VR & Immersive Technologies at ASFF

Presented in partnership with London College of Communication, the Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2019 (6-10 November) presents a five-day programme of live events, games, animation, sound arts and design that push the boundaries of conventional moving image within the prestigious and historic York Theatre Royal.

This forward-thinking programme of events takes place alongside the Screen School VR Lab, which consists of 360-degree film screenings and a separate strand of immersive screenings. These films take audiences out of reality entirely, transporting viewers to imagined landscapes and alien scenarios. Attendees are invited to experience film in new dimensions and be immersed in some of the world’s most exciting new technologies.

Returning to the festival for a second year, these screenings are accompanied by free VR Panel Discussions, hosted by London College of Communication. These informal talks challenge traditional academic models and encourage delegates to interact with narratives on a more sensory and reactionary level. Highlights of these groundbreaking talks include a discussion on changing perspectives through VR journalism called Empathy and Understanding: The Future of Documentary(Thursday 7 November, 13.00-14.00).

On the craft of VR filmmaking, leading filmmakers will share their methods in making 360-degree content as accessibility to enabling equipment continues to grow. The talk takes place on Friday 8 November, 14.30-15.30. And to illustrate the full potential of VR, a panel on its multitude of uses will be held on Sunday 10 November 14.30-15.30. Imploring delegates to see beyond VR as simply a means of entertainment, panellists will present the potential that the medium can have in the realms of medicine, education and rehabilitation.

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1. The Screen School VR Lab in collaboration with LCC London. ASFF 2018. Courtesy of Jim Poyner.