Virtual Reality at ASFF

In 2018, ASFF launches Screen School VR Lab in partnership with the London College of Communication, a series of immersive sessions and industry discussions that explore the expanding landscape of virtual reality and the new possibilities that it presents in terms of filmmaking, training and absorbing information. Journalism has surpassed written and video formats to now engage with audiences in exciting, inspired new ways. Interactive journalism allows readers to take a more insightful journey into the story that they are following, and VR takes this even further. In VR Broadcasting: The Changing Face of Journalism (Upper Foyer, York Theatre Royal; Wednesday 7 November, 12:00-13:00) experts of the field will discuss the changing face of reporting, and question a journalist’s role within a story presented via virtual reality.

Now a popular means of communication and interaction, questions about the ethics and consequences that come with using virtual reality must be considered. In The Ethics of Illusion: VR in the Everyday (Colonnade, York Theatre Royal; Sunday 11 November, 14:00-15:00) panellists will explore these questions further, and what can be expected to happen as this medium infiltrates society further. 360 degree films are being used more and more for commercial purposes, video installations and immersive experiences. In VR Filmmaking: How to Create a 360° Film (Upper Foyer, York Theatre Royal; Friday 9 November, 12:45-13:45), filmmaker assemble to offer practical advice on how to make content that suits this format, from an initial idea to production and through to post, and any challenges and will most likely arise as you get to grips with this impressive new means of filmmaking.

As with all new developments in filmmaking, longevity and lucrativeness are key questions that define whether they are worth investing in. In Financial Models: The Future of VR (Colonnade, York Theatre Royal; Saturday 10 November, 15:30-16:30) panellists will debate whether VR is simply a means of entertainment or a vital medium for training and personal improvement.

Tickets for ASFF’s VR Lab will be available daily throughout the festival and must be collected at the Festival Hub on the day of the event.

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