Film Library 2012

Screening films from over 20 countries, genres included documentary, music video, artists’ film, comedy, animation and experimental, holding a mirror to society through the multi-disciplinary and ever expanding nature of short film.


Above as Below

Dir. Michelle Arbon
Above as Below follows a young soldier during his first experience of war. Watch this short to discover more. Directed by Michelle Arbon.

Botanical Nightmare

Dir. Tom Lucas
Scientists discovers organic life on an uncharted planet and investigate the mysterious creature, too excited to realise the deadly potential.

Brave New Old

Dir. Adam Wells
Brave New Old is about a man who tries to make something honest, but he must overcome many dilemmas first. Directed by Adam Wells .

From Dad to Son

Dir. Nils Knoblich
A prisoner receives the message that his old father needs help with ploughing the field. This short animation touches on emotions and relationships.


Dir. Linda McCarthy
Hinterland is a very short stop-motion animated film with a big environmental message about recycling. Watch this short to learn more.

The Cartographer

Dir. Jane Shadbolt
Directed by Jane Shadbolt, The Cartographer depicts a girl who finds herself in a world of mysterious motives and uncertain geography.

The Guest

Dir. Henrik Malmgren
After having her lonely dinner brutally interrupted, Elsa realises that “Paradise is lost without others.”. The Guest is directed by Henrik Malmgren.


Dir. Seamus Spilsbury
Thora rests on a vast mountain top. Her only protection is a lonely beast, Solomon. This short explores friendship and security.

Artists’ Film


Dir. Frances Odim-Loughlin
A narrative is pieced together from fragments of one man’s life, set against streets in rural Ireland. Discover what happens in this short.

Reduction study (Ping Pong)

Dir. Joanna Tam
The video examines foreign accent perception in relation to social identity and cultural standardisation. Directed by Joanna Tam.

States of Matter

Dir. Jim Nilsson
An enveloping experience with sounds you can feel and images seductive enough to touch.

The High Mountain

Dir. Simon Clode
A disturbing depiction of camaraderie that extended to aiding cheating death, with the purpose of refining the senses on resuscitation.

The Irlam House Bequest

Dir. David Jacques
David Jacques shows a shape-shifting agit prop collective operating out of a Bootle tower block in the late 1980s.



Dir. Matthew Jenkin
Cockatoo is a comedy directed by Matthew Jenkin. This short suggests that sometimes it’s perhaps best to just let sleeping birds lie…

In The Bleak Midsummer

Dir. Richard Higson
It’s Christmas Day for David. For everyone else, it’s 18 August. In the Bleak Midsummer explores David’s life and his understanding of life.

Male Receptionist

Dir. Richard Kaponas
The comedy, Male Receptionist conveys a painfully self-aware man attempts to connect with his co-workers in an endless white void.

Pvt. Craine

Dir. Ben Mallaby
Pvt. Craine finds his sergeant’s body after a bomb blast, and the events that follow begin to take a dark turn.

Seven Miles from Bradford

Dir. Lucy Ray
Black comedy about three boys from Bradford who go camping in pursuit of a girl. Does everything go to plan and do they get what they want in the end?

The Future

Dir. Venetia Taylor
When you’re young and in love the future seems bright, but then what? The Future explores themes of growing up and the lessons that must be learnt.

Where’s My Supermalt?

Dir. Daniel Onyia
The impatient Tobi takes matters into his own hands after waiting for his favourite drink. But will his impulsive behaviour change the outcome?

Wild Dan

Dir. Evdoxia Kyropoulou
Cowboy Dan embarks on a journey, bringing hope to the hopeless and law to the lawless, leading him to become a real hero.


Blind Encounter

Dir. Kevin Andrews
A blind Greek busker has some inspiring views on the world and environment around him. Watch the short, Blind Encounter, to find out more.

Crossing Over: The Art of Jeremy Down

Dir. Mike Bernard
An artist nearly drowns and is saved by two eagles. Learn how the artist overcame and understood his near death experience and how he was saved.


Dir. Thomas Gleeson
What is it that makes a house a home?Thomas Gleeson’s moving documentary investigates domestic spaces, exploring what they mean to us.

Sid Burnard: Free Spirit

Dir. Alex J. Wright
Sid Burnard welcomes us into his weird and wonderful world of beachcombing. Watch this short directed by Alex J. Wright.

The Fisherman

Dir. Tom Burke
Pat climbs the hill of Bull na Mór to honour his father’s memory, he contemplates a life spent at sea. This short explores family issues.

The Sugar Bowl

Dir. Shasha Nakhai / Richard Williamson
The Sugar Bowl looks at the rise and fall of a Philippine island’s sugarcane industry. Watch this short to learn more about the sugar cane industry.



Dir. Nicholas Paton
A supernatural mystery emerges from the images snapped by a photographer in this hypnotic film. But what this means for the photographer?


Dir. Stephen Hanks
A father takes his daughter to the beach, perhaps for the last time. Dusk is directed by Stephen Hanks and asks many questions about the present.


Dir. Georgia Oakley
Two young strangers find solace in the silence of each other’s company. But what does this mean for them and where do they go from here?

La Hegira

Dir. Liteo Deliro
Mohammed’s struggle to decide between what his mind and his heart tell him. Which will he decide to follow and will it work out for him?

Line 102

Dir. Damian Schipporeit
A bus driver shows the door to a girl, resulting in immediate consequence: The girl becomes a victim of crime.


Dir. Shimmy Marcus
Despite a language barrier, a couple learn more about each other than they thought possible. The drama Rhinos, is directed by Shimmy Marcus.

Somebody’s Daughter

Dir. Gareth Peevers
Molly, a young hitchhiker, gets a lift with a troubled older man. His efforts to prolong their journey begin to unnerve her, does he mean to harm or protect her?



Dir. Camilla Robinson
A darkly wry, gothic tale of sadness, woe and untimely ends, this playful yet unsettling film is based on the illustrated works of Edward Gorey.

Fleeting Lights

Dir. Kenya Brading
An experimental film exploring the mind, body and soul within us, dealing with the idea of birth, death, and rebirth.

From I to I

Dir. Christopher Hollaran
Animation and film warp the paradigms of visual communication in cinema. From I to I is directed by Christopher Hollaran, watch to learn more.


Dir. Disa Krosness
Knead is derived from intuition with a wish to convey bodily experience. This experimental is directed by Disa Krogness.

L’Invitation au Voyage

Dir. Amélie Raoul
A man discovers how related outer and inner travels are. But what does this mean for him and how will this effect his life?


Dir. Alessandro Bavari
When two dichotomous and diametrically opposed realities, without identity and conscience, meet and mix, we enter into the Metachaos.

Music Video

Backfacing Normals – Cage

Dir. Jos Meijers
Backfacing Normals- Cage is directed by Jos Meijers. It will not mean the same to everyone, but it will mean something to someone.

Bull King

Dir. Nicolai Aass
Bull King is the film of a power hungry manipulator, an interpretation of the greed that created the financial crisis.

Jamal – Defto

Dir. Christopher Hollaran
Contemporary Bonnie & Clyde. Suitcase with dollars and the destination is unknown. Is love breaking down the borders or not?

Little Dragon – Crystal Film

Dir. Daniel Wirtberg
Tormented by nightmares of walking scarecrows, a girl finds herself all alone in the world, with no one to help her. Will she work out what she has to do?

Staygold – Backseat

Dir. Daniel Wirtberg & Jonas Rudstrom
To a soundtrack of Staygold’s ‘Backseat’ a group of friends head out in their brand new car, but the party really starts in the backseat.


American Gun

Dir. Jonathon Crewe
A bullied teenage loner is pushed over the edge with devastating consequences. What will happen? Will they overcome their external pressures?

Hold Out

Dir. Sam Wilkins
Two feuding men hold out after a crime. One dies. Then the real fight begins. Will the other man make it out alive? Find out in this short.

New With Tags

Dir. Matthew Nesbeth
Tom wants to disappear. He’ll run away to a city where nobody can find him. But will his plan work? Directed by Matthew Nesbeth.


Dir. Adam Brown
A young man has a surreal experience during a mundane job interview. How will this experience effect his life? Will he get the job in the end?

The Dark Night – Black Hearted Love

Dir. Daniel Marini
The Dark Night- Black Hearted Love is a journey to the dark side of the Möbius strip. What occurs on this journey? Directed by Daniel Marini.

Welcome to Leathermill

Dir. Russell England
When a lost driver finds himself in a small village in the north of England, the locals decide to have a little fun and teach him a lesson.