The Aesthetica Short Film Festival Brings New Dance Strand to Audiences

Become immersed in ASFF’s first official dance strand with mesmerising performances and creative partnerships from international artists, choreographers, filmmakers and composers. This year at ASFF, we celebrate the rapidly expanding genre through our very first dedicated showcase of dance on film; an art form that captures the intuitive nuances of choreographed human motion and stylised actions.

Featured works in 2015 include Sing the Sand into Pearls by Raquel Claudino, a story of three rebellious women who escape from a self-centred society; Approaching the Puddle by Sebastian Gimmel, featuring a curious women dancing around puddles; Ingo Putze’s Solo Finale, the tale of a relationship gone awry; and OneOne by Daniel Belton, an innovative piece that collates dance, animated visuals and sound.

At ASFF, dance combines with the art of the filmmaker to reveal an exciting and thriving genre, filled with dynamic moving images. The festival champions excellence in short filmmaking from around the world. It returns for its fifth edition this year running 5-8 November 2015 across 15 venues in York.

See dance screenings at ASFF, 5-8 November, venues across York.

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1. Still Sing the Sand into Pearls, Raquel Claudino.