Review of Eva Husson’s Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story)

Bored teens swap the ennui of classroom and life for the group love ins in this parallel tale to Larry Clark’s Kids. But Bang Gang is more complex than such a simplistic synopsis indicates. Eva Husson offers up her ensemble – including gal pals George and Laetitia, one a libertine, the other a virgin – a group redefining the rulebook and opting for an “anything goes” mentality.

This is sex as freedom, revenge and mental flagellation, in a study of teenage behaviour, as much about immaturity as shattering boundaries.The visuals – acres of skin – as what appears to be an entire class sheds clothing to indulge in public intercourse, all caught on camera phones– presents the orgy as fantasy. Thus Husson presents a form of art versus prurient quasi porn. Arguably the film’s most contentious aspect is inits unfettered herd mentality, which is reminiscent of Lord of the Flies. George and Co need little persuasion to strip; like Clark’s Kids they overindulge until the bubble bursts. Even then Husson reins back from the authenticity of pain.

Tony Earnshaw

1. Still from Eva Husson’s Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) (2015). Courtesy of Metrodome Pictures.