Structural Narratives

Aside from its own selection of the best in short film, showcasing hundreds of works from around the world, ASFF aims to offer a platform for some of the UK’s leading film organisations and academic institutions to present their own selection of emerging talents – and their own take on some of the biggest issues facing today’s filmmakers. Among the dynamic range of organisations invited to take part are a selection of universities and colleges who are at the forefront of training and developing the next generation of filmmaking talent.  Audiences can enjoy an insight into the future of the industry with this platform for innovation and originality.

Each two-hour screening features a selection of films, alongside a panel discussion related to themes, trends and issues in today’s film culture. Your festival pass gives you free access to all of these special showcase events. The final Showcase Screening of the festival runs on Sunday 12 November (12:30 – 14:30) at Screen 2, City Screen, and features Middlesex University. Their session takes the theme Storytelling for the Screen and considers how you can best present your screenwriting abilities in a limited time slot. Most of the established texts on the craft of screenwriting address the structures and issues relating to feature-length narratives – yet film students and early career filmmakers will be limited by budget to the short form. The panel will redress the balance by sharing their experiences of how to avoid stale clichés and keep the story intact within the tight time frame of a short.

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1. Still from Samuel S Ellett’s Ferret.