Inspirational Comedy

The last supper steps into the age of the pop up in Alicia MacDonald’s whip-smart biblical satire. On the eve of his curcifixion, Jesus Christ hears publicity pitches from his closest disciples, in a hilarious reimagining of one of the western world’s most recognised paintings of all time. From a fish and bread Bethlehem pop up to Jesus turning water into something a little more accessible for the summer, The Last Supper prods fun at the world of the PR stunt and its ability to make even the most sombre of stories into a commercial circus. 

Alicia MacDonald is a comedy screenwriter and filmmaker who has directed episodes on acclaimed TV shows such as Channel 4’s Pure and Flack starring Anna Paquin. She has worked on films from directors such as Kevin Macdonald, Mike Leigh, and Justin Kurzel, and her debut short film Otherwise England premiered in 2015, playing at numerous film festivals and receiving a positive response online

The film played as part of Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2018’s Comedy programme. A longstanding strand of ASFF, the Comedy programme provides an interpretive, often cathartic slice of short filmmaking for audiences, and often captures in-part the political or societal zeitgeist of the time while offering broader takes on contemporary themes with a light or satirical touch. 

Submissions are now open for the 10th edition of the Aesthetica Short Film Festival.

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