Satire Tackles Hollywood

Satire tackles Hollywood head-on in HBO parody It’s Not Porn. This tongue-in-cheek advertisement focuses on the hopeful calls of budding new actors and actresses as they land their first auditions in the big city, gigs that are abundantly clear to everyone but themselves are breakout porn performances.

Drawing on significant, often controversial scenes from HBO shows like True Blood and Game of Thrones, filmmaker Alberto Belli makes light of the entertainment industry and the fine line between titillation and what is considered to be thought-provoking or artistic content. 

Belli is an award-winning film, TV and commercial filmmaker whose career has been built on satirising pop culture, from Lord of the Rings to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. His work has played at SXSW and Cannes Film Festival, and he’s directed episodes of Netflix series La Casa de las Flores.

The short film played in the Advertising programme at the BAFTA-recognised Aesthetica Short Film Festival. The strand was introduced to illustrate the potential and creative licence that branded content can afford filmmakers, while tapping into human emotions, inspirations and aspirations through these imaginative campaigns. These entries – which have been submitted from across the world – show audiences what these innovative short films can present beyond consumerism with vastly different visions in terms of aesthetics and composition. 

Submissions are now open for the 10th edition of the Aesthetica Short Film Festival.

BAFTA-Qualifying ASFF 2020 takes place from 4 – 8 November with an unrivalled programme of short films and immersive media showcases, networking opportunities, career development initiatives and interactive talks, Q&As and workshops. Submit your work here.