Summer Highlights: Boutique Festivals Taking Place in Europe this June

Summer is an ideal time to experience a wide range of innovative outdoor music and arts festivals taking place across Europe. Alongside the usual festival circuit of mainstream bands and predictable programmes, we turn our attention to three boutique events in Bulgaria, Montenegro and Switzerland which incorporate an eco-friendly attitude and homemade local foods with a promising list of emerging artists and DJs. A unique medley of summer activities, these European festivals offer a new and inspirational way to enjoy music, art, film, sport and the environment in outstanding locations of natural beauty.

1. Meadows in the Mountains Festival, 12-14 June, Bulgaria.
Set in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, Meadows in the Mountains returns for its fifth edition from 12 June. Presenting an alternative selection of artists including Mo Kolours, Binh, Brand New Wayo, Albrect Wassersleben, Beat Pete, Bruno Schimdt and DNR Vinyl, the festival combines music and contemporary art collectives with energising outdoor activities such as mountain zip lining, downhill grass bob-sleighing, horse-riding and yoga. Alongside the additional draw of bathing in natural thermal springs and waterfalls, Meadows in the Mountains offers attendees an active, family and eco-friendly music festival experience with added local village life and locally sourced food.

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2. Southern Soul Festival, 25-28 June, Montenegro.
A kite surfing beach mecca with yoga, volleyball, football & more, Southern Soul unites wild nature, beaches and river canyons with homemade food and a wholesome local welcome. Featured artists include Jarrod Lawson, DJ Spinna, Dairmount, Abi Clarke, Food For Ya Soul and many more. Taking place across three long summer days, Southern Soul returns for its third year to confirm its growing reputation as a prime underground soul festival in Europe. Organised with The Dolcinium Kite Club on Copacabana Beach, this affordable festival is a good way to combine music and dynamic water-sports at a sun-drenched beach location.

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3. Weekend At The Edge Of The Lake Festival, 26-28 June, Switzerland.
The 9th edition of Weekend At The Edge Of The Lake returns to its scenic Alpine location of Lake Geronde, Sierre. The festival brings renowned live bands and DJs including Nightmares On Wax, Fakear, Akua Nara, At Jazz & Julian Gomes, Boogie Belgique, Kashink and more, to a lake and beachside setting. Alongside an active selection of sporting activities such as volleyball, lake pedalos and Petangue, the festival offers a dynamic visual arts schedule of film screenings, photography, sculpture and live theatre. With the added bonus of local vineyards and hill-side walks, the fully sustainable and eco-friendly Weekend At The Edge Of The Lake is a delightful addition the summer festival circuit.

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1. Weekend At The Edge Of The Lake, 2014.