Thriller: Dreams and Reality

Rami is a 17-year-old teenager who lives with his affectionate but overly firm father. Every night, he has the same dark, recurring nightmare, in which he kills an unknown man. Leila Basma’s Man Is Hunter screens at ASFF 2017 as part of the Thriller strand.

ASFF: What does it mean to have your film in ASFF’s Official Selection?
LB: The Aesthetica Short Film Festival will be one of my first film festivals and I am extremely excited; the programme is looking great; the masterclasses are really interesting and I feel like this festival will open many doors for me.

ASFF: Where do you get your inspiration?
LB: I honestly don’t have a main source of inspiration; it could be anything, from a place I visited, to someone I met. But I’ve noticed recurring themes in the things I write such as coming of age stories set in the Arab World.

ASFF: How did you begin the process of making your film, where did the idea come from?
LB: The main character of my film is based on a young boy who used to go to the same school as mine. His parents saw him as someone who’s incapable of pursuing real education, or getting real work done. He had troubles accepting himself and gaining confidence in what he wanted to do.

ASFF: How do sound and visuals relate to each other in your short?
LB: I’d say that sound and visuals are extremely connected in the film since they both impart Rami’s (the main character’s) state of mind and emotions. They are directly connected to Rami’s point of view, which distorts with the evolution of the film. They were also my first tools to create the confusion between dreams and reality.

ASFF: What do you have planned for the rest of the year?
LB: I’m currently planning on continuing a Master’s degree in Directing Film. I’m also writing a new script that I hope to shoot by next year.

ASFF: How does the short form allow for experimentation / innovation where feature length falls short?
LB: I think that short films allow you to focus on one main idea, or feeling or a situation and truly experiment and communicate everything you have to say within a few minutes. It forces you to stay simple and to the point.

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1. Trailer for Man is Hunter. Courtesy of Vimeo.