The Broken Circle Breakdown

The Broken Circle Breakdown directed by Felix Van Groeningen features outstanding performances from Veerle Baetens and Johan Heldenbergh. The plot follows an unlikely couple, Elise (Baetens) and Didier (Heldenbergh). The pair strike up a passionate and intense relationship; it’s love at first sight. They become even closer through their bluegrass band, and then unexpectedly experience the joy of parenthood with the arrival of Maybelle. At first it seems as though this unconventional couple have found complete happiness.

However, sadness and sorrow soon emerge and begin to make a mark; Didier and Elise start to respond in different ways. The film revolves around the question of whether love can conquer fate? A very personal and intense drama, the bluegrass soundtrack carries audiences through to completion. The soundtrack is by the TBCB band (performed by the cast).

The Broken Circle Breakdown enjoyed a 10- minute standing ovation and Audience Award at Berlin Film Festival, and went on to screen at Tribeca and Cannes. The UK premiere will take place at the Sensoria Festival in Sheffield at the Showroom on 26 September and director Felix Van Groeningen will be in attendance. The film will be released across the UK on 18 October.

1. The Broken Circle Breakdown, Felix Van Groeningen.