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This year’s Official Selection Film Programme is organised through six strands, curated by theme and including multiple genres. Each strand addresses key themes, encouraging wider conversations about the world in which we live.

Just Another Day
on Earth

On Demand
Until 30 November

Earth is a diverse and beautiful place. It is a melting pot of cultures, practices and people, as varied as the landscapes they inhabit. This selection of screenings examines what it means to live on such an extraordinary planet, offering global perspectives into who we are and how we live, alone and together. Just Another Day on Earth brings to light the human condition, offering insights into the place that we call home. These films consider our interactions with one another.

Film Programmes
  • Animation: Helplessness & Despair
  • Artist Film: Time & Place
  • Comedy: Strange Tales
  • Documentary: An Air Of Melancholy
  • Drama: To All The Boys
  • Drama: Family Business
  • Music Video: Points Of View
  • Thriller: Alone In The Dark
  • Documentary Feature: Neighbors
  • Narrative Feature: Paradise

Humans and their

On Demand
Until 30 November

The world is a busy place, for better or for worse. The 21st century is defined by new technologies, healthcare, entertainment, politics, consumerism, inequality and conflict. With 7.5 billion individuals, what are the effects of our presence? Populations continue to surge, natural resources are plundered and waste is increasing. How do we maintain a sense of home and belonging in a changing world? This programme explores humans and how they interact with their environment.

Film Programmes
  • Animation: Future & Decline
  • Documentary: The Inevitability f Change
  • Drama: Irreversible Actions
  • Drama: Who Am I
  • Experimental: Of You And You Over There
  • Family Friendly: Someone Else’s Shoes
  • Fashion: Ideas Exploring Ideas
  • Music Video: Rhythmic Narratives
  • Narrative Feature: Nothing More Perfect

People, Places and Identity

On Demand
Until 30 November

Humanity binds us together. Our connections transcend borders and solidify shared experiences. Every day, we have the ability to reach new heights of understanding and develop empathy for all four corners of the world. Our relationships make us feel: compassion, love, hatred and aggression. They allow us to explore new places and our identity as individuals. This strand considers the importance of human relationships, whether physical, technological or spiritual.

Film Programmes
  • Advertising: Storytelling & Innovation
  • Animation: Separation & Memories
  • Artists’ Film: Identity
  • Comedy: Lovers & Haters
  • Drama: Take Me Home
  • Drama: Breaking Limits
  • Thriller: Love & Chunder
  • Documentary Feature: The Deathless Woman
  • Narrative Feature: Paradise Hotel

Breaking Down

On Demand
Until 30 November

There are people in the world that seek to divide us. Politics, news cycles and conflict dominate and direct our relationships – our perceptions of others. Obstacles and constructed barriers seek to separate us in the physical world. Outdated ideals of “normality” serve as oppression against identity and expression. This programme welcomes outstanding creative voices as they stand up against compliance. It’s time to break down barriers – literal and metaphorical.

Film Programmes
  • Artists’ Film: Memory
  • Comedy: The World Is Strange In Times Of Change
  • Dance: Power And Perseverance
  • Documentary: Somewhere Far Away
  • Drama: Fuck The System
  • Drama: Disconnect
  • Fashion: Who I Am
  • Thriller: Needs & Desires
  • Documentary Feature: Women’s Day
  • Narrative Feature: How To Stop A Recurring Dream

Reclaiming Space:
Universal and Personal Narratives

On Demand
Until 30 November

We are all unique. There is no set formula for being human and that’s the way it should be. However, individuals and communities are still marginalised and discriminated against for who they are and the values that they hold. The history books are lined with examples of misrepresentation. It is imperative that we change perceptions, deepen empathy and reclaim space. These films offer bold, outspoken narratives that encourage us to come together in a divided world.

Film Programmes
  • Animation: Choices & Consequences
  • Comedy: Try To Understand
  • Dance: This Is Movement
  • Documentary: The Seen And The Unseen
  • Drama: Blood Water
  • Experimental: Disconnect
  • Fashion: Balance
  • Thriller: A Change Is Gonna Come
  • Narrative Feature: Write When You Get Work

Keep on the Sunny
Side of Life

On Demand
Until 30 November

Now is the time for resilience. Now is the time for reinvention. There is so much beauty and kindness to celebrate in this world. Let’s take joy in our surroundings through art, culture and creative expression. We have the power to be optimistic. It has been a challenging time for all, but we can choose to resist division. There is so much to be grateful for. These films, made by the next generation of storytellers, reintroduce us to hope, inspiration and community.

Film Programmes
  • Comedy: Experts In Misadventure
  • Documentary: Solitude & Solidarity
  • Drama: New Chapters
  • Drama: Stand Tall
  • Drama: Know Yourself
  • Experimental: Even Absence Resonates
  • Family Friendly: Friends & Relationships
  • Family Friendly: Fantastical Tales

Special Programmes & Live Events

Beyond the Official Selection, Aesthetica presents a unique festival experience, welcoming specially curated guest programmes, showcase screenings from leading film schools and universities, as well as an outstanding schedule of live industry events, featuring renowned speakers from across a range of crafts.

Live events, including showcase screenings, masterclasses and special events, take place on our Industry Live Channels. These are recorded and are then available On Demand until 30 November. Access live or watch in your own time.

Guest Programmes:

Released 8am | Tuesday 3 November
Available On Demand

Experience a breadth of identities, cultures and outlooks. This year’s extensive programme of specially curated screenings welcomes organisations such as the Transgender Media Lab, showcasing original works from trans communities, a spotlight on indigenous practitioners from Native Spirit Festival, and more.

For full details please refer to the 2020 programme or find out more here.

Guest Organisations
  • Cinesisters
  • Digital Creativity Labs
  • Directors Notes / Can We Talk DXB
  • Doc Society
  • Imperial War Museum
  • Iris Prize
  • Native Spirit Festival
  • Norwegian Short Film Festival
  • Oska Bright
  • São Paulo International Short Film Festival
  • Scottish Documentary Institute
  • Short of the Week
  • Transgender Media Portal

ASFF 10 Year Anniversary:
Alumni Guest Programmes

On Demand
Until 30 November

ASFF welcomes back alumni from the past 10 editions of the festival, screening works that define turbulent times – considering the climate crisis, new technologies and political shifts. We reflect on a decade of truly outstanding cinema. Join us in celebrating a decade of award-winning, bold and unique short films across a range of genres.

For full details please refer to the 2020 programme or find out more here.

Guest Organisations
  • 3 Nov: Perspectives: Seeing the World Differently
  • 4 Nov: Our Fragile Existence: Witness to the Climate Crisis
  • 5 Nov: Global Migrations: Populations in Transit
  • 6 Nov: A Troubled World in Strange Times
  • 7 Nov: The Future is Now: Humans & Technology
  • 8 Nov: A Decade of Cinema: Outstanding Shorts from ASFF

Showcase Screenings:
Visionary New Talent

On Demand
Until 30 November

ASFF’s renowned Showcase Screenings are a demonstration of the UK’s burgeoning new film talent. Presenting works from today’s leading schools and institutions, these events are a chance to see and hear from the next generation of filmmakers. These live screenings are accompanied by specialist Q&As and panel discussions.

For full details please refer to the 2020 programme or find out more here.

Showcases Presented By:
  • Arts University Bournemouth
  • University of Lincoln
  • London College of Communication
  • London College of Fashion
  • Ravensbourne University
  • Regent’s University London
  • University of York
  • York St John University

Industry Masterclasses:
Learn From the Experts

On Demand
Until 30 November

ASFF welcomes industry leaders from a range of disciplines to speak about their craft, offering a unique opportunity to gain first-hand insights across more than 100 live events. This year’s special guests include Andrea Arnold (American Honey), Sam Feder (DISCLOSURE), Russell Tovey (Years and Years) and Sarah Gavron (Suffragette).

For full details please refer to the 2020 programme or find out more here.

Family Friendly Screenings:
Cinema for Little ones

On Demand
Until 30 November

As part of our commitment to engage with younger audiences, ASFF presents a selection of Family Friendly screenings, showcasing exciting adventures that the whole family can enjoy. Spanning animation and live action, these films capture the imagination and take you on adventures, inviting everyone to laugh and learn.

For full details please refer to the 2020 programme or find out more here.

Screen School 360 Cinema:
Experience Film Differently

On Demand
Until 30 November

ASFF and London College of Communication’s Screen School invite audiences to immerse themselves, discover new worlds and experience 360 cinema at home. Explore the future of cinema with daily panel discussions. Want to feel part of the action? Purchase an ASFF cardboard headset along with your pass to experience at home.

For full details, click here

For full listings of Special Events, including networking, pitching and the Industry Marketplace, please visit Events Page.