Film Library 2011

The first edition of the festival, 2011 marked the start of an exciting journey. With 15 venues, 150 films and four days of screenings, ASFF launched a unique platform for talent development, introducing audiences to the best in new, independent film from across the world.



Dir. Sara Pocock
7th is about a girl gets off at the wrong bus stop and finds herself alone in unfamiliar surroundings. Will she make it back home safely?

Dr Knowgood: Lion’s Pride

Dir. Arnold Zwanenburg
A lion has lost his mighty voice. Will it return? Or will he have to adapt to this new way of living? Directed by Arnold Zwanenburg.

Hasan Everywhere

Dir. Andrew Kavanagh
A brief but passionate friendship between an Israeli writer and a Palestinian artist. Will their relationship change the paths they choose?

The Light of Life

Dir. Daihei Shibata
Life is transparent, warm and swirls randomly like a soft light, constantly changing. The Light of Life explores the meaning behind life.

The Monk and the Monkey

Dir. Brendan Carroll & Francesco Giroldini
Ragu is sent by his master on his final quest to become a monk. A seemingly simple task becomes an unexpected challenge.

Artists’ Film


Dir. Alexei Dmitriev

Russian filmmaker Alexei Dmitriev presents an unhurried film dealing with the notion of the abstract.

Egg & Fag

Dir. Rose Hendry
The surroundings of a woman are slowly revealed and everything slowly becomes uncertain for her. Egg and Fag is directed by Rose Hendry.

Et in Arcadia Ego (There is Death even in Utopia)

Dir. Robyn Woolston
An autobiographical landscape of truth and impermanence, revealing the etched ‘effect’ of death itself.

The Forty Elephants

Dir. Alastair Cook
A dark trawl through threat and desire, driven by Gerard Rudolf’s incredible words. Will the outcome be positive or detrimental? Find out in this short.


Dir. Michael Barwise
This short is an exploration of life beside a peace wall in Northern Ireland and what it means. Wall is directed by Michael Barwise.


Alec: Urban Nomad

Dir. Octavia Hartland
Alec is 21 years old. He has built himself a micro-house out of plywood. But is it possible to live in it? Directed by Octavia Hartland.

Be Linen Movie

Dir. Benoi?t Millot
Linen is a link between the past and the present – from the fields to the shelves; it thrives. Learn more about the link by watching the short.

Flying Anne

Dir. Catherine van Campen
Anne suffers from Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. The short Flying Anne provides an insight into Anne’s life and how she manages her condition.


Dir. Tara Mahoney
Canadian National Chief seeks public recognition from Pope Benedict XVI for damages. Watch the short to find out about the damages that occured.

River Dog

Dir. James Muir / Daniel Hunter
A look into a lone farmer’s life, and the struggle he endures physically on his own but also mentally. Directed by James Muir and Daniel Hunter.

Welcome to Romford

Dir. Simon Smith
On a Friday night, the drivers of A1 Taxis get all sorts of people in the back of their cabs. This short looks at an average night for a taxi driver.


Algo Queda

Dir. Ana Lorenz
‘Something Left’ speaks to the arduous task that caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients perform, portraying a daughter’s sacrafice for her mother.

An Artificial Light

Dir. Tim Courtney
Jonathan buries the memories of Isobel in the snow. Why does Jonathan do this and what happened to Isobel? Find out in this short.

Based on a True Story

Dir. Kerem Keskin
Salih believes a movie is reality and tries to convince his friends to find the money. Based on a True Story is directed by Kerem Keskin.


Dir. Mathy Tremewan & Fran Broadhurst
Two ‘lovers on the run’ head into the middle of nowhere, armed only with strange trinkets and a silver boombox.

Happy Clapper

Dir. Tom Marshall
A wannabe gangster living alone in a caravan gets a visit from a born again Christian. Will they influence each other or is this a recipe for disaster?

Lessons From A Stranger

Dir. Mahmut Akay
A man learns a valuable lesson from a stranger. How does this lesson impact the mans life for good? Find out in this short.

Top of the Range

Dir. Ruth Paxton
Greer’s weird. Everyone in the village thinks so, for many reasons. Why do Greer’s village think this about him? What did he do that was so wrong?


Building Blocks

Dir. Neil K Kempsell
A time-lapse visual exploration and soundscape of an office block construction. Building Blocks is directed by Neil K. Kempsell.

Mijn Veld (My Field)

Dir. Jos Meijers
A gripping short film centered around the unusual meeting of an inquisitive girl and a traumatized young man.

Noah’s Arc

Dir. Sam Meech
A classic story of preservation, recontextualised as a meditation on the fragility of digital media, and retold solely using material from the North West Film Archive.

One Way of Going

Dir. Liesbeth Marit
A woman slowly says goodbye to the life she led. Watch this short to discover why she says goodbye and what led her to that point.

The Death of Johnny Forceps

Dir. Timothy David Orme
The life and death of a man who could be Johnny Forceps. Discover who Johnny Forceps is and what happened to Johnny in this short.

Music Video

Distant Street Lights – Codes In The Clouds

Dir. Shaun Hughes / Tim Courtney

DJ Rkod: The Deep

Dir. Sean Pruen

Jay Haze: Mama Coca (SIS Remix)

Dir. Roman Tönjes & Lukas Loss

Merak – Delete Me

Dir. Lukas Vojir

SADISTIK – Searching for Some Beautiful

Dir. Bryan Campbell

The Sun (feat. Nili) – Villeneuve

Dir. Duriez Jeremie


(Sudd) Out of Erasers

Dir. Erik Rosenlund
As the world transforms, you’re the last one to find out… Watch this short to find out what happens and what you must do to help.


Dir. Andre Rehal
Andre Rehal’s Grey dipicts a hitman at the end of his rope, Grey lives the only way he knows how to – by the gun.

Man Made

Dir. Fern Berresford
Two men strike a deal that is revealed to be something altogether far more sinister. What have these men got themselves into?

Red in the Water

Dir. Mikel Gurrea
A myth surrounding Medusa and the crystalisation of her blood is brought to life by a deaf fisherman in the 20th century.

Some Static Started

Dir. Ben Briand
Three people and the mysterious dream that brings them all together. But what does this mean for them and why were they all brought together?

The Dichotomy

Dir. Hunter Kallenbach
Fear of the unknown drives a man, Blake, into isolation and insanity, where he must face his greatest fear.