie…
Shakespeare’s Wart
Jonathan Kydd, 2012
| An actor desperate for work endures two directors and a useless stage manager when he auditions for a small part in Shakespeare’s classic play.
Performance / Acting
Wild Dan
Evdoxia Kyropoulou, 2012
| Cowboy Dan embarks on a journey, bringing hope to the hopeless and law to the lawless, leading him to become a real hero.
Law and Order
Seven Miles from Bradford
Lucy Ray, 2012

Black comedy about three boys from Bradford who go camping in pursuit of a girl. Does everything go to plan and do they get what they want in the end?
Friendship, Love
Male Receptionist
Richard Kaponas, 2012
| The comedy, Male Receptionist conveys a painfully self-aware man attempts to connect with his co-workers in an endless white void.
Odd, Quirky
Pvt. Craine
Ben Mallaby, 2012
Pvt. Craine finds his sergeant’s body after a bomb blast, and the events that follow begin to take a dark turn.
Where’s my Supermalt?
Daniel Onyia, 2012

The impatient Tobi takes matters into his own hands after waiting for his favourite drink. But will his impulsive behaviour change the outcome?
Patience, Impulse, Butterfly effect


In the Bleak Midsummer
Richard Higson, 2011
| It’s Christmas Day for David. For everyone else, it’s 18 August. In the Bleak Midsummer explores David’s life and his understanding of life.
Perspective, Life
Happy Birthday Timmy
Johnny Cullen, 2011
| Timmy receives an inappropriate present from his father.
Tooty’s Wedding
Frederic Casella, 2011

A young couple’s marriage hilariously hits the rocks during a weekend wedding in the country.
Marriage / Love
The Reward
Lucy Patrick Ward, 2011
| The Reward explores the moment of catharsis that unites two alienated New Yorker’s over the disappearance of Mr. Puggles. Pets / Animals
The Future
Venetia Taylor, 2011
| When you’re young and in love the future seems bright, but then what? The Future explores themes of growing up and the lessons that must be learnt.
Growing up