Reflecting Social Dialogues

“Comedy is the most serious form of all,” says writer-director Sally Potter. “Graham Greene used to talk about his novels as entertainments, and I always thought that was wonderful.” The British filmmaker behind Orlando, The Tango Lesson and Ginger & Rosa is not known for her comic stylings, but the idea of humour was one of the starting points for her latest film The Party. “I gave myself permission to write the kind of bitter-edged humour that I love when I watch it,” she says.

Set in the well-appointed London home of Janet, an ide­alistic politician (Kristin Scott Thomas) and her academic husband Bill (Timothy Spall), the premise sees the couple host a small gathering of close friends to celebrate Janet’s promotion to Shadow Minister for Health for an unnamed opposition party. “I wanted to look at the politics of health and the health of politics,” says Potter, who began writing the film script during the 2015 General Election campaign.

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The Party is released in autumn

1. Trailer for The Party. Courtesy of MIFF.