Submission Countdown: Fashion

From fashion documentarian Lorna Tucker, short fashion film Red Shoes brings a Vivienne Westwood flair to Hans Christian Andersen’s notorious fairytale. Starring model and actress Lily Cole as the shoe-bound ballerina, Red Shoes is inspired by Westwood’s Climate Revolution, a non-profit charity aimed at discrediting global governments,

The film uses theatrical choreography, opulent exteriors and Westwood’s signature punk aesthetic to show a woman oppressed by unseen forces, with the strong contrast of luxury and decay sending powerful messages of destruction and imprisonment.

With a climactic dance under the stars that will inevitably lead to tragedy, this is a short yet poignant reminder to how power can be manipulated to control and entrap those in positions of vulnerability. 

Lorna Tucker is a former music video and promo director for bands such as The Cult and Queens of The Stone Age, who moved into fashion and documentary filmmaking with Red Shoes, and then on to the feature documentary Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist and Amá, a documentary on one woman’s fight for North American women’s reproductive rights. Red Shoes was the short film to launch Tucker’s career, who is now working on her debut drama feature Bare.

Red Shoes played at Aesthetica Short Film Festival as part of the Fashion programme, a celebration of both established and emerging labels and houses, that use genre and aesthetic to complement carefully crafted luxury garments. From the best of British to international brands, this programme is proof that fashion goes beyond the product into bold, vastly creative new landscapes.

Submissions are now open for the 10th edition of the Aesthetica Short Film Festival.

BAFTA-qualifying ASFF 2020 takes place from 4 – 8 November with an unrivalled programme of short films and immersive media showcases, networking opportunities, career development initiatives and interactive talks, Q&As and workshops. Submit your work here.