The Shells, Live Theatre Performance at Berlin Tempelhof, 13 – 20 June

Chronicling the unravelling of a white picket-fenced American-German town after a savage murder, and inspired by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, this is an immersive theatre performance to be staged over eight days and allows audiences to inhabit a role in the unfolding drama.

Participants will walk through the fictional town of Neu-Friedenwald – set up in Germany in 1945 by a group of idealist Americans, disillusioned with the American Dream – and to engage directly with those that live there, while confronting their own anxieties in response to the various situations that emerge around them.

The setting is a quiet, utopian “city upon a hill”, where puritan values of family, chastity and discipline and held by a community which distances itself from outsiders and only opens its gates once a year to visitors for a strict, short tourist season. During this time the town puts on its well-presented, ever-friendly ‘public face’ – however this year, the tranquillity is shattered as 17 year old Cecila Fitts, is found dead. Tourist season goes ahead as usual, however the town is fraying increasingly evidently.

Audiences will watch the town’s high morals and cohesion slowly dissolve into aggressive behaviour and depravity, and the sexual and domestic violence which usually happens behind closed doors breaks into the fore. This piece shines a feminist light onto the way in which societal boundaries are upheld and in some societies abuse has become normalized and unacknowledged.

The Shells – Ausflug nach Neu-Friedenwald, 13-20 June, 7th floor, Gottlieb Dunkel Strasse 43, Berlin-Tempelhof.

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