Thriller Round-Up: ASFF 2013 Programme

There’s one week to go until the Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF) opens in 15 venues across York. This latest instalment of York’s international film event celebrates and supports the Thriller genre, with a rich selection of suspense-filled films from across the world. In light of Halloween, we highlight a round-up of thrillers to see at ASFF:

Cold Warrior
Emily Greenwood (Wellington Films), UK, 2012
A young Romanian gymnast questions her dreams of Olympic glory when she unearths the truth about her Communist state’s shady government doping plot to win at any cost.

James Moffett (Clueless Films), Malta, 2013
Shamed and lonely, an army deserter decides to take his own life, but is confronted by a seemingly impossible occurrence. What is real and when does reality blur into fantasy?

The Black Scholes Conspiracy
Tim Bassford (Reel Issues), UK, 2012
In the high-pressure world of global finance, a city trader who is seeking revenge for his wife’s death finds himself drawn into one final, nightmarish confrontation.

Pro Kopf
Sascha Zimmerman (Top Five Films), Germany, 2012
A bored businessman makes a phone call home only for his maid to reveal a shocking discovery about his wife. Once the truth is out, who will pay?

Nour Wazzi (Panacea Productions / Traveller Films), UK, 2012
Held captive by a circus, Malu is rescued from her shackles by her husband. As she waits anxiously in the darkness for her chance to escape, a disturbing truth surfaces.

Guillermo Gomez Puentes (Grymo), Chile, 2013
Cloaked by darkness in the depth of a forest, lit only by the cold moonlight and the flickering fire, two girls dwell on their relationships and recent events.

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1. Shackled, Nour Wazzi (Panacea Productions / Traveller Films), UK, 2012.