TANDEM, ASFF Masterclass

TANDEM is an Oscar winning animation studio specialising in commercials and shorts. For ASFF 2013, producer Emma Burch will discuss the studio’s filmmaking process with Oscar and BAFTA winning director Daniel Greaves. Looking closely at his new short, Mr Plastimime, the masterclass will include clips from his Oscar winner, Manipulation, and a Q&A. The company believe in the craft of animation and appreciate the collaborative elements of production. TANDEM brings together world-class directors working in numerous styles.

Daniel Greaves began his career in 1977 studying animation at West Surrey College of Art. Upon graduating in 1980 Greaves worked as a freelance animator at many London studios before founding Tandem Films with his business partner Nigel Pay in 1986. Winning over 100 international film awards, his shorts are unique and inspiring. He is Animation Director at TANDEM and has an output of a significant number of films, including, Family Tree, Flatworld, Rockin’ & Rollin’, Little Things, Beginning, Middle and End and Speechless.

Emma Burch works specifically in animation production. She has produced on several shorts, as well as directing and writing Being Bradford Dillman (2011). In 2012 she released Icecapade, a festive film about felines.

The TANDEM masterclass is at York St John University at ASFF on 8 November, 16.30 – 17.30. To buy tickets visit www.asff.co.uk/tickets

1. Mr Plastimime, Daniel Greaves, courtesy of TANDEM.