Aesthetica Short Film Festival

This Year’s Festival

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Industry News

Documentary: Everyday Phenomena

From global politics to local communities, this genre looks at everyday phenomena, pulling at the strings of reality and offering an emotive, responsive and hard-hitting representation of life.

Branded Content: Visual Identities

The pressures and commercial imperatives of working with top brands are far from being a barrier to creating imaginative and innovative film work. ASFF addresses these industry topics.

Artists’ Film: Treading New Paths

See the World through New Eyes. Abstract, creative and deeply original, the Artists’ Film genre questions the notion of narrative, looking to new techniques for a truly unique sense of narrative.

Structural Narratives

The final Showcase Screening of ASFF runs on Sunday 12 November at City Screen, and features Middlesex University. Their session takes the theme Storytelling for the Screen.

Technical Curation

A strong directorial vision, compelling narrative and powerful performances are obvious markers of successful films, but there are other elements that combine to create a memorable piece of cinema.

LFF: Second Coming

The second week of the 61st London Film Festival, which concludes this Sunday, has afforded some intriguing movie experiences, including The Breadwinner and 120 BPM (Beats Per Minute).

Addressing Commerciality

The Saturday Showcase Screenings discuss issues facing the 21st century filmmaker. Featured organisations: Northern Film School, Falmouth University, LCC, Creative England.

Liberating Visions

Increasingly, filmmakers can make their own rules, as technology makes what was once impossible to realise on screen accessible to more and more practitioners. ASFF addresses these developments.

LFF: Highlights

There is something wonderful about reflecting upon the highlights of this year’s London Film Festival to find that they consist of vibrant debuts and award-worthy performances.

Original Thinking

Our Friday Showcase Screenings take place at several venues and each runs for two hours. Each features a selection of films, alongside a panel discussion related to themes in today’s film culture.

Verbal Musicality

Noah Baumbach’s The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) is a familial saga starring Dustin Hoffman as Harold Meyerowitz, a sculptor embittered by his lack of success.

Family Friendly

Britt Raes’s Catherine is the bittersweet life story of a young girl, who grows up to be a crazy old cat lady. The bright and humorous style of the animation contrast the sadness of the story.

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