Howard Bargroff

Founder, Sonorous Post

After graduating with a degree in Electronic Engineering Howard started off his audio life as a technical engineer at the legendary Sarm studios in West London. Tempted with a career behind the mixing desk he went on to cut his teeth as an assistant and then house engineer.  Some years later a sidestep into the post audio world followed with a fantastic job at Dolby, which acted as an introduction into the film audio post production world. That experience was then consolidated further with a few years as an assistant mixer at De Lane Lea and Future Post, before finally landing a dubbing mixers job at Videosonics. After several years working with both film and television projects, he was then launched into the freelance world by the sudden closure of the company. After a brief stint at Pepper Post, the next phase of freelancing ended up with creation of his own post production sound company, Sonorous Post. Which is currently running in tandem with a busy freelance career.