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World of Kokoro
Clare Chong, 2021

A dance film made in collaboration with Floral Kokoro, where the first point of contact with a single flower triggers the creation of music, allowing her to ascend and become one with nature.
Nature, Interpretive
Daughters of the Sea
Krystal S Lowe, 2020
Three women travel from their homelands to seek adventure, and they find it, as well as each other.


NONO, 2021

Set in the urban metropolis of London, Toke is an intimate portrait of Danish-born dancer Toke Broni Standby.
Journey, Dreams, Expression
Amaal Mustafa, 2021

A visual poem and dance piece that critiques and questions the problematic discourse between a first generation immigrant and their parents, specifically the so-called motherland.
Performance, Origin, Culture
True Sound Façade
Laura N-Tamara, 2021
| True Sound façade is a poetic dance and animation film in which a dancer realises their digital self feels truer than their real world self. It was commissioned by the Barbican in London.
Digital vs Real
Rodrigo Inada, Yuri Mira, 2021
| Through the eyes of various members of House of Blyndex, a multidisciplinary ballroom family from São Paula, we discover how a proud group of Black and LGBTQ people come together


Physical Thoughts
Anne Hollowday, 2020

A dancer’s body is their whole life. It is the sum total of their history. It’s the medium through which they make a living and their
method of expression. What happens when it’s injured?
You Boy – Arigato Massal
Juliette Labrousse, Sonia Guitz, 2020
| A disappointed boy walks through his suburban residence. However, alone in his room, he creates another reality in which his dreams, fantasies and fears mingle. Dance is truly transformative.


Filterface – Double Tap to Like
Will & Carly, 2019

A satirical piece that looks at the relationship young people have with social media and the problems it causes. How far are they willing go to secure one more “like”?
Social Media, Satire
Divided we Scroll
Klaas Diersmann, 2019
| Technology is rewiring our brains, changing not only our physical movements but the way we process our inner thoughts. Divided We Scroll is an eerie depiction of the way we interact with phones.
Hong Kong Ballet: Never Stand Still
Dean Alexander, 2019
| Produced for Hong Kong Ballet’s 40th anniversary. What happens when we break the mould of ballet and open it to everyone? Inspired by the colour palette of Hong Kong architecture.
Culture, Community / World, Stylish
Under the Waterfall – The Avener
Sebastion Caudron, 2019

Explosive passion between two lovers –punctuated by an elegant choreography in the streets of Paris, where buildings are changing into real waterfalls. An emotive, fluid and figurative short.
Relationship, Love
One Another
Kevin Frilet, 2019
| From the underground, a group emerges from the darkness. The bodies mingle and intertwine to form one being. With a regular step, they walk together towards the light in search of greatness.
Group / Community
Antoine Marc, 2019
| A fantasy detached from reality where the mind dances and loses itself, unaware of consequences. The protagonist falls in love with an essence – an idea. What happens when you’re left alone?


Leila Jarman, 2018
| Dynamite is a performance art film that investigates gender and masculinity through the American black male experience. The film uncovers truths about race and identity in social landscapes.
Gender, Masculinity, Identity
Roberta Jean, 2018
| Focusing on duets between dancers and machines, Lace was shot on location at MYB Textiles in Ayrshire, the only location in the world to still manufacture with Nottingham Lace Looms.
Lauren Pringle, 2018

Shove is a metaphorical dance film that reflects the realities of unsafe abortions that still occur internationally. A sensitive and moving piece that considers the nature of true bodily autonomy.
Abortion / Health
Iggy LDN, 2018
| Velvet re-writes the narrative of young black males automatically linked to gang culture and crime in London in the media. This is the story of a boy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Rain Kencana, 2018
| Urban nomads are on the hunt for inspiration. They seek solace in forgotten places, marrying organic lands with the metropolitan ideal. How can we exist in transience? Directed by Rain Kencana.
Billy Boyd-Cape, 2018

Billy Boyd Cape collaborates with hip-hop collective Far From The Norm to explore abandonment and fatherhood in an dynamic and emotional struggle of mind versus soul.
Family / Fatherhood
Dances with Circles
Paul McLean, 2018
| Paul McLean directs the story of Rachel Sullivan and her journey from loneliness to reclaimed freedom. Dances with Circles is a cyclical tale of humanity within overwhelming environments.
Humanity, Loneliness
Suzanne Kim, 2018
| Performance artist Thubalethu considers the possibilities of dance, cultivating an improvisational spirit in the vast salt pan of Lake Gairdner, located in South Australia.
Nature, Peaceful


Haud Close Tae Me
Eve McConnachie, 2017

A short dance film examining the connection between our younger and older selves. A duet between a professional ballerina and a dancer in her 60s. Inspired by Jackie Kay.
Growing up
Midnight Bloom
Derryck Menere, 2017
| At the intersection between fashion and dance, Midnight Bloom delivers a compelling visual composition that flows between light and darkness, depicting female resilience.
Erin S. Murray, 2017

Wandering a vast landscape alone, a child is consumed by a militaristic lineup that transforms her into a woman. She must choose
to be with the group or she must choose her independence.
Thought Loops
Samuel Laubscher, 2017
| Thought Loops is a collaboration between contemporary dancer Erin Murray and modern-classical drone composer Hot Air Henry. Shot on 35mm film and performed in one take.
Culture, One Take
The Wayward Wind
Monica Thomas & Steve Delahoyde, 2017
| The Wayward Wind is a story told with humour and movement, The Wayward Wind is a twist on the “rambling man” archetype, playing upon relationships with women found in the landscape.
Relationships, Nature

2016 – 2011

Lil Buck with Icons of Modern Art
Andrew Margetson, 2016

Wearing a pair of Air Jordans, Lil Buck takes us on a jookin’ tour of the Fondation Louis Vuitton, gliding through the light-filled halls of the
Frank Gehry-designed building. Directed by Andrew Margetson.
Contemporary, Culture
This Idea of Us
Geej Ower (C/O Greatcoat Films), 2016
| Following one man’s psychological torment as he battles with the memory of a past relationship. An emotional and physical story of a character attempting to rid himself from his past.
Relationship, Love
Nick White, 2015
| Along the deserted highwalks of the Barbican estate, a strange presence follows a group of performers as they fill the empty space with dance, until the unknown takes over the screens.
Group Performance
Rachael Lincoln & Amelia Rudolph, 2015

Featuring Bay Area vertical dance company Bandaloop as they journey across the Sierra, the film challenges the boundaries of site-specific performance and where it can be.
Vanishing Points
Marites Carino, 2014
| Sucked into a choreographic time warp, conceptual hip-hop dancers share fleeting moments of intimate synchronicity as viewers slowly realise things are not always as they seem…
Intimacy, Connection
Dominique T. Skoltz, 2014
| In Y20, Skoltz navigates troubled waters; between suffocation and exaltation, consummation and relinquishment, yes and no, from both under the skin and from on its surface.
Ivalo Frank, 2013

Viviente is a music video that explores the issue of identity through modern dance, lyrics and music. It highlights how body language and music can overcome all cultural barriers.