Random Acts: Surreal Animation

Sarina Nihei is an award-winning animation director and illustrator living in Tokyo. Having been deeply interested in Estonian animation whilst she was studying graphic design at Tama Art University in Tokyo, she decided to pursue animation. Nihei’s Small People with Hats, was inspired by her time studying for a Masters at RCA, London, which won several awards including the Grand Prize at the OIAF in 2015 and British Animation Awards 2016.

Her newest venture, Rabbit’s Blood, is a story about a society where two groups are fighting against each other, whereas there are rabbits who are neutralists and have human-looking bodies, living in underground. She notes: “Most of my work is narrative, made on the basis of thoughts regarding the world where irrational conduct is accepted. I make animation with satire, surrealism and absurdity.”

RABBIT’S BLOOD will broadcast in the final episode of Random Acts on Monday 25 September at midnight on C4.

For more information: www.randomacts.channel4.com

1. Sarina Nihei, RABBIT’S BLOOD. Courtesy of Random Acts.