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Artists’ Film


Versus, 2023

Perspectives shift when lenses tilt. Playing with metaphysical concepts of perspective and identity.
Perspective, Spoken Word, Expression


Eugen Maher, 2022
| This girl wants to ride motorcycles when she grows up. Behind her wish lies the longing for independence. However, she is getting married at a very young age, endangering her dream.
Advertising, Cultural Critique
Hear My Cry
Beth Buxton & Aaron Bevan-Bailey, 2022
| Jennifer Louise Martin’s paintings continue to explore emotion and the female psyche, along with the projection of the artist’s experience in becoming a mother and postpartum depression.
Mental Health, Motherhood


Nude Me / Under The Skin: A Resurrection Of Black Women’s Visibility
Freddie Leyden, 2021

British Ghanaian textile and performance artist Enam Gbewonyo was invited to do a live performance at Two Temple Place.


Jan Vrhovnik, 2020
| A provincial Calabrian lets us into his humble world, eager to prove just how rich a modest existence can truly be. He grapples to make sense of life, from the macro to the micro. Life
Heartbeat of Squirrels
Stacy Cochran, 2020
| Heartbeat of Squirrels is a short rumination, featuring sleight of hand and a live action melody. Inspired by an academic text about the role that strangers play in late 19th century novels. Historical, Academia
To a Broken Image
Mikaela Guariniello, 2020

Para Una Imagen Rota represents the many specific pressures that women face in order to meet beauty standards in today’s extreme society.
Unachievable self-expectations are personified.
Mental Health
Camille And I
Marie Cogné, 2020
| Camille and Marie are in love. But everyone has something to say about their relationship. It seems as though their entire lives are open for discussion, whether they want to hear it or not. LGBTQI+
2020 Vision
Jake Polonsky, 2020
| “This year revealed many things. I don’t even know where to start.” The last 18 months have been a whirlwind, with multiple global crises collapsing into one another. How to make sense of it all? Pandemic / Isolation


Jesse Lewis-Reece, 2019

The film is an adaptation of spoken word poet Neil Hilborn’s beloved poem OCD. The film considers the nuances of mental healths, navigating “him” and “her” though a specific lens.
Mental Health, Poetry
Sometimes, He Paints Bathrooms
Rob Dalglish, 2019
| An exploration and rationalisation of a HIV diagnosis. A moving narrative following one individual as he tells his story straight to the camera, reacting physically and emotionally. Health, Illness
Instruction Manual as Mythology
Jake Davidson, 2019
| A 42-page PDF document outlines how to be decontaminated after exposure to tear gas. Alongside powerful narration, the animation highlights human rights contradictions. Humanity
Serious Tingz
Abdou Cisse, 2019

Serious Tingz is a tale on masculinity, portrayed by young men who have grown up in inner-city environments. The iconic “screwface” is more than just an expression – it’s a matter of life and death.
Masculinity, Identity
Rosemary Baker, 2019
| Lesbian is a powerful poem. It’s about the word and the decades of toxic connotations that have made it feel like a hostile piece of language and many queer women hesitate before using it. LGBTQ+, Poetry
I’m Okay
Amy Magee, 2019
| An experimental short film that explores mental health and our relationship with the Earth through layered sounds and visuals. An immersive and complex rendering of filmic concepts. Mental Health / Health
Rhona Foster, 2019

Digital identities have become the norm. Idealism and FOMO are rife within online worlds. alice__alice is a DIY pop song and music video about Alice’s seemingly perfect Instagram life.
Music Video, Social Media
Charlie Tweed, 2019
| Implex addresses the contemporary condition. By appropriating the language of behavioural marketing, the film proposes a machine that enables a new form of responsive “solutions.” Sci-Fi, Technology
Sweeter Than Life
Caroline Schwarz, 2019
| The year is 2222. It’s time for the daily lunchbreak. What does the future hold for lunchtime antics? Sweeter Than Life is a playful, surreal vision of what goes on 200 hundred years from now. Sci-Fi, Playful


Horror Vacui
Matteo Zamagni, 2018

Horror Vacui explores Earth’s remote untouched lands and humanity’s artificial settlements, using digital reconstructions to comment upon our increasingly urbanised and globalised existence.
Sci-Fi, Planet / Earth
Dead. Tissue. Love.
Natasha Austin-Green, 2018
| Dead Tissue Love is an intimate experimental documentary examining the individual character of a female necrophile as she journeys and recounts her life in all its facets. Documentary, Love, Taboo
Drop Out Bodies
Ludivine Large-Bessette, 2018
| As the camera moves amongst a group, they fall, one by one, in a random pattern. The film questions the inevitable fatality of the human body and the collective experience. Humanity
The Path she Walks
Marloes ten Bhömer, 2018

Investigating traditional Japanese footwear and the movements of those that wear them. Walking embodies other cultural and socio-political elements: ultimately, the construction of identity.
Clothing, Identity
A Room for Living
Ana Husman, 2018
| A living room. This Artists’ Film examines part of the home that is on public display. Using measurable architectural elements, the living room is continuously constructed and reconstructed. Home, Life
Murmurs of a Macrocosm
Adam Azmy, 2018
| Using NASA recordings from the famous Apollo missions and sounds of the universe recorded by satellites in space, we travel through a microscopic and ingenious world. Space, Archive
My Turtle Dove
Ralph Briscoe & Jay Stephen, 2018

A patriotic film celebrating diversity in modern day Britain. My Turtle Dove is a love letter to acceptance, presenting a sociopolitical experimentation of contemporary tolerance.


Yiannis Biliris, 2017
| As we approach the singularity, machine learning algorithms learn from our data with exponential speed. A short experimental film that attempts to visualise the POV of a future AI robot. Sci-Fi, Technology
Dog Daze
Ian Gibbins, 2017
| “I can track droplets of fear, bare-boned on your long and solitary road. Too late now to call for your doctor. I have all the time in the world.” Inspired by David Bowie’s album Diamond Dogs. Visual, Abstract
Weight of Spring
Erika Calmeyer, 2017

What does love look like? Weight of Spring depicts a collection of romantic, intimate and destructive relationships. The film is told through 12 juxtaposing tableaux, with 24 different actors.
Relationships, Tableaux
Johnny Thinks
Malcolm Rumbles, 2017
| A poem about a woman called Johnny. She is a woman who is longingly trying to fit into a society, which rejects her. This detachment leads to further rejection, substance abuse and suicide.
Dark, Identity, Poetry
Comet Perfume
Jack Friswell, 2017
| Filmed within the subterranean sulphur networks of a volcano, the narrator draws on similarities and comparisons between the odour of space and that found beneath the Earth’s crust. Nature, Earth
For Real Tho
Baptist Penetticobra, 2017

A group of teenagers gathers at night to make a film. When the group decides to mess up the film they’re in, a feud starts between For Real Tho and its own characters.
Dust on Paper
Emilie Flower, 2017
| Dust on Paper is a film based on the verbatim poem of a female LGBT human rights defender from Columbia. The film is a magi-real expression of the experience of surviving oppression. Poetry, LGBTQ+
Rebirth is Necessary
Jenn Nkiru, 2017
| This film explores the magic and dynamism of emptiness in a realm where time and space are altered. Past, present and future are considered in the gaps inbetween. Directed by Jenn Nkiru. Time
Chiemi Shimada, 2017

Inspired by Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, Fragments explores the act of observation through piecemeal narratives in a 1940s crime scene diorama.


True Songs
Francesca Allfrey, 2016
| Maria Giugliano tells rich and eclectic stories filled with the universality of life. The narratives span all of time, space, and a diversity of international languages. Stories / Recollection
Wrecking Machine
Robert Francis Müller, 2016
| Wrecking Machine explores the connection between self-doubt and self-destruction through an existential take on mental health. Bridging the gap between truth, fact and fiction. Mental Health
Figures in a Landscape
Rory Menage, 2016

Rory Menage responds to the rural landscape of Yorkshire, bringing his sculptures into the geography as a visual tribute to Barbara Hepworth’s film Figures in a Landscape (1953).
Sculpture / Art, Tribute


Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir, 2015
| Diamonds is a stop motion animated artist film, composed of intricate paper cut outs. Sigurðardóttir depicts incisively realised, darkly humorous interactions between creatures. Animals / Creatures, Stop motion
The Toby Tatum Guide to Grottoes & Groves
Toby Tatum, 2015
| Enter an undiscovered landscape of curious and subtle enchantment, where sentient shadows brood and magic shines resplendent within the many streams of illuminated water. Nature
Theo Tagholm, 2015

Today abstraction is no longer that of the map, the double, the mirror, or the concept. Simulation is no longer that of a territory, a referential being, or a substance. Simulacra explores the hyperreal.
Bioplastic Fantastic
Johanna Schmeer, 2015
| Halfway between products and organisms, seven ‘biological devices’ produce all the food and energy needed for humans to survive and grow, simply by being exposed to the natural light. Humanity, Environmental
Sitting in Darkness
Graeme Arnfield, 2015
| Out of the darkness a sound emerges. Terrified people take to the streets in search of its source. They get their cameras out and document the sky. Our muscles contract; our pupils dilate. Sci-fi
Mother Father
Lucie Rachel, 2015
An insight into a relationship constantly challenged by issues regarding gender and identity; issues that were kept a secret from everyone outside of their relationship, including their daughters.
Relationship, Identity, LGBTQ+
The Space in Between
Lucy Brydon, 2015
| Morgan, an American living in London, was assigned female at birth but identifies as a man. The experimental short explores what it’s like to occupy the space between the two genders. LGBTQ+
Metz+Racine & Mototake Makishima, 2015
| Inspired by Felice Casorati’s Eggs on a Book and set in 1940s Italy against a backdrop of political unrest, Tuttavia explores the mysterious world of objects and the definition and symbolism of eggs. History, Politics
The Interpreter
Noriko Okaku, 2015

Adopting the structure of MajorArcana – taken from the Tarot Card – the film includes 22 mystical scenes based on Derbyshire’s history, mythology and regional folklore. Directed by Noriko Okaku.
Folklore, Mystical


Erin Coates, 2014
| In Merge the confined space of a mindlessly generic sedan interior is slowly consumed and eventually merged – through violent rupture – to the outside. Technology, Nature
Gudrun Kemsa, 2014
| A dynamic camera ride in two temporally displaced projections shows the route of the N-Train in Queens between Astoria Boulevard and Broadway. Transport
Annabelle, Barbra, Becky, Alexis, Krystle, Ellen, Olive, Eve and Kirsten, not Stumbling, Sliding, Sinking, Falling or Oblivious
Marloes ten Bhömer & Noam Toran, 2014

Referencing cinematic moments where a woman’s mobility is compromised and whether to create suspense or to silence her. This short is directed by Marloes ten Bhömer and Noam Toran.
Women, Society, Gender Issues
Mental Space
Toby Tatum, 2014
| Commissioned for The Institute for the Investigation of Other Worlds. Follow a stream of consciousness deep into a world transformed by the shaping spirit of the imagination. Imagination / Dreams
Vampire Times
Irene Reiserer, 2014
| Who is the villain and who is the prey? One must find out. Human skin, glasses of blood and beasts in the forest. A hypnotic and eery piece, shot on 8mm and archaic as humans. Performance


Dust to Dust
Becky Weston, 2013
| A musician without music in a state of accelerated decay, his movements paint a ghost-like trail, which lingers like the presence of loss. Music, Loss
Disa Krosness, 2013
| To be a woman; eggs inside and outside. To be locked in a shell with beauty, innocence and vulnerability painted on the surface. Let’s smash it open and let the insides out. Feminist, Women
Christian Schmeer, 2013

An atmospheric non-narrative documentary short film exploring Beelitz-Heilstatten, an abandoned hospital complex with an intricate past.
Nature House Inc.
Nick Jordan, 2013
| Nature House Inc is a film which depicts the proliferation of bird houses, erected to attract the migratory bird, the Purple Martin.
Animals, Nature
Anatomy of a Poem
Rebecca Ruige Xu, 2013
| Utilising computer graphics and sound synthesising, this work depicts a the poem Drinking Alone by Moonlight from the ancient East by translating its rhyme and tonal prosody. Poetry, Mixed Media, History
Thanasis Tsimpinis, 2013

A girl, locked in a room, creates a magical portal to escape reality. Meanwhile, her domineering mother makes a birthday cake for her. Little do they know, their worlds are about to be crushed.
Magic, Family
Toby Tatum, 2013
| A monstrous garden, where stone dinosaurs are enlivened by rampant foliage and gargantuan flowers, invites you into a new and uncharted world. Monsters is directed by Toby Tatum. Nature
Erosion of Suffering
Ceallaigh Norman, 2013
| Gunkanjima, Nagasaki harbour. The elements transform technological progress to rubble, eroding our creations, ourselves, our suffering. Nature, Technology


Acoustic Memory
Henry Butcher, 2012
| Personal tragedy sends a man to his childhood: a journey with a dead end, where he struggles to find an explanation to a human sacrifice. Loss, Death
Frances Odim-Loughlin, 2012
| A narrative is pieced together from fragments of one man’s life, set against streets in rural Ireland. Discover what happens in this short. Life, Snapshot
The High Mountain
Simon Clode, 2012

A disturbing depiction of camaraderie that extended to aiding cheating death, with the purpose of refining the senses on resuscitation.
Reduction Study
Joanna Tam, 2012
| The video examines foreign accent perception in relation to social identity and cultural standardisation. Directed by Joanna Tam. Culture, Identity
States of Matter
Jim Nilsson, 2012
| An enveloping experience with sounds you can feel and images seductive enough to touch. AudioVisual experience


Amanda Belantara, 2011
| Shot on a static camera in Aomori City, Japan, in the depths of winter, Sonotoki explores the ephemeral yet recurring movements of human life. Snapshot, Life, Society
The Irlam House Bequest
David Jacques, 2011
| David Jacques shows a shape-shifting agit prop collective operating out of a Bootle tower block in the late 1980s. History
Et in Arcadia Ego (There is Death even in Utopia)
Robyn Woolston, 2011

An autobiographical landscape of truth and impermanence, revealing the etched ‘effect’ of death itself.
Abstract, Death
Michael Barwise, 2011
| This short is an exploration of life beside a peace wall in Northern Ireland and what it means. Wall is directed by Michael Barwise.
Conflict, Culture
The Making of ‘Hero’
Miguel Endara, 2011
| The Making of Hero is a short film that visually documents the meticulous process of drawing a portrait composed entirely of 3.2 million ink dots.
Behind-the-scenes, Art
Alexei Dmitriev, 2011

Russian filmmaker Alexei Dmitriev presents an unhurried film dealing with the notion of the abstract.
Egg & Fag
Rose Hendry, 2011
| The surroundings of a woman are slowly revealed and everything slowly becomes uncertain for her. Egg and Fag is directed by Rose Hendry. Women in Film
The Forty Elephants
Alastair Cook, 2011
| A dark trawl through threat and desire, driven by Gerard Rudolf’s incredible words. Will the outcome be positive or detrimental? Find out in this short. Threat, Desire