An Audible Storybook

Sensory filmmaking reaches its peak in Christian Holm-Glad’s short collaboration with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra. Leaning into the Scandanavian wilderness, it’s prominent interiors and the natural rhythms that complement all of it, The Nordic Sound is a pristine, sometimes primitive audible storybook that taps into your instincts while summoning an immediate need for escapism and catharsis. 

Christian Holm-Glad is a Norwegian director who lends a unique narrative and aesthetic eye to his collaborations with music artists and commercial brands, bending reality to bring new interpretations to the subjects of this visual art. With Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, this means presenting the people of Scandanavian people in all their forms, laying bare their wants and desires to the brisk, consuming sounds of the ensemble.

The short film played in the Advertising programme at the BAFTA-recognised Aesthetica Short Film Festival. The strand was introduced to illustrate the potential and creative licence that branded content can afford filmmakers, while tapping into human emotions, inspirations and aspirations through these imaginative campaigns. These entries – which have been submitted from across the world – show audiences what these innovative short films can present beyond consumerism with vastly different visions in terms of aesthetics and composition. 

Submissions are now open for the 10th edition of the Aesthetica Short Film Festival.

BAFTA-Qualifying ASFF 2020 takes place from 4 – 8 November with an unrivalled programme of short films and immersive media showcases, networking opportunities, career development initiatives and interactive talks, Q&As and workshops. Submit your work here.