The Perfect Shot

ASFF’s 2021 masterclasses provide an important platform for new discussions around craft, cinematography and editing in film. Learn from the experts who worked on Broadchurch and Killing Eve.

The A-Z of Filmmaking 

There is a saying around here; “it’s just an idea away.” However, where do these ideas come from and what does it really take to turn your idea into a film? In this session, a panel of filmmakers from this year’s Official Selection discuss individual methods and approaches towards filmmaking, from developing character and plot to bringing the bigger picture to life. They will offer practical tips for production and explore the creative process from script to screen. An essential panel discussion that covers the journey from start to finish.

2 November, York Explore & Available On Demand 

Beyond the Studio: Shooting on Location 

Shooting on location brings many rewards – atmosphere, authenticity, character – but also many challenges. Richard Knight, Production Liaison for Screen Yorkshire, has 15 years’ experience in location management, working on acclaimed productions such as This is England, The Virtues and Four Lions. In this session, Knight guides us through the process of finding and securing the right location, offering pragmatic advice for filmmakers looking to expand their horizons and take their shoot out into the real world.

2 November, York Explore & Available On Demand 

Film Programming in the Online Age 

Physical cinemas have endured an enforced period of closure due to COVID-19, with a huge rise of titles taking to streaming services. This panel, hosted by journalist and industry expert Charles Gant (Screen International), looks at the myriad challenges and opportunities film curators face as they look to connect their audiences with a wider film culture. Panellists include: Joan Parsons (Head of Queens Film Theatre Belfast), Julie Pearce (BFI) and Mark Cosgrove (Head Curator, Watershed Bristol).

2 November, Virtual Online, Channel 1

The Potential of Social Virtual Reality 

When you put your headset on and head into a social VR space, you are engaging with people in a new “live” and “physical” sense. As Virtual Reality becomes more integrated into daily life, how is social VR changing the way we interact with each other? Is it just a fad or is Virtual Reality the next social media? Can we harvest a new form of human connection? This engaging panel discussion touches on some of the most up-to-date dialogues in the development of VR, as we consider how it will integrate with our digital avatars.

3 November, York Explore & Available on Demand 

Spatial Sound: Building Authentic Audio 

Audio is a key component to attracting and directing the attention of viewers, keeping them fixed within a story. It can create a new landscape and multi-layered perspectives, engrossing the viewer and keeping them fixated within a landscape and wider storyline. Sound is part of a wider sensory network that grounds and immerses audiences in a landscape, allowing the narrative to unfold authentically. But beyond volume and direction, what are the main points to consider when constructing sound?

4 November, York Explore & Available on Demand

Sound Design with Paul Davies

This is your chance to learn the art of how sound design can transform a film, from BAFTA-nominated sound designer and supervising sound editor, Paul Davies. His renowned body of work includes over 130 credits, spanning almost 40 years, including You Were Never Really Here and We Need to Talk About Kevin. During this masterclass, Paul will highlight specific aspects of the craft, such as how to establish yourself as a sound editor, how to tell a compelling story through sound, and the relationships on-set. Masterclass delivered in partnership with the Mandy Network.

6 November, Yorkshire Museum, Channel 2

Filmmaking Fundamentals: Individuality & Originality 

Establishing yourself as a filmmaker takes determination and resolve. Making great films is about more than telling stories. Developing a distinctive style is key in order to connect with audiences, funders and collaborators. In this session, directors across a range of genres speak about the importance of style, individuality and originality, taking into consideration their own methods, influences and inspirations.

4 November, York Explore & Available On Demand

The Art of Storytelling Through Editing

The work of renowned editor Nicolas Chaudeurge includes more than 40 film and television credits, spanning almost 20 years in the business. A frequent collaborator with director Andrea Arnold, his credits include the Oscar-winning film Still Alice and multiple episodes of cult series Black Mirror and Netflix’s Top Boy. During this session, Nicolas will highlight specific aspects of the editing craft, such as how to establish yourself as an editor and how to tell a story through editing. In partnership with The Mandy Network.

6 November, Virtual Only, Channel 1

Found in the Edit: Rising Through The Ranks

Mick Audsley is a leading film editor with more than 40 feature credits. He has worked on numerous projects, including Murder on the Orient Express for Kenneth Branagh and The Personal History of David Copperfield. He will speak in conversation with Pani Scott, who has been his assistant editor for over a decade, as well as editor Jeremiah O’ Driscoll who ascended from assistant editor to working for Robert Zemeckis. Audsley, O’Driscoll and Scott invite us into the cutting room, asking what it takes to “find” a film in the edit.

6 November, York Theatre Royal & Available On Demand

Focus On Cinematography: Nicola Daley

Cinematography is a precise and fascinating art, crucial to establishing tone, building atmosphere, telling a story and conjuring coherent and captivating cinematic worlds. In this illuminating discussion, Nicola Daley (Pin Cushion, The Letdown) discusses her work, exploring the creative and practical processes that go into shooting striking and stylish film and television for the likes of Hulu and Netflix. A deep dive, this session will bring a highly skilled and vitally important profession into sharp focus. 

7 November, York Explore & Available On Demand 

Independent Filmmaking: Working to a Budget 

Outside of major film studios and large-scale productions, filmmaking is not for the faint-hearted, as budgets and crews are miniature by comparison, with little in the way of budgets and teams. On an independent level, what steps can a filmmaker take to bring their story to life and at a professional standard within these parameters?  Directors and producers join this session to offer advice on their methods of working within a budget and managing expectations without compromising on quality.

7 November, York Explore & Available On Demand

Masterclasses will run in-person in York, UK, from 2-7 November. Most sessions will also be recorded and will be available to stream on our virtual platform until 30 November. Learn more about our masterclasses here. Tickets start from £25. Discover our pass options here.