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Voice Activated
Steve Anthopoulos, 2022

A florist with a stammer is suddenly forced to cooperate with a voice activated car on the way to a very important delivery.
Drama, Avoidance, Acceptance
nothing, except everything
Wesley Wang, 2022

A graduating high-schooler navigates a world of seemingly inevitable chaos by finding order in the number seven.
Drama, Youth, Uncertainty
Mattis Heurlin, 2023

A young chef with big dreams, gets an opportunity at a Nordic Michelin restaurant.
Drama, Desire, Threat


I Love You, I Hate You
Sam Pilling, 2021

A story about love, life, trauma and letting go. The film explores the power of drawing a line
under situations and circumstances, and the strength to make a decision to let something go.
Love, Mental Health, Relationships
Le Pain
Pepijn Tebrunsvelt, 2021
| A historical short that follows a house search during WWII. A German soldier investigates if a Jewish family is hiding in a farmhouse that only seems to be inhabited by a Belgian girl.
Conflict / War, Relationship, Tense
Beauty Boys
Florent Gouelou, 2019

Leo, 17 years-old, has a strong taste for makeup. His big brother Jules, who fears being laughed at, stands against his passion.
Drama, Expression, Beauty, Strength
I Have Heard You Calling In The Night
Paul Bertellotti, 2022

When Cillian arrives at the platform just before sunrise, aiming for a permanent departure from life, he can’t figure out why there are
no trains. Not to be beaten, he calls the information line for help.
Black Comedy


Blue Corridor 15
Dubheasa Lanipekun, 2021

After her family falls on hard times, Elizabeth starts styling her classmates’ hair at break time to earn money. Classroom
politics and tensions come to a head in a friendship close to sisterhood.
School, Friendship


Bluzet Raphaël, 2020

10-year-old Hugo is raised by his grandpa. Suddenly, they are arrested by police. Before being arrested, his grandpa gives him a key and promises to reveal what it opens if he keeps silent.
Family, Crime
The Long Goodbye
Aneil Karia, 2020
| A sobering and powerful watch, The Long Goodbye imagines a dystopian landscape in the near future and sees our lead protagonist Riz unpack his feelings towards his country.
Culture, Identity
Prach Rojanasinwilai, 2020
| A young boy and a housemaid that works for his family have to come to terms with an inevitable parting as the end of the day fast approaches. A relationship that defies all cultural boundaries.
Relationship / Family
Adam Palmer, 2020

Two opposing gangs. Two individuals from either side of the dispute. In Judas, watch as they come together and share a moment during a seemingly innocent game of basketball.
Sports, Gangs
Daniel Daniel, 2020
| At a takeaway drive-thru, a couple discusses what they want. What they would like from the menu and from each other. A conversation about food turns into something altogether different.
22. Anna Matthews
Ben Hector, 2020
| During an audition for a TV commercial, the actress in question struggles to control her emotions and feelings. Instead she lets them pour out of her and fill up the character she’s supposed to be playing.
I Was Still There When You Left Me
Marie McCourt, 2020

A little girl is saved from a fire by her young neighbour. They take shelter in an apartment from where they see their tower burning.
I Was Still There When You Left Me is a powerful short drama.
Friendship / Family


Everything You Didn’t Say
Charlie Reader, 2019

Everything You Didn’t Say takes an unsettling, darkly comic look at the uncomfortable truths behind a comfortable relationship. A couple voice their deepest doubts over a meal at home.
Alex Fischman, 2019
| Roberto López decides to change himself from a brown-skinned Peruvian to a blonde American in order to win over the girl of his dreams. A story of alienation, race and perception of identity.
Identity / Race
Nursery Rhymes
Tom Noakes, 2019
| Why is a metalhead singing Old MacDonald on the side of a rural highway? From the background, two farmers rush to the scene. A bizarre encounter ensues, and it’s darker than first imagined.
Fabrice Joubert, 2019

It is wind-down time after gym class for second graders. Michael and 11 other children lie side by side on the floor of the gym, breathing quietly. Suddenly, a detonation tears the silence.


Bugsy Steel, 2018

Ten minutes before a boxing match, a teenager with Down’s Syndrome fights for his right to get in the ring. A deeply personal story about overcoming obstacles
and challenges that stand in the way.
Fighting, Disability
Petra Trampuž, 2018
| Happy? pursues an elderly lady who fulfils her days observing others, condemning and embroidering neighbours. This is a story about those who revel in other people’s sadness and misfortune.
Luis Germano, 2018
| Audiovisual piece shot in Moscow, dealing with the timely issue of homophobia through a real case of violence against a couple who were based in Russia in 2015. Lefters is directed by Luis Germano.
Black Spirit
Chakib Taleb-Bendiab, 2018

An old French archaeologist is convinced that he is finally on the trail of the legendary African Samurai clan. Is his mystic journey just a dream or a way to escape reality?


Little Bill’s Peep Show
Kevin Rios, 2017
| After an intimate and unexpected moment is then shared online, Little Bill tries to cope with the consequences of being a homophobic bully. Digital drama that tackles the subject of homophobia.
Joosje Duk, 2017
| When Sue’s cousin Genelva visits from abroad, she hopes a night out with her friends will connect two different parts of her life and bring them closer. NIGHT is a short film about micro-aggressions.
Wild Horses
Rory Alexander Stewart, 2017

Joan has been housebound with M.E. for most of her teenage years, but now in slow recovery, an urge for independence is causing friction with her mother. Will she gain what she is craving?
Disability, Family


Mike Foreshaw, 2016

15th April 1989: One game of intense football is about to affect Liam and the city of Liverpool forever. A fictional account of the Hillsborough stadium disaster. Directed by Mike Forshaw.
Matty Crawford, 2016
| Addy experiences the death of a family pet, only for her grievance to be met by an unsympathetic father, who tells her to “man up.” How will she navigate the grief that she is feeling?
The Nightmare on Deskteeth Street
Dylan Holmes Williams, 2016
| Harold Miller wakes up one morning to discover that his exquisite blood-red boots have been taken in the night and replaced with common, household clogs. He must work out who has done this.
Clothing, Mystery
James Doherty, 2016

A hardy traveller becomes increasingly concerned by his young son’s feminine nature until, in an inconsolable state of unsettlement, he sets about trying to toughen him up.
Family, LGBTQ+
The Waste Land
Brian Brooks II, 2016
| A new kid in town shows up at the high school boys’ basketball tryouts and instantly makes a lasting impression. Will his talent and drive be enough to make the team?
Neville Pierce, 2016
| When a stockbroker hires a builder to renovate his wine cellar, the two men fall out with violent consequences. A modern retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado.
A Girl and Her Gun
Paul Holbrook & Sam Dawe, 2016

A tormented and neglected 12-year-old finds solace watching violent Western movies. When she finds a gun in her late father’s loft, she stands up to her tormentors just like the films.
Mike Jones, 2016
| Chaste centres on one turbulent night but deals with a lifetime of regret. Gabrielle’s life is beige. All she wanted was a home full of love, but all she’s created is her own mausoleum.
Relationship, Sad
The Idyll
Justin Anderson, 2016
| A modern adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s short story about a man (Dougray Scott) and a woman (Emma de Caunes) sharing an unexpected and awkward encounter on a train.
Travel, Vehicle, Relationship, Love


Matt Freeth, 2015
| A cautionary tale about a young boy named Harry, and his life-changing encounter with a vagrant puppet crocodile. The puppet was made by lead Aardman animator, Jim Parkyn.
Animal, Relationship
The Fantastic Love of Beeboy and Flowergirl
Clemens Roth, 2015
| Peter is being followed by killer bees; Elsa collects exotic flowers. To be together they have to overcome their fantasies, but what if love itself is nothing but an imagined fantasy?
Yoann Garel, 2015

Two young brothers set off on an expedition to go fishing by a lake. Little do they know that while out, they’ll run into a man, mysteriously out fishing all on his own. What will happen to the boys?
Dark, Foreign-Language
Marc Bethke, 2015
| Mikelis, a mathematician working for the European Union, is sitting in a hotel room in Brussels one day after his retirement. He is waiting for what he knows will be his last visitor, Carl.
Benjamin Lussier, 2015
| Pool follows the story of Willem, a young man from Norway, on an existential quest. After suffering from selective mutism, a form of social anxiety, he sets out to engage with the world.
Sunday Emerson Gullifer, 2015

Behind the closed doors of an elite boarding school, Matthews and his friends are cruising through life – but when a joyride ends in disaster, he has to deal with a guilt that consumes him.
Vicki Kisner, 2015
| Sheila, a domestic worker in South Africa, fears asking her controlling boss for time off to go to a wedding and cooks up a lie about her grandma’s funeral. But her lie soon escalates.
Throw Me to the Dogs
Aaron Dunleavy & Joseph Ollman, 2015
| A troubled and unstable teenage boy, growing up in a dreamless wilderness and isolated from those around him, is stripped of his dignity as his father abandons him for the outside world.
Isolated, Family


Nic Wassell, 2014

A metaphysical time-travel mystery: a Japanese woman comes home to a discovery that turns her world upside-down and catapults her into her own past. What will she learn and uncover?
Time-travel, History
Pardon the Intrusion
Louise C. Galizia, 2014
| An old woman living alone tells one of her caregivers that someone has broken into the house. The story of an unlikely relationship between an elderly lady and a teenage runaway.
Relationship, Growing Old
What Cheer?
Michael Slavens, 2014
| After the sudden passing of his wife, Stan (Richard Kind) ignores his overwhelming grief, only to be faced with a punk marching band that floods his world with interminable song.
Wendy Pillonel, 2014

On Novgor, everybody works in the Cendrars-Mines. One day, the company organises a raffle. Five lucky ones will be able to leave the dark dust of Novgor for a golden planet: Eldorado.
The Ringer
Chris Shepard, 2014
| After a life time apart, a son finally meets his father. The son wants to know about his history, where he came from and how he came to be, but his dad gives him a surprise that will leave him confused.
For His Sake
Louis Lagayette, 2014
| Jennifer is a teenage mother living in Liverpool with her son Tommy. They struggle to survive, but receive the help a social worker, who realises that Jennifer is hiding something.
Family, Mystery


Crazy Like Me
Leah McKissock, 2013

After college, a depressed young woman has a quarter-life crisis. Between her degrading job at a restaurant and her failed relationships with family and men, she starts seeing a therapist.
Mental Health, Life, Crisis
I Don’t Care
Carolina Giammetta, 2013
| A young mum-to-be faces her worst nightmare. She takes on a gardening job and develops a friendship with a young girl which challenges her ability to deal with difference.
Society, Relationship
Last Call
Camille Delamarre, 2013
| He hears the ‘click’. Lowers his head. Damn. He is standing on a mine. If he moves, it will explode. How will he get through this? He doesn’t have much time left… It’s time for the last call.
Death, Conflict, War
Michael Tyburski, 2013

A successful house tuner provides clients with a unique form of therapy, which carefully examines subtle details in their living spaces.
Our Lad
Rachna Suri, 2013
| Ali is one of the few British Muslims in the Army. When he returns home from Afghanistan unexpectedly, he faces renewed and past tensions from his family, friends and community.
Culture, War, Race
Death in a Nut
Tom Chick, 2013
| Retelling of a folk story of the consequences of a son’s battle with a mysterious figure that appears one day, calling his dying mother’s name.
Folklore / Myth
The Love Paradox
Ian Allen Lim, 2013

After his wife’s tragic death, a well respected astrophysicist collapses into a downward spiral, obsessed with proving his theory of time travel.
Loss, Time-travel


Christian K. Norvalls, 2012
| A man who decides to take a shower after his workout is side-tracked by a noise he cannot identify. He is left completely exposed.
Sensory, Mystery
Ástarsaga (“Love Story”)
Ása Hjörleifsdóttir, 2012
| A story of love, madness and 24-hour daylight, Ástarsaga begins with Solange’s boyfriend, Bladur, taking off to Iceland. She decides to follow and finds a mysterious surprise.
Somebody’s Daughter
Gareth Peevers, 2012
| Molly, a young hitchhiker, gets a lift with a troubled older man. His efforts to prolong their journey begin to unnerve her, does he mean to harm or protect her?
Captured, Suspense
Georgia Oakley, 2012

Two young strangers find solace in the silence of each other’s company. But what does this mean for them and where do they go from here?
Stephen Hanks, 2012
| A father takes his daughter to the beach, perhaps for the last time. Dusk is directed by Stephen Hanks and asks many questions about the present.
Linie 102
Damian Schipporeit, 2012
| A bus driver shows the door to a girl, resulting in immediate consequence: The girl becomes a victim of crime.
Shimmy Marcus, 2012

Despite a language barrier, a couple learn more about each other than they thought possible. The drama Rhinos, is directed by Shimmy Marcus.
Language, Communication


Mathy Tremewan & Fran Broadhurst, 2011

Two ‘lovers on the run’ head into the middle of nowhere, armed only with strange trinkets and a silver boombox.
Nicholas Paton, 2011
| A supernatural mystery emerges from the images snapped by a photographer in this hypnotic film. But what this means for the photographer?
La Hegira
Liteo Deliro, 2011
| Mohammed’s struggle to decide between what his mind and his heart tell him. Which will he decide to follow and will it work out for him?
Discovery, Inner-conflict
Lessons from a Stranger
Mahmut Akay, 2011

A man learns a valuable lesson from a stranger. How does this lesson impact the mans life for good? Find out in this short.
Life Lessons
Algo Queda
Ana Lorenz, 2011
| Something Left’ speaks to the arduous task that caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients perform, portraying a daughter’s sacrifice for her mother.
Disability, Mental Health, Family
An Artificial Light
Tim Courtney, 2011
| Jonathan buries the memories of Isobel in the snow. Why does Jonathan do this and what happened to Isobel? Find out in this short.
Memory, Loss
Happy Clapper
Tom Marshall, 2011

A wannabe gangster living alone in a caravan gets a visit from a born again Christian. Will they influence each other or is this a recipe for disaster?
Crime, Religion
Based on a True Story
Kerem Keskin, 2011
| Salih believes a movie is reality and tries to convince his friends to find the money. Based on a True Story is directed by Kerem Keskin.
Top of the Range
Ruth Paxton, 2011
| Greer’s weird. Everyone in the village thinks so, for many reasons. Why do Greer’s village think this about him? What did he do that was so wrong?
Community, One vs. Many