New Wave

New Wave is your introduction to the next generation of filmmakers.

ASFF is the only festival in the UK that offers a dedicated strand celebrating graduate filmmakers. This is your chance to see work by the freshest new talent and to meet the visionaries who will shape the future of the medium.

Every New Wave screening is followed by a panel with filmmakers, industry professionals and academics. In these discussions we dig deeper into the craft and artistry of filmmaking, and explore the pressing contemporary issues shaping the industry (and the world) today. This year’s topics cover ideas such as connection in a post-pandemic world, the nitty gritty of micro-budget filmmaking, and the challenges of building a more diverse industry.

New voices, new ideas, new perspectives – welcome to the New Wave.

New Wave films are available to stream On Demand until 30 November.

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DIY Filmmaking:
Taking Artistic Control

Wednesday 3 November
Yorkshire Museum & Live Channel 2 | 16.30-17.30

York St John University

The idea of DIY film practice isn’t new. For many emerging filmmakers, doing everything on your production yourself offers both complete artistic control and affordability. And the pandemic year saw a resurgence in DIY filmmaking born out of necessity. The premiere of Alex Crowton’s In Praise of the Garage, features a man, a garage, a pile of leftover motorcycle parts and a love of 20th century TV culture. This is a documentary enquiry into the nature of DIY practice: what it is, how it’s done, where it comes from, and why it’s so compelling for producers and audiences alike.

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Timeless Narratives:
The Producer as Storyteller

Thursday 4 November
City Screen | 12.00-14.00

University of Lincoln

Historically, stories were passed down from generation to generation by a speaker – someone who shared narratives which helped us to make sense of our world. Today, we receive stories primarily through screens: televisions, tablets, smartphones, and the cinema screen. Stories are at the heart of a good film, and are what drive the industry. But what influence does the film industry have in wider culture? How does it contribute to the ways we see and hear each other? Explore the way ways in which filmmakers inhabit the mind of the producer to create timeless narratives.

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Home Movies:
A World Opening Up

Thursday 4 November
York Theatre Royal | 15.30-17.30

Regent’s University

Overnight, home became the only place we knew, lasting longer than anyone thought it would. Now, as the world reopens, these filmmakers invite you fix your gaze on the horizon once more, and join Regent’s University on a cinematic journey, spanning Russia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and the UK. Watch the thundering hooves of Kazakh horses as they cross a multi-lane highway. Hear the heroic tale of a Soviet nurse who signed her name on the Reichstag during WWII. Appreciate the touching reunion of two Saudi sisters, told intimately through their letters to one another.

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Making Contact:
Tales from Isolation

Friday 5 November
City Screen | 12.00-14.00

London College of Communication

Connection has become increasingly important during the Covid-19 pandemic, as people are isolated and means of speaking to one another have changed. But human beings are resilient – and we find how to problem-solve, and communicate by new and transformative means.  The protagonists of these films attempt to connect in different ways: discovering a link with one’s past, trying to tell a parent the truth about one’s identity, reaching out to an audience online when live performance is not possible, and connecting with another person without words.

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Bodies of Change:
Alternative Futures

Friday 5 November
City Screen | 16.00-18.00

London College of Fashion

Exploring a wide range of topics – from the alternative futures of bio-production and sustainable energy extraction, to the politics and power of female anger – this collection of short films uses the body, and the way it is dressed, as a lens for navigating critical social, cultural and environmental narratives. These radical, and often hopeful, stories harness experimental production techniques to capture personal stories and drive cultural change. Attend these meaningful screenings and rethink the very ways in which we consume – as a species, community, planet.

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The Art of Limitation:
Creativity Under Constraints

Saturday 6 November
City Screen | 15.30-17.30

University of York

Whilst creative freedom is commonly regarded as essential for artistic endeavour, the prospect of “infinite possibility” is often experienced as debilitating. This programme of films, and subsequent panel discussion, will consider the proposition that – rather than stifling creativity – limitations function as positive forces that inspire and facilitate. These films were made under strict Covid-safe protocols and demonstrate the ways in which we can overcome and innovate in challenging times. Speculative fiction, curious dramas and hair-raising thrillers feature.

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