Unconventional Ideas

A unique experiment in provocative fashion, representing strong women, that strive for everything the universe has to offer. Female bravery, individual standing and juicy fantasies – perfectly wrapped up in the exceptional sensuality of Ruby fashion. David Onuora’s Ruby screens at ASFF 2017 as part of the Advertising strand.

ASFF: What do you think is the importance of film festivals in today’s cinematic landscape?
DO: Film festivals have always been a cornerstone in discovering and developing new talents, as well as connecting the establishment with the up and coming. We think with the growing vastness of stories and visuals, now more than ever, do we need film festivals of different themes as curators of taste.

ASFF: How did you begin the process of making your film, where did the idea come from?
DO: Especially when working as a team, there is no rhyme or reason behind the inception of an idea. We simply brainstorm until we find the most basic truth about what we want to express. Then we take a more structured approach and grow the idea into a concept.

ASFF: How do sound and visuals relate to each other in your short?
DO: As we chose to follow a more abstract approach in telling our story, we realised that the music and sound design would play a big part in delivering an experience where the story would be more felt than understood. Therefore, the sound is a lot more daring and contradictory than the visuals.

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1. Trailer for Ruby Fashion Film.