Review of Harry Macqueen’s Drama Feature Film Hinterland, Out on DVD

The road trip film is a time-worn genre, but by transporting it to the bleak Cornish landscape, shooting with vintage hand-made lenses, and allowing a quiet camaraderie to evolve between the two leads, actor Harry Macqueen has created a quiet love story to the landscape and a meditation on the limbo of its protagonists’ twenties.Starring Macqueen and musician Lori Campbell in her acting debut, Hinterland charts old friends Harvey and Lola visiting the Cornish cottage where they summered throughout their childhood after Lola’s long absence.

While the relationship between the two is immediately familiar and comforting, and the wide, isolated landscape shots positively drink in the beauty of Britain’s lesser-populated areas, Hinterland fails to progress Harvey and Lola’s relationship beyond the dichotomy of sensible, earnest stalwart, and seasoned, wild adventurer.

However, Macqueen’s sensitivity in telling an intimate, personal story combines with Ben Hecking’s stunning cinematography to create an engaging look at a very specific period in life.

Ruby Beesley

Harry Macqueen, Hinterland, out on DVD.

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1. Still from Harry Macqueen’s Hinterland (2015).