World Premiere of Mohamed Khan’s Factory Girl at Dubai International Film Festival

In recent years a pioneering generation of international filmmakers has arisen that seeks to create new film projects able to become successful cinema hits apart from the traditional formula combining big budgets and popular film stars. Factory Girl is a product of this movement, the first film to be produced by Mohamed Samir’s small production house DayDream Art Production. Factory Girl, written by Wessam Soliman will be screened in the 10th edition of the Dubai International Film Festival as part of the Muhr Arab Feature competition which runs 6 – 14 December 2013.

Although Factory Girl champions independent filmmaking, it also appeals to the box office audience with the support of leading Director Mohamed Khan. On his new film, Samir commented, “The main challenge was that my small production house, compared to other major entities, was able to produce a film by Mohamed Khan, one of the most prominent filmmakers in the Arab world. The film is a huge feat in Egyptian filmmaking, not only for having Khan as the director, but also for the tremendous effect this experience has had on the film’s team and Egyptian filmmakers in general, proving that nothing is impossible when you believe whole heartedly in a project, no matter how many hardships you face along the way, and they were many during this production”.

Samir is an inspiring example of up-and-coming film producer and has formed many partnerships as part of this project. Factory Girl is one of the few Egyptian and Arab productions that received financial support from a big number of international filmmaking entities, with a total of seven entities supporting the film including: Dubai International Film Festival’s Enjaaz Fund, Abu Dhabi Film Festival’s Sanad Fund, GIZ institution, Global Film Initiative, Women in Film Foundation, Netflix and the Ministry of Culture’s Filmmaking Fund.

Starring Yasmin Raeis, Hany Adel, Salwa Kahttab, Salwa Mohamed Ali, in addition to a number of new talents, Factory Girl tells the story Hiyam, a young factory worker, lives in a lower-middle-class neighbourhood, along with her co-workers. She is clearly under the spell of Salah, the factory’s new supervisor, who has expressed his admiration for her. She believes love can transcend the class differences between them. However, when a pregnancy test is discovered in the factory premises, her immediate family and close friends accuse her of sinning. Hiyam decides not to defend herself and pays an enormous price in a society that fails to accept independent women. Factory Girl examines the changes that take place in her life over the four seasons of the year. From falling in love to facing heartbreak, her life comes around full circle by the end of the year.

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1. Film still from Factory Girl, Mohamed Khan