Empowering Narratives

We highlight five shorts from the Aesthetica film library for International Women’s Day 2022, tapping into the lived experiences of women across the globe. Through non-fiction storytelling and experimental performance, themes of friendship, pressure, education and healthcare are brought into the spotlight.

To A Broken Image

Para Una Imagen Rota represents the many specific pressures that women face in order to meet beauty standards in today’s extreme society. Unachievable expectations are personified in dance.

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Blue Corridor 15

After her family falls on hard times, Elizabeth starts styling her classmates’ hair at break time to earn money. Classroom politics and tensions come to a head, highlighting a friendship and bond close to sisterhood.

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A Million Waves

Kadiatu Kamara is the only female surfer in Sierra Leone. When her father died two years ago, KK was left to face the Ebola epidemic alone. How does she find escape in times of despair?

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Four British-Somalians navigate being black, female and Muslim at one of Britain’s most traditional institutions: Cambridge University. Somalinimo explores what it means to belong.

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Period. uses spoken word and unique visuals to highlight the stigma that surrounds menstruation. It explores the blood that causes women shame, normalising its image.

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