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Poulomi Basu & CJ Clarke, 2022
| Crash landed and alone, a female astronaut is confronted by the ghosts of her past as she struggles for survival on an inhospitable planet that appears to be sentient.
Environment & Nature, Sci-Fi
I’ll Be Back
Hope Strickland, 2022
| This conversation piece explores Black metamorphosis alongside institutional collecting practises and colonial violences whilst shifting across digital, 16mm and archival formats.
Black History, Historical


Postcards From The Orient
Sis Gurdal, 2020

A surrealist re-imagining of Orientalist artwork; a subliminal retelling of the colonialist, western male gaze and its hyper- sexualised representation of Middle Eastern femininity.
Feminism, Society, Gender Roles, Commentary
Uchronia, No.1
Kamila Kuc, 2020
| Past time, suspended time. Macro vision serves as a tool to experience what has long been known. Here is tension between the in-and-out-of-focus, between enquiry and observation.
Observation, Time.
Don’t Know What
Thomas Renoldner, 2020
| A film that returns to the original impulses of cinema – that of creating both magic and humour. Don’t Know What questions the traditional rules of genre by utilising elements of the avant garde.


Furnace of the Birds
Arsen Arzumanyan, 2019

If birds had a religion, perhaps this would be their origin myth. Furnace of the Birds is a mystical, ethereal affair – looking at the idea of creation and the beginning of existence, belief and direction.
Animals, Religion
Dear Hearing World
Adam Docker, 2019
| Dear Hearing World is a short film directed by Adam Docker, based on a poem written and spoken by deaf spoken-word artist Raymond Antrobus. It is a very thought-provoking performance.
Shir Handlesman, 2019
| An opera singer stands on a lifted platform, singing a Martyr’s wish for redemption. A counterpoint between the human voice and mechanical sounds of machinery moving up and down.


Somersault Pike
Kate Lefoe, 2018

Dark fears and high hopes drive a young competitive diver as she faces the ten-metre platform. Somersault Pike takes viewers from the top of the jump to the eventual plunge.
Samona Olanipekun, 2018
| Samona Olanipekun considers the concept of home, identity and belonging, whilst tapping into the underlying presence of wider globalisation in today’s world. Commissioned by The Barbican.
Frank Mosley, 2018 | A naked body moves a stranger to empathy. PARTHENON is a slippery, dizzying provocation on art, control and perception, drawing attention to the human form.
Charli Whatley, 2018

Period. uses spoken word and unique visuals to highlight the stigma that surrounds menstruation, exposing the
blood that causes women shame, normalising its image.
Women, Performance / Poetry


Emil Kahr, 2017
| One day a young, courageous girl named Lucia decides to take on an ancient and highly dangerous man-vs-beast tradition. This tradition is known by everyone as “Rapa Das Bestas.”
Animals, Culture
Rhythm of Being
Giada Ghiringhelli, 2017
| For an instant, I am. The light touches me gently and I live, burst and shine. This constant, irreversible, rhythmic drift from being to not. This film is an ode to the notion of being.
Gravilty’s Law
Matt McDermott, 2017

Inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem Gravity’s Law, Matt McDermott taps into themes of meditation and nature in a deliberate response to overloaded information.
Nature, Poetry
Duncan Cowles, 2017
| What’s it like to feel no emotion? A young filmmaker questions his growing inability to connect to his emotions by talking to a stranger online who can’t feel any.
Jessica Bishopp, 2017
| Exploring the concept of ageing in the future, increasing life expectancy and life extension. Juxtaposing architecture and space against interviews with a range of people.
Life, Humanity


Michele Benigna, 2016

Aymara is a period/sci-fi short film shot in Infrared black and white. Surreal images tell a simple story of a domestic life in a coastal cabin suspended inbetween the past and future time-zones.
Sci-Fi, Surreal
Stella Scott, 2016
| Reverie captures the consciousness of youth. The film explores the thoughts and feelings of young Londoners and reveals a world of unstable, fragile dreams that are undefined by daily reality.
A Place I’ve Never Been
Adrian Flury, 2016
| Sourcing multiple digital images of the same place, this experiment makes use of frame-by-frame montages to discover hidden forms and patterns to find new meanings.
Montage, Hidden Meaning
Man on the Hill
Daisy Dickinson, 2016

Transcending the sounds and visuals of the drum, elements of fire and water act as catalysts for destruction – creating an atmospheric piece of raw, ritualistic, drumming phenomena.
City Crush
Mia Forrest, 2016
| A decadent thug poaches an exotic young trophy-boy and smuggles him into City Crush. When he escapes he must navigate the desolation and deviant lust of the locals grasp.
Apollo Thomas, 2016
| One room, one residential area, one parking lot and one lobby with escalators. Clarence is obsessed with the visions of a woman he thinks he loves, and tries to re-assemble romance.
Relationship, Isolation, Foreign-Language


Made of Sugar
Kevin Rios, 2015

A nostalgic portrait of a Cuban-American family as their cultural heritage is inevitably up for change, Made of Sugar charts an intimate exposure of family, bloodlines and identity.
Bread and Butter
Freya Billington, 2015

Bread and Butter is an experimental musical that gives voice to a chorus of unspoken dreams and desires we have to keep a lid on in the workplace, in monochrome splitscreen.
Total Moon
Sophia Savage, 2015

Total Moon follow the Maas siblings as they bring their sister home to Big Sur after a suicide attempt. They find that they struggle to reintegrate her into their unusually intimate way of life.
Florian Wittmann, Falko Paeper & Roman Kaelin, 2015
Wrapped combines time lapse photography with CGI animation. This short explores the different facets of nature’s processes and how they work.
Mixed Media, Nature


Diana Olifirova, 2014

Every time we watch a film we project ourselves onto the big screen. Sometimes it turns into obsession with no exit or way out. This is an exploration of the infinite nature of cinema.
Cinema, Humanity
Tal Zagreba, 2014

A street artist tries to make people smile without success, but when his frustration explodes, it becomes
a hit. The tragedy is that the artist isn’t aware of the impact he’s made.
On Loop
Christine Hooper, 2014

Four in the morning, crapped out, yawning. Experience a comic portrayal of the tedious insanity of insomnia. With an aesthetic inspired by David Hockney’s photomontages.
Toby Andris, 2014

A “blank” is sent to a deserted planet to retrieve a memory box. The blank ignores its instructions and plugs in, uploading a lifetime of memories, and ultimately, an identity.
Night before the Morning Sun
Marc Grey, 2014

Suzanne is waking up. In those fleeting moments before she forgets her dreams, she searches her subconscious for answers – but can she learn to break free and find the answers?
The Rinsing
Simone Smith, 2014

Unattractive? Unloved? Unhappy? Unsatisfied? Sign up for The Rinsing today. A program that will bring
you face-to-face with the new, improved you. Watch this short to find out more.
André Braz, 2014

A young man has lost himself and his identity. Life has led him through paths making him become someone he doesn’t identify with – until his father’s death leads him to unbury a box.
Loss, Identity
Arjan Brentjes, 2014
| What’s left of love in an eternal life? In a 1960s talk show, a scientist discusses the future possibility of indefinite human life. In the meantime we see his memories of a short love affair.
Love, Life
Stay the Same
Sam Firth, 2014
| Recorded every day for a year at exactly the same time, in the same place, Stay the Same is about our relationship with time and the desire to capture experience. This short is directed by Sam Firth.
Andrea Niada, 2014
| A woman hatches into a menacing world made of bin bags where she must find the key to a mysterious container, which holds the terrifying secret of this strange place.


Häromdagen / The Other Day
Sofia Wickman, 2013

What is it to know a father? Behind our given roles, there is an entire world we might never have access to. Perhaps that’s OK.
Family, Responsibility
Compartment Ten
Jason Tovey, 2013

On a train travelling through the night, a man is warned by a stranger about a checkpoint and
the sinister indoctrination that is taking place.
Travel, Cult
Paul Johnson, 2013

The story of a young Peruvian dancer trying to pursue her dreams in the harsh world of
the largest river city in the Amazon jungle.
Bouha Kazmi, 2013

A beautiful and fragmented story of loss and self- discovery following a vulnerable drifter girl as she treads desolate hollow ground.
Loss, Self-discovery
My Forest
Sébastien PINS, 2013
| With the view of a child, travel through the forest to discover its magic, mysteries, meetings and the unique relation that man can have with nature.
Nature, Magic, Growing up
Christopher Ian Smith, 2013
| In the industrial hinterland of England, Benjamin encounters a girl. She offers escape from his lonely, repetitive life. But is she human?
Dream Bigger Dreams
Sandro Miller, 2013

A compilation from eight films created for Nick Cave. The films originally were created for
an exhibition which Cave was having in Lille, France.
Alternative Material, Compilation


Elon + Emmanuelle
Natalie Galazka, 2012

This magical realism tale unravels a chance encounter between strangers, their merging imaginations and falling in love without words.
Camilla Robinson, 2012
| A darkly wry, gothic tale of sadness, woe and untimely ends, this playful yet unsettling film is based on the illustrated works of Edward Gorey.
Black & White, Gothic, Sad
Alessandro Bavari, 2012
| When two dichotomous and diametrically opposed realities, without identity and conscience, meet and mix, we enter into the Metachaos.
Disa Krosness, 2012

Knead is derived from intuition with a wish to convey bodily experience. This experimental is directed by Disa Krogness.
Bodies, Humans
Fleeting Lights
Kenya Brading, 2012
| An experimental film exploring the mind, body and soul within us, dealing with the idea of birth, death, and rebirth.
Spirituality, Death, Life
L’Invitation au Voyage
Amélie Raoul, 2012
| A man discovers how related outer and inner travels are. But what does this mean for him and how will this effect his life?
Life, Outer vs Inner Views


From I to I
christopher tym, 2011
| Animation and film warp the paradigms of visual communication in cinema. From I to I is directed by christopher tym, watch to learn more.
Mixed Media, Visuals
Mijn veld (My Field)
Jos Meijers, 2011
| A gripping short film centered around the unusual meeting of an inquisitive girl and a traumatized young man.
Parallels, Foreign Language
Noah’s Arc
Sam Meech, 2011

A classic story of preservation, recontextualised as a meditation on the fragility of digital media, and retold solely using material from the North West Film Archive.
Archive, Multi-Media, Analysis / Commentary
One Way of Going
Lisbeth Marit, 2011

A woman slowly says goodbye to the life she led. Watch this short to discover
why shesays goodbye and what led her to that point.
The Death of Johnny Forceps
Timothy David Orme, 2011

The life and death of a man who could be Johnny Forceps. Discover who Johnny
Forceps is and what happened to Johnny in this short.


Building Blocks
Neil K. Kempsell, 2010

A time-lapse visual exploration and soundscape of an office block construction. Building Blocks is directed by Neil K. Kempsell.
Time-lapse, Construction