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@ASFFest: #womeninfilm Edith Head was an award-winning Costume Designer who created garments for films such as The Sting and……

Industry News

Racial Tensions

Kathryn Bigelow’s third collaboration with reporter turned screenwriter Mark Boal delves into a shocking real-life incident in Motor City that took place 50 years ago.

Defamiliarising Characteristics

Based on the 2010 novel by Wolfgang Herrndorf, Fatih Akin’s latest transplants the typical coming-of-age story out of suburbia and into a “borrowed” car speeding down the autobahn.

Iconic Retelling

Jérôme Salle’s The Odyssey tells the story of French icon Jacques Cousteau, the deep sea diver who brought the undersea world to millions of viewers.

Indulgent Poeticism

From dialogue with a poetic aspect, to the visual and musical lyricism that creates dreamlike moments within a tale of manipulation and obsession, The Handmaiden pleasures the senses.

Alienating Archetypes

At first glance, indie writer-director Tim Sutton’s new film Dark Night might appear to be a recreation of the tragedy, but its ambitions are somewhat more complex.

Layered Narratives

The Sense of an Ending re-imagines Julian Barnes’s novel, which takes its name from Frank Kermode’s 1967 publication, which sought to “make sense of the ways we try to make sense of our lives.”

Human Study

Kleber Mendonça Filho’s sophomore feature finds the critic turned filmmaker drawn to the residential setting. Here, Filho narrows his focus to tell the story of 65-year-old writer Clara (Sonia Braga).

Poignant Meditations

After his big-budget Disney escapade Pete’s Dragon, writer-director David Lowery returns to the margins with this experimental tale of life, death and loss.

ASFF Tickets on Sale

Tickets for the seventh edition of the Aesthetica Short Film Festival are now on sale. Join us from 8 to 12 November as we transform York into a cultural arena for independent film.

Influential Evocations

This month at London’s BFI Southbank, a two-month season dedicated to the films of Jean-Pierre Melville gets underway. Often imitated but never bettered, the filmmaker remains hugely influential.

Creative Connections

Following the objective of generating a platform for talent development, the Aesthetica Short Film Festival has invited the public to join this year’s Official Selection to discuss all things film.

Nurturing Artists’ Film

A new scheme for artist filmmakers has just been launched, aiming to help those in the early stages of their careers. The FLAMIN Fellowship aims to bolster six practitioners based in England.

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