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My Style Is…
Matt Vega, 2023

Under the towering skyline of New York, this short unites nine distinct characters, all with a love for self-expression.
Identity, Fashion, Self-Expression
Futuri Aprili
Enrico Bellenghi, 2022

A film that focuses on the sensitivity of young sub-cultures towards important social issues.
Uncertainty, Transition
Paula Romy, 2023

Thousands of years in he future, a solitary man is living the same day over and over again, desperate to break the cycle. But what happens if he’s not the only person trying to break free?
Futuristic, Desparation


Hannah Bon, 2021
 A trinity that unites people to become closer. Replica is an experimental fragrance film for Maison Margiela. An inviting fashion film filled with pop colours and a dreamy aesthetic.
Spaces of Authenticity

Mazdey Snob, 2021

Mijo is a young dreamer, suddenly blessed with the gift of King Midas. However his ability has a unqiue twist: whatever and whoever he touches is stylishly pimped up.
Expression, Style, Modern

The Sound of Waves

Victor Claramunt, 2021

Feeling the sea is not only for people who sail. Everyone can express the sea within. It can often be about soul searching and the journeys that we go on when finding ourselves. 

Inside a Film

Echoes of the Suburbs

Hiball, 2022

Inspired by Adolfo Bioy Casares’s The Invention of Morel, Echoes of the Suburbs is a future speculative fashion film exploring the dividing line between the realms of consciousness.

Inside a Film

Paired Flowers

Hannah Bon, 2021

A retelling of the Noh theater play, Takasago and the eternal bond between mother and daughter. The intense but beautiful relationship that only exists between these two people is revealed.

Inside a Film

The Long Goodbye: Lunatics and Poets

Eori Wakakuwa, 2020

We are attached to everyday rituals. Framing them as an intimate daily performance. When this becomes a physical memory, will we ever understand what we leave behind?

Spaces of Authenticity


Anne-Charlotte Moulard, 2021

For reasons unknown, a writer lacking inspiration has sought refuge at a swimming pool, where he hopes to write in peace. Unfortunately, he soon contends with an incessant flow of spa guests.

Inside a Film

A Story of Women

Rosalie Charrier, 2021

A book lays on the ground. A woman discovers it. She dives into its lines, reading it aloud: a liberating speech. Through seven different looks, different characters follow and respond.

Inside a Film


Samantha Mandich, 2021

This film translates Anne’s journey as an artist and a human through dance, fashion and a visual narrative that is unafraid to be experimental and challenge genre constraints.

Inside a Film

A Significant Name
Diane Russo-Chang, 2021

A lyrical, unapologetic look at how a name connects to queer Asian identity. A Significant Name tells the story of Banana’s Chinese name, born in Texas to Taiwanese immigrant parents.
Culture, Family, Identity
Marco Castro, 2021
| Chachi, a first-generation Mexican-American, discusses community, brotherhood and equality. Recent census shows Latinx Americans are the largest minority with the lowest income rates.
Cultural Issues, Society
Sam Manditch, 2021
| This film translates Anne’s journey as an artist and a human through dance, fashion and a visual narrative that is unafraid to be experimental and challenge genre constraints.
Artistry, Dance, Experimental
The Groove of Chaos
Haonan Huang, 2022

A psychological exploration of Time Square in NYC during the pandemic, recalling one of the most surreal times in human history when the whole world shut down and changed forever.
City, Pandemic


Louboutin – The Holiday Countdown
Tiwirayi Magwenzi, 2021
| C41, in collaboration with Christian Louboutin and director BOM, gives life to a film with a vintage retro touch with a festive, flamboyant, and crazy atmosphere. Everyone loves Louboutin.
LGBTQ+, Vintage
Quick Fix
Annie Harmeston, 2021
| A short, but oh-so-sweet story of a user’s journey on the way to ultimate self-optimisation. Quick Fix HQ, a glossy self-care sanctuary, welcomes the user to reach their full potential.
Technology, Commentary


Louis Vuitton – Message in a Bottle
Roni Shao, 2020
| Roni Shao directs the concept film of Virgil Abloh’s LV SS21 man’s global traveling show in Shanghai, using the culture of Shanghai to observe the fashion show from a refreshing perspective
Culture, Identity
In a Past Life
Carlos Velasco, 2020
| In a past life I see myself running to a woman up the green grassy hill. I know she is my wife. She looks sad. We live in a little wooden house. In a past life I am back in that home.
In Between Spaces – Chapter 2
Jenny Gand, 2020

After Agent One failed in Chapter One, someone new is enlisted to complete the mission at hand. Chapter Two is shot in Vienna against the backdrop of fascinating 1970s architecture.
The End of Social Distancing
Victor Claramunt San Millán, 2020
| Since I started making films, many people have asked me about the distance at which I place my talents in my work. Now, in a quarantine state, I have decided to study it and show everyone
Isolation, lockdown
Igor Stekolenko, 2020
| Our heroine has been caught in the wasteland, in conditions that are unsuitable and disturbing. Her fearless determination turns a crisis situation into a positive, until she’s no longer alone.
Alternative, Wasteland, Sci-Fi
La Mer
Victor Claramunt, 2020

Across the world, we’re not fully cognisant of how much plastic we’re using. Four children, from the ages of 6 to 11, tell us
exactly what we’re doing to our oceans and how to #gobeyondplastic.
Behind the Curtain
The Blink Fish, 2020
| Shot to celebrate Milan Fashion Week AW20/21, Behind the Curtain reveals backstage secrets in one long take. Choreography by Laccio takes us through all the preparations of a catwalk.
Rejoice Resist
Elisha Smith-Leverock, 2020
| Rejoice Resist is a film that celebrates and shows Black pleasure as the ultimate form of resistance. It highlights the importance of allowing yourself to feel joy in the face of adversity.


Self Potrait
Emma Dalzell-Khan, 2019
Self Portrait is a celebration of self-expression. It holds a mirror up to society and reflects the multilayered facets of masculinity,
redefining what it means to be a man in today’s world.
Expression, Gender Roles / Masculinity
Arnette | Van Khokhlov
Van Khokhlov, 2019
| C41 presents, in collaboration with Arnette and K48 production, a new fashion film that tells the story of a gang of young people who live in the city. The Milan landscape is the background.
Urban, Youth
Puma Outlaw Film. Freedom
Diyara Minrakhmanova & Maksim Bashkaev-Vaisbord, 2019
| A collaborated fashion film with Puma and Outlaw. Freedom is a journey through wintry landscapes –an expression of energy and youth. It is a call to action across ice, fire and snow.
Youth, Environment
Plum Flower Fist
Emma Tempest, 2019
| Inspired by the techniques of traditional martial arts including Wing Chung, Southern Praying Mantis, Tai Chi Chung and Jeet Kune Do. A blend of hard and soft in eastern philosophies.
Culture, Peaceful
Nowness x Burberry – The Dreamers: Katia and Marielle Labèque
Fiona Jane Burgess, 2019
| Katia and Marielle Labèque are a French piano duo who, since childhood, have been driven to musical compositions written for four hands. Part of a new series in collaboration with Burberry.
The Silence is Black and White
Ryan Henry Knight, 2019
| A visual exploration of fashion designer, Kirstian Dendy’s, winter 2019 collection, “The Silence is Black and White.” This experimental short film uses visual symbolism to tell the story of a love triangle.
Love, Relationship
GAL 9000 (A Set Odyssey)
Boldizsar CR, 2019
| GAL 9000 (a set odyssey) is a dark, jaded view on the everyday life of a model in the big, cold city. Haunted by inner voices similar to Kubrick’s HAL 9000 in Space Odyssey, this is a chaotic shoot.
Urban / City, Sci-Fi
A Red Sock’s Tale
Carlos Velasco, 2019
| There’s a solitary red sock floating in the sea. Has it ever had a partner? Does it belong to a pair? Maybe his owner only wears one sock, or was there one lost along the way? Find out in this short.
Robert dos Santos, 2019
| Light is a fashion film for TailorMe. Flying through the streets of Johannesburg on a skateboard in black and white, a delicate piano score accompanies the sweeping, dramatic landscapes.
Parallels, Light vs Dark
Beyond | Leone
Leone, 2019
| Beyond is an Italian brand designing and producing shoes. The aim of the company is to create footwear that won’t go unnoticed. They go beyond expectations and cross new boundaries.
New, Push Boundaries / Innovate
I, Unfolded
Phoebe Guo, 2019

Francesca Woodman once stated: “You cannot see me from where I look at myself.” I, Unfolded develops the ideas of identity and personality as it
extends and unfolds through all its nuances.


Elari’s Wake
Emma Tempest, 2018

Delicate shimmers of gold. Ripples of water. Bubbles moving fluidly to the surface. An ethereal water series shot alongside model Vivien
Solari. Produced exclusively for Vogue Italia.
Román Reyes, 2018

She can no longer live in the reality she knows, so she has built a bubble in which to hide away. It is a place of protection. Burbuja follows a young woman hiding in the leaves – in the shadows.
Feminism, Society
CNMI – Woolmark
Matteo Grimaldi, 2018

CNMI – Woolmark is a collaboration between Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and Woolmark, celebrating creativity with a conscious mind. Inspired by the Greek myth of Ariadne.
History / Mythology
Lola’s Manifesto
Gsus Lopez & Cristian Velasco, 2018

Lola’s Manifesto is a brief moment in the life of two TV commercial stars between takes. Mother and daughter passionately discuss what they think a fashion film really is. A meta-fashion film.
Meta, Family
Nylon Farm
D I • A L, 2018
| Enter the Nylon Farm: a fully automated factory that produces Prada’s iconic black material. But this perfect world of manmade machinery is interrupted by a series of strange malfunctions.
Technology / Sci-Fi / Dystopia
Shiouwen Hong, 2018
| #AREYOUTHERE questions social media identities. The film drifts between digital and physical worlds, revealing the effects of comments, likes, tags and online profiles can have on an individual.
Social Media
The Greatest Luxury
Kathryn Ferguson, 2018

Commissioned by Hot Air, Selfridges’, this film explores the concept of luxury from the point of view of three diverse, radical
creative talents. Directed by Kathryn Ferguson.


C 41 Magazine x Adidas Originals
Leone Balduzzi, 2017

C 41 Magazine x Adidas Originals is a story of a group of friends with different personalities, this film for Adidas Originals explores a
contemporary need for authenticity from the mainstream.
Michele Bizzi, 2017
| Inspired by Xerjoff’s nostalgic perfumes, Casamorati is set in an old Italian mansion, where Amanda is thrown into a surreal and imaginary world where different epochs blend with real life.
I am an Individual
Luis Barreto Carrillo & Amber Moelter, 2017
| Each chapter is an emotional true story, I Am An Individual celebrates unique human identities through five personal stories of love, appearance, friendship, empowerment and dreams.
The Perfect One
Boldizsár CR, 2017
| Perfect One is a psychological film inspired by the teenage experience of growing up and maturing. It raises poignant questions about living in today’s world, unearthing everyday societal pressures.
Society, Growing Up
Anna Radchenko, 2017

A surreal and tender story about a girl arriving at a strange location with quirky inhabitants. Is it all happening inside her head? Will she ever
be able to escape? Find out what happens in this short.
Surreal, Stylish
Anna Zandman & Yulia Lebedeva, 2017
| Mind(e)scape is a collaboration between two artists looking to raise awareness of the benefits of art in treating patients with dementia and alzheimer’s. Directed by Anna Zandman & Yulia Lebedeva.
Disability, Memory
It’s Been a Long Time
Esteban & Manuel Iljitsch, 2017
| An age old dichotomy between man and woman, partner and foe, lovers. It’s Been A Long Time looks at new perspectives through a stylised story that presents two lovers in extreme conflict.
Love, Relationship
Jam Patel, 2017
| Carmen Rose has willingly played into the hands of her lover Alexander Gold for far too long, she is tired of it. We witness her in a moment of self-awareness and ultimate courage.
Love, Relationship
Jaïr Sfez (Players Paris), 2017

It is dark; a street lamp passes through the curtains of the bedroom window. We discover a woman half-naked, lying in bed, when suddenly
we are immersed in a psychological world.
Aesthetic, Stylish


AAA – Fermi Paradox
Corentin Kopp & Aaron Arnoldt (Lallali), 2016

The Fermi Paradox is the apparent contradiction between high estimates, of the probability of extraterrestrial life and the lack of contact with, or evidence for, such civilisations.
Cycle III
Dan Gianini, 2016

A girl walks into a launderette. She starts loading the washing machine, sits and waits for its cycle to begin. Slowly, all the sounds build into a uniform beat and she falls into a daydream.
Becco di Rame
Melany, 2016
| Loosely based on the real life events of Becco Di Rame (“copper beak”), this is the true story of Ottorino, a courageous goose who lost his beak fighting bravely against a hungry fox.
History, Real-Life, Animal
Ethetics: AKJP
Amber Moelter & Luis Barreto Carrillo, 2016
| Ethetics is an ethical film series which features products that cause the least damage to the planet, whilst still giving the consumer an aesthetic satisfaction. Find out more in this short.
The Seven Voices in Amber
Hung-Chun Wang, 2016
| This short film is an experimentation into a new cinematic expression of fashion film, transforming the aesthetics into scenes of intense intimacy, addiction, seizing, occupy and futility.
Health, Addiction


Javiera Eyzaguirre, 2015
| GUN means shooting what we don’t want to be. Our character is at war with a part of himself. He can’t even recognise his own image in the mirror. His instability is causing him to lose himself.
War, Violence, Mental Health
6800 Miles to the Sun
Szymon Pawlik, 2015
| 6800 miles – the distance from Poland to Indonesia. This is a story that evolves from feelings of loss into the desire to travel to distant places where you can forget about the past.
Travel, World
Multiple Body
Jakub Jahn, 2015
| An experimental video report from the F/W 2015 edition of the Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Weekend, explore the spaces of friction between fashion images and their textual reading.
Company, Corporate
Emeline Castaneda, 2015
| Still is a languid film set in the muted space of a the studio, in which garments and mysterious hands gently clothe and unclothe a model as time is slowed down and reversed.
Modelling, Time Manipulation
The Art of Je Ne Sais Quoi
Corinne Delaney, 2015
| Inspired by French New Wave Cinema and style icons Jean Shrimpton and Anna Karina, the film is an exploration of the golden ratio and the classic ideals surrounding femininity.
The Chase
Jam Patel, 2015
| Barbara Black, an ex-government associate, runs a secret all female spy agency in London. Harmony Blonde, one of Barbara’s employees has stolen her most prize possession. Will she ever get it back?


Red Shoes
Lorna Tucker, 2014

Inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s Climate Revolution, Red Shoes is a journey through a dark, enchanted space where death, decay and opulence sit side by side. Directed by Lorna Tucker.
Aesthetic, Environmental
Clive Will, 2014

A commercialised depiction of Kirsten Goss’ jewellery collection Arcade, the film mixes high speed videography, with colourful props for an onslaught of arresting images.
River Island x Joseph Turvey
Alex Turvey, 2014

Inspired by Joseph Turvey’s streetwear aesthetic and documentary photographer Jamel Shabazz, Alex Turvey’s short film centres
around the model collective Justanorm.
Zinka Bejtic, 2014

The Fashion film questions the complicated relationship between elements that are associated with positive and negative, light and dark, good and evil, ugly and beautiful.
Sharp Reality?
Amanda Wong, 2014
The reality of a creature and a landscape is both distorted and revealed through the filmmaker’s use of reflection, refraction and perspective. Learn more about this process by watching this short.
Nature, Animals


Monica Menez, 2013

In her latest fashion film, Odditory, Monica Menez shows that a good lecture at a university depends on solid preparation and lively participation on the part of the students in order to understand.
University, Students
Concrete Love
Joseph Ghaleb, 2013

Concrete Love observes a woman dreaming under the pillars and shapes of a romance that she misses, but perhaps never had. The question is, will she ever find what she’s looking for?