Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit my film?

Aesthetica Short Film festival accepts submissions through the festival website.

To submit your project, please visit our submissions page here

Submissions are also accepted via FilmFreeway and withoutabox

Can I request a fee waiver?

The registration fee for your submission covers the administrative and programming costs. Unfortunately, we cannot offer fee waivers.

Can I send my film in a higher quality format?

For the purpose of the judging process, we only require access to a viewable online version of your film. If your film is selected to be screened at ASFF, we will then ask you to supply a higher quality version for screening.

Are there any age restrictions on submitting to the festival?

There are no age restrictions on submitting to the festival so everyone is welcome to enter. Work can therefore be entered on behalf of someone who is under 18 and it is your judgement call as to whether you think the work is suitable.

Does my film have to have been produced this year?

We accept submissions of films produced in any year, but we will give preferred consideration to films produced within the last three years.

Is entry to the festival open to international entrants?

The festival is open to international submissions. We welcome submissions from all over the world and look forward to seeing a huge variety of entries.

My film is not in English, do I have to provide English subtitles?

All dialogue in the film is required to either be dubbed in to English, or provide English subtitles. The only exception is with song lyrics, which do not have to be translated.

Can I submit work which has been previously screened elsewhere?

Yes, entries can be sent which have previously been screened elsewhere, but please include information on previous screenings with your submission.

After the judging process is complete, can I get any feedback?

Due to the number of entries received, the judges unfortunately cannot offer any feedback on unsuccessful entries.

Can I alter my entry once it has been submitted?

You can alter your submission up up until the deadline on 31st May 2019. Following this, no further changes or updates can be made.

I haven't received confirmation of my submission. What can I do?

If you haven't received a confirmation email within 3 days of submitting, we recommend that you Please let us know which platform was used, the film's title and the date you originally submitted.

What are the copyright regulations for the festival?

You retain the copyright for all your work.

Do I need music/sound rights for my submission?

Yes. You are fully responsible for the clearance of all music or sound contained in your entry. You may be required to produce documentation at anytime.
Find out more at:
BBC Academy - A Guide to Music Copyright
The American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers

My entry contains film/movie clips from other sources. Do I need to acquire copyright, even for non-commercial use?

Yes, you are still responsible for the clearance to use all external material. You may be required to produce documentation at any time.

My film contains adult topics, can I still submit?

Yes, but please be aware that the films will be shown in public screenings. The organisers of the screenings have the right to deny material that they deem unsuitable for their viewers. Please indicate the age rating of your film on your entry form.

I submitted my film to ASFF before and was unsuccessful. Can I submit it again this year?

We do accept submissions of films that have been submitted to ASFF before as long as there have been substantial changes. If your film has previously been rejected by us, consider what you can do to improve your application this time.

My short film slightly exceeds 30 minutes. Will you still consider it?

We specify 30 minutes as the maximum cut-off for a short film, but we will still accept submissions of films of up to 35 minutes in length. Short films over 30 minutes may have less chance of inclusion in our programme as we generally programme reels compiled of six films running between 60 and 90 minutes.

We are accepting feature films in the 2019 festival, and are encouraging entries running between 60 and 120 minutes.

I have a feature film. Can I submit?

The 2019 festival will be our second year of accepting feature film submissions. We are encouraging entries of both narrative and documentary genres running between 60 and 120 minutes.

Can you accept DCP for exhibition?

Only a number of our venues are equipped with DCP systems. We only accept high quality quicktimes from filmmakers, which can be converted to DCP by the festival team if required. If you are submitting a feature film, you may be asked to provide a DCP depending on the venue the film will screen at. However, as a standard, high quality quicktimes are our exhibition format throughout the festival.

I can't access the online entry form / I need an accessible version of the form

We prefer to receive submissions via the online form, but if you can't access it, please contact us at and request a Word Document version of the form.

Can I enter more than one film?

You may enter as many films as you like. You must purchase a separate entry fee for each film you submit, and you must also complete the online entry form separately for each film.

If you wish to purchase multiple entries, please select "add entries to cart" at the checkout. You will need to enter a title for each entry (the name can be changed once the entry has been purchased).