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Music Video


Raj Mahal – Death 2 Vinyl
Matthew D Taylor, 2023

This poignant music video considers the corrosive effect of pornography and violent imagery on the soul of an individual.
Mental Health, Struggle, Influence
Tim Aminov | Ultraviolence
Andrei Maica, 2022

When does a person lose its individual self and become part of the herd?
Ritualism, Culture, Sacrifice
Debbie Feat. Berwyn | Cousin’s Car
Relta, 2022

In attempt to block out her overwhelming surroundings, Debbie dreams of driving away in her cousin’s car.
Struggle, Dreams, Retro


Quiet Nights

Paola Ossa, 2022

A young man returns to his childhood home after finding out his father has passed. Thomas is then     trapped in the house and must confront his abusive relationship with his father.

Futures, Reckonings, Realities

I Put My Hand Into A Fist

Lisa Enes, 2022

In this music video, we follow Ella through her day while she’s carrying her heavy alter ego, Coach. A persona that feels like a burden by day but that comes to life on a dance floor by night.

New Life

Mwanje ft. Sampa The Great – Wildones
Michael Rodrigues & Tarryn Hatchett, 2021

Wildones is a visual exploration of connection and oneness with the natural world. This beautiful
and memorising film is an existential coming-of-age and uplifting project.
Coming-of-age, Dance
Make A Baby
Emily Dynes, 2021
| The official music video for Australian folk outfit ‘The Maes’. Shot on 16mm, Make A Baby highlights six different queer couples in different stages of their lives in a soft and intimate journey.
LGBTQ+, Relationships
LLLL – Silent Dawn
Konstantin Enste, 2022
| A space traveller is about to find the secret behind a happy and fulfilling existence. There is a lot of reward in this film as we, the viewers, are taken on a journey of discovery.
Sci-Fi, World of Work
Heart Failure
Will Wightman, 2021

When Frank falls for his one night stand, he must do everything he can to stop his heart from breaking
completely in this innovative musical comedy with many twists and turns.
Relationships, Society


‘Sex is Good (But Have You Tried)’ Donna Missal
Rodrigo Inada, 2021
| A story about self-love. Sex is good… but have you tried? Breaking down the taboos in 2021 about pleasure and fulfilling your own journeys into desire.
Health, Self-Love / Care 
Cali Dreams – Vintage Culture & Fancy Inc ft. The Beach
Rafael Kent, 2021
| Cali Dreams is about connections. Bonds that can happen on a movie set in Hollywood or anywhere less glamorous. It might sound cheesy, but the spark can come from a look.
Love, Relationship


Superheroes – Stormzy
Taz Tron Delix, 2020

Stormzy lets his inner superhero shine in Taz Tron Delix’s animated video for Superheroes. The concept has Stormzy
talking to a young boy, explaining that nothing is out of reach.
BLM, Identity
The Rolling Stones: Ghost Town
Joe Connor, 2020
| Joe Connor captures the eeriness of public spaces under lockdown, in the video for The Rolling Stones’ Living In A Ghost Town in one of the very first Lockdown Videos of 2020.
Isolation, Lockdown
Monsters You Made (Live At BET Hip Hop Awards) Burna Boy ft. Chris Martin
Filmawi, 2020
| A hugely impactful video for Burna Boy’s performance of the heartfelt Monsters You
Made for the BET Hip-Hop Awards.
Culture, Identity
Earth Odyssey – Asaf Avidan
Adi Halfin, 2020

Earth Odyssey was made by dancers from different continents filming themselves in their confinement with their personal phones and
computers. It was made in the first week of April 2020.
Collaboration, Community / World
Hard To Know
Alice Halstead, 2020
| The music video for Claudia Fenoglio’s track is 12 videos in one. Taking viewers on a whimsical adventure all within four walls (and 12 screens), filled with colour and humour.
Care – Beabadoobee
Bedroom, 2020
| Blooming flowers. Empty streets. Falling rain. Shot during the Covid-19 lockdown, directorial duo Bedroom paint an intimate portrait of musician Beabadoobee. The camera is rolling.
Artistry, Stylish
Zebra Katz – Lousy / In In In
Daniel Wirtberg, 2020

A depiction of contrasts and parallels. This polarised music video moves between “soft” and “hard” masculinity; between
introvert and extrovert; experiences push and pull at each other.


Adventure – Monster Rally
Zak Marx, 2019
| Adventure explores the world of competitive moto-racing in finely textured, surreal miniature. It follows the #2 rider as he ruminates in the shadows of world champion, Jammin’ Jackie Hudson.
Miniature, Stylish
Hand Solo – Marika Hackman
Sam Bailey, 2019
| Music promo for Hand Solo – a much needed anthem of female masturbation. Made by a crew of 85% women, and directed by Eve Fehilly, a sexpert from London’s famous SH! store.
Health, Women
No Avocados in the Ghetto – Dekunle
John Connor Hammond, 2019
| Dekunkle’s No Avocados in the Ghetto is a pop-coloured affair, filled with retro cars, suburban landscapes, pastel colour schemes, backing singers and obviously avocado-filled supermarkets.
Shaking – Hazel English 
Erin S. Murray, 2019
| “When we are together, do I drive you wild? You’re out of your senses, easily beguiled.” A cult leader lures a new recruit into a “ jello” eating frenzy and welcomes him into the family.
Cult, Relationship
Spend My Dayz – Wan
Agni Raj Singh, 2019
| An impressionistic portrayal of an artist who is obsessively chasing his vision. Inspirations change as he journeys from a gritty urban jungle in Los Angeles to a delicate floral paradise.
25 – Kojey Radical
Taz Tron Delix, 2019
| An impressionistic reflection on diverse black culture, achieved with beautifully composed visuals that do visual justice to the range of ideas in Kojey Radical’s music and lyrics.
Behold the Man – C’Mon Tigre
Marco Molinelli & Sic Est, 2019
| Taking inspiration from a science fiction novel from 1969 by Michael Moorcock, the short story is about a modern version of the first human being to live, who appears on earth as an adult child.
Falle Nioke, New Foundation
Tom Dream, 2019
| New Foundation follows the story of Falle Nioke on his arrival to Margate in the UK with his wife Charlotte. Falle is known locally as a musician and artist, and for creating a sense of community.
Feel like Home – Tyler James Bellinger
Joseph Robert Redl, 2019
| A young man tries to break free from his oppressive life. Feel Like Home is based on true events, and is a captivating glimpse into a broken household and its wider effects on youth and beyond.
Youth, Oppression
If You Want To – Beabadoobee
Bedroom, 2019
| Bea hasn’t been sleeping, so mum calls the doctor. This is the latest Beabadoobee collaboration with directing duo Bedroom. If You Want To is a concoction of pills, insomnia and hyperreal visions.
Dreamlike / Weird
Pearl Cadillac – Gary Clark Jr. 
Clément Oberto, 2019

Gary Clark Jr. is heading down the road of life and looking back to where he came from. Shot in super 35mm, Pearl Cadillac depicts
moonlight as a wider symbol for a mother’s love.
Roots / Origins
Not Enough – Benny Sings
Bear Damen, 2019
| A paradisiacal, pleasantly tormented succession of vignettes with various characters. Possibly dreamt up by the artist through their music, this is a world that’s close but very different from the rest.
Surreal, Vignettes
Playing with Fire – Breakup Shoes
June Hucko, 2019
| Split between channels, this is a fun-loving, colouful music video that follows a band attempting to get one of their members back after he’s lost to the throes of new love across the street.
Friendship / Relationship


Bluesman – Baco Exu do Blues
Douglas Ratzlaff Bernardt, 2018

An artistic manifesto that sparked a debate on institutional racism, and resignified black culture. It rocketed Baco Exu do Blues
from the underground of rap to the mainstream of music culture.
Culture, BLM
Gunning For – Peyton Pinkerton
Jay Hollinsworth, 2018
| A music video for the track Gunning For from the Peyton Pinkerton LP Rapid Cycler. A fully animated, low-fi excursion through the advertisements found in the pages of silver age comics.
Artistic / Cartoon, Low-Fi, Stylish
Son of the Morning – Caspar Leopard
Caspar Leopard, 2018
| Emerging from the primordial waters of the womb, Son of the Morning follows a new born consciousness on a journey of self-discovery, traversing vast worlds until finally coming to rest.
CG, Discovery
Dewhorn – Tipsur
Brandon Kapelow, 2018
Reflecting Tispur’s dreamy, nostalgic soundscapes, this film follows a young boy’s adventures in the natural world, evoking a sense of
great freedom, past and childhood memories.
Scars – Hazey Eyes ft. Yoke Lore
Simon Dymond, 2018
| What seems to be a carefree young romance reveals itself as a much darker story of sacrifice and human loss in an unbalanced and disproportionate relationship. Filmed for Hazey Eyes.
Relationship, Dark
Hear my Pain Heal – Sevdaliza
Ian Pons Jewell, 2018
| Sevdaliza mourns the death of her lover as we witness the final departure of his soul. Deeply cinematic, this effective piece offers dark, intriguing visuals that linger in the mind.
Love, Death
No White God – Oscar Worldpeace 
Taz Tron Delix, 2018
No White God investigates issues of cultural oppression and established power structures, crafting a new narrative through
dynamic aesthetics and distinctive imagery.
BLM, Culture


Lonely Souls – Strangelove ft. Bellatrix
Taz Tron Delix, 2017

This video for London-based rap trio Strangelove takes a surreal, nightmarish approach to depicting urban life, addressing
larger ideas of alienation, disconnection and differences.
Soteria – Mt. Wolf
James Ayling, 2017
| A life ruined by extreme events ends with a desperate act. Reflecting on an innocent youth, the main character is reminded of his burning passion which he uses to speed up his recovery.
Injury, Sports
Younger – Bastien Keb
Bailey Tom Bailey, 2017
| Featuring the music of Bastien Keb, this short follows the steps of a teenage couple torn apart by the dark and dangerous influence of the city and a mysterious yet pervasive black liquid.
Addison Groove – Changa
Vector Meldrew, 2017

Lose your mind with this warped and wonderful journey through preternatural dance moves. Observe the rhythmical
movements. Directed by Vector Meldrew for Dazzle Ship.
Eddie Beatz – Black Bird
Haonan Wang, 2017
| The journey of a man who achieves the dream of escape from the concrete jungle of the modern city he inhabits, with help from some spiritual black birds that awaken his thought processes.
Mark Pritchard Ft Bibio – Give it your Choir
Emmanuel Adjei, 2017
| A small group of people move through the endless lane of an indoor facility containing self-storage units. We are slowly introduced to the gatherers and collectors.
U.N.K.L.E. – The Road (feat. Eska)
Nortbert Schoerner, 2017

In U.N.K.L.E. – The Road drones navigate a desolate desert terrain lit by pools of dramatic light. A subtle narrative that tells of the ever-present conflict
between landscape and traces left by humans.


KEØMA – Gone
Dirk Rauscher, 2016

GONE is a full CGI low budget music video for the Berlin based band KEØMA. A graphical metaphor of sculptures and landscapes
as a reflection of distorted emotional and unforgiving states.
Kool Keith X MF Doom – “SuperHero”
Kris Merc (Aardman Nathan Love), 2016
| A frantically paced music video. This landmark musical collaboration inspires a visual pop travesty with its hypnotic, kaleidoscopic images.
Beardyman – Mountainside
Lewis Rose, 2016
| Unique music video for UK Beatbox champion and musical chameleon Beardyman. The unexpected story follows a funny and simultaneously bittersweet tale of lost raver love.
Love, Loss
Branches of Life
Katerina Athansopoulou, 2016

A woman is under sedation for a lung operation and she sinks inside her own unconscious. The film starts at that
dreamy beginning of anaesthesia where your mind drifts helplessly.
Raheem Bakare – Ups & Downs
Remi Laudat, 2016
| Based around lovers who push their relationship to the extremes of romance, we follow Raheem retracing his steps through areas where past memories took place, whilst questioning himself.
Memories, Love
Rio Wolta – Through My Street
Piet Baumgartner, 2016
| Meditative film featuring the everyday motions of two diggers transformed into synchronised and romanticised performance. Featuring captivating and satisfying intense visuals throughout.
Peaceful, Performance
Victoria+Jean – Härligt Sverige
Corentin Kopp, 2016

Shot in Malmö, Sweden, Härligt Sverige is a Film Noir for Belgo- Swedish avant-pop band Victoria+Jean. This intense rumble of
a track was produced by John Parrish (PJ Harvey, Goldfrapp.)


Baby Get Me a Gun
Ed Edwards, 2015
Spurned by her lover after she discovers that she is pregnant, an emotional and determined Daisy takes
revenge on her ex in Ed Edward’s short music video Baby Get Me a Gun.
Pregnant, Revenge
Mariana Conde, 2015
| A young man’s attempt at a first contact with a love interest is hijacked in a most entertaining way. A sharp, edgy short with no dialogue, great performances, and a lot of dancing.
Love, Communication
Naïve New Beaters – Run Away
Romain Chassaing, 2015
| After getting red several times, David Boring decides to steal, along with his two fellows Eurobelix and Martin Luther BB King. From small stores to banks, money starts flowing.
Pins: Young Girls
Amy Watson, 2015

Shot on International Women’s Day for an all female band by a primarily female crew, this video is about
friendship, suburbia, and murder. A Thelma and Louise homage via Prestwich.
Homage, Friendship, Crime


Samantha Whates: Trees and Gold
William Powers, 2014
A blend of myths and folklore with intrusions from the modern world, and a peculiar atmosphere between
fairy tales and something more sinister, feature in this animated video.
Myth / Folklore
Ghost Culture: Giudecca
Lewis Lloyd, 2014
| A longing vision of past summer romance, seen through a kaleidoscope of faded celluloid memories. An inner journey into the intangible nature of love, affection, feeling and emotion.
Kaja Gunnufsen: Faen Ta
Thea Hvistendahl, 2014
| The music video Faen Ta is put together from the visual personal ads of six people, who all introduce us to their environment amid lonely everyday scenes. Find out more in this short.
Life, Lonliness 
London Grammar: Hey Now
Chris Ullens, 2014

A forest comes alive at night courtesy of enigmatic stop-frame animation, with mysterious characters meeting and a stunning
display of animated strings, in a hand-crafted, playful ballet.
Nature, Stop-motion, Performance / Ballet


Marbert Rocel: The Temple
Dirk Rasucher, 2013
| The Temple is a story about a metaphorical temple, built by “her”, in which she is waiting for “him”, brought to life in an artificial construct of symbolic memories and fragments.
The Last Skeptik: Pick Your Battles
Jeff Metal, 2013
| Taken from his album Thanks For Trying, Skeptik stars in this epic, beautifully shot, Peak District-based tale of a “bear”. This short contains friendship, and a frightening twist.
Punkture Sluts – “No Hopah”
Daniel D. Moses, 2013

Shot in a burnt-out East London location, No Hopah is an unsettling and grimy symphony
for the “dark and twisted” among us.
Grime / Urban, Dark
Gerilja: Animals
Christian Holm-Glad, 2013
| Animals delves into a surreal world of strange figures, combining a glamorous yet gritty aesthetic with a high-energy intensity.
Mt. Wolf / Shapeshift
Paul Frankl, 2013
| Mt. Wolf perform their ethereal track Shapeshift, in a monochromatic montage where dark, interesting figures glisten with particles of light.
Light and Dark


Apple Jelly: //Control//
Jeremi Durand, 2012

Don’t we all have our own way to say “stop”? In this promo for the French electro band, Petru keeps control over his
daily life through his own kind of dancing ritual. Directed by Jeremi Durand.
Balduin: My Love Soon
Yves Ackermann, 2012
| Coloured flower fragments and dust form rhythmic compositions over time. Flower bouquets explode in slow motion: a rework of flowers.
Beauty, Abstract
Bees Village: Nobody Knows
Eva Munnich, 2012
| Music video for the band Bees Village: a young man bitten by a werewolf is transformed and freed for a short time before he gets shot by accident.
Supernatural, Monsters
Louise Quinn & Kid Loco: oh Jackie
Uisdean, 2012

Music video for singer songwriter Louise Quinn, featuring electro artist Kid Loco. A crowd waits in
anticipation as a singer prepares to take the stage.
The Gorgeous Colours: Animal
Bruno Palma, 2012
| Animation to the track Animal by The Gorgeous Colours. The protagonist of this short
film is haunted by the shadows of his own personality.
Bull King
Nicolai Aass, 2012
| Bull King is the film of a power hungry manipulator, an interpretation of the greed that created the financial crisis.
Manipulation, Greed
Staygold – Backseat
Daniel Wirtberg & Jonas Rudstrom, 2012

To a soundtrack of Staygold’s ‘Backseat’ a group of friends head out in their brand new car, but the
party really starts in the backseat.
Friends, Party
Backfacing Normals – Cage
Jos Meijers, 2012
| Backfacing Normals- Cage is directed by Jos Meijers. It will not mean the same to everyone, but it will mean something to someone.
Jamal – Defto
Christopher Hollaran, 2012
| Contemporary Bonnie & Clyde. Suitcase with dollars and the destination is unknown. Is love breaking down the borders or not?
Crime, Love
Little Dragon – Crystal Film
Daniel Wirtberg, 2012

Tormented by nightmares of walking scarecrows, a girl finds herself all alone in the world, with no one to help her.
Will she work out what she has to do?
Nightmares, Lonely


DJ Rkod: The Deep
Sean Pruen, 2011
Merak – Delete Me
Lukas Vojir, 2011


Distant Street Lights – Codes In The Clouds
Shaun Hughes / Tim Courtney, 2010
Jay Haze: Mama Coca (SIS Remix)
Roman Tönjes & Lukas Loss, 2010
SADISTIK – Searching for Some Beautiful
Bryan Campbell, 2010
The Sun (feat. Nili) – Villeneuve
Duriez Jeremie, 2010